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Baby Company opens new store in SM Megamall

My family and I recently spent a weekend at SM Megamall. As you know, it’s one of the biggest malls in the country with Mega A, B, C, and D. When I was in high school there were only two buildings in this SM supermall. Now that I am a mom, I like bringing my son here from time to time and share throwback stories.

At the 2nd level of SM Megamall (building A), we found the newest Baby Company store. Unlike most of its stores, this Baby Company is a stand alone shop that is away from the Department Store. Baby Company was also celebrating their 25th year anniversary and had promos in store.

High-tech sterilizer, now moms don’t need to boil baby bottles with EcoMom Sterilizer. Available at Baby Company.

Moms will enjoy shopping and exploring isles of endless choices for their soon to be born, newborn, and toddlers. I thought wow, it’s so exciting to be pregnant these days with all the new brands and technologies for moms and their babies. Just look at this app-based automatic rocker:

One of the most enjoyable thing to shop for is baby clothes, when my son was still a baby – I wished for more affordable, quality, and imported-looking onesies. Why imported-looking? Because they last longer, the fabric is cotton, comfortable yet durable, and the designs are really baby appropriate. Now you can find such onesies here at Baby Company.

Breastfeeding pumps, accessories at Baby Company in SM Megamall

Breastmilk storage bags

Everything that mothers need are here, especially breastfeeding accessories. Perhaps these are the most important of all, nourishing our babies with our own breastmilk to keep them healthy and strong against sickness. Baby Company was also my go-to place for things like breastmilk bags, breast pump accessories, breast pads, etc.

If you are coming with a toddler, they can enjoy trying different educational toys.

Mommy Lace tip: Get the most of your Baby Company shopping experience by getting a Mom Card. This will get you exclusive discounts from partner brands. All you need is one valid ID, and P100 proof of payment to any Baby Company stores. List of exclusive Mom Card offers can be found at

Kids plates and utensils for toddlers

Being a new mom is exciting but is not easy. Shopping for one, can get stressful especially with lining up etc. but at this particular Baby Company store, mothers can shop peacefully and in comfort. Everything you will need and think of (including preferred brands) are already here to save you time, money, and energy.

Ashton and I enjoyed shopping for his own supplies like baby bath, baby lotions, and he even found a stylish bag he likes to use for school.

If you’re in SM Megamall area, check out Baby Company at Building A. Happy shopping mommy and baby!

Lunch Date Experience at 22 Prime, Discovery Suites

Can you believe we are now at the second half of the year? If you are a parent like me, I am sure that hearing this brings a sense of panic and stress. Thoughts of not recovering from school fees and yet Christmas is fast approaching gives me quiet a chill. So before the “ber” months start and before us parents panic even more, I thought it was a good time to sit ourselves down a quiet and relaxed space where we can enjoy an extraordinarily good lunch.

Dating and food is one of our secrets to staying happy together!

This is at 22 Prime inside Discovery Suites, Ortigas. We discovered this restaurant a few years ago, it was where my husband surprised me with a Mother’s Day dinner and we’ve never forgotten the place ever since. The place is a hidden gem in the metro, atop 22 floors offering a bird’s eye view of the Ortigas center.

We came for lunch especially because they offer specials and more affordable fare at this time of day. Plus, there are fewer guests although 22 Prime does have generous table arrangements that offer a romantic kind of privacy. It’s so private we can have silly moments like in the photo above :D


Our lunch started with the familiar bread basket, which is complimentary. Of all the spreads, my favorite is the herbed butter. I can come here just for this bread basket! Mainit-init pa, perfect start to our simple lunch date.


Then, we shared the Prime Salad just to add some greens to our diet. The thing on the middle of the salad is actually deep-fried poached egg.

I can’t imagine how it is possible but when you slice it open, the creamy egg yolk flows out and joins the rest of the salad dressing. If you want to impress your date, this is one of those things you should order!


My husband ordered his favorite Lobster Bisque, it’s so creamy and tasty. Memories of the Discovery Shores Boracay and all the seafood we ate there came to mind. We may not be able to return yet but at least we can enjoy this soup! By the way, I saw on their FB page that the resort is offering a special off-season family package. A 3-day, 2-night package starts at PHP 27,000 versus Php 33,500 peak season rate.

Right now I am always craving for the taste of truffle oil and I am not being pa-sosy, masarap siya talaga. The flavor is unique that’s why it is one of the most expensive oils in the world. That said, even if I know how to cook – I don’t have access to this oil but some restaurants do like 22 Prime. Usually, I order truffle oil pasta but here at 22 Prime they have Black Truffle Risotto.

Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. 22 Prime’s version is super sarap, sulit talaga because I really enjoyed the truffle flavor.

My husband ordered the Surf & Turf which came with spinach on a skillet, twice baked potato. I enjoyed a few slices of steak too which was a very good match to my Black Truffle Risotto. This is what I always enjoy when dining with my spouse, I get to taste more than what I ordered because we share our food :D

The service at 22 Prime remains excellent and that’s why we always come back. My husband and I are getting older and one of our pet peeves is bad service. During our date at 22 Prime, we never had to asked for what we need i.e. utensils, water, or when it’s time for dessert. Shout out also to the other server, her name is “Hanie” of honey and like her name, was very pleasant in serving us during our lunch.

For a sweet, simple ending we tried the New Zealand Macadamia Supreme ice cream. Perhaps one of the best and freshest ice cream we have ever tasted. This ending was just right for all the dishes we ate. I think we did very well in ordering off the 22 Prime menu, that or everything they have is all delicious.

Thanks for reading about our lunch experience at 22 Prime. Note the price of this restaurant does not go far from other restaurants in the metro but here, you can have a fine dining experience that is worth your time and money.

Mommy Lace tip: Visit their Facebook page for lunch and dinner specials, promos, and other events. 22 Prime is located at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites in Ortigas. It is just across the Podium mall.

How To Kiss Aging Goodbye at Watsons

Aging is a natural process and one that happens to everyone. While most would have a negative idea about aging, hence the term “anti-aging”, it is better to have a positive attitude about aging and aging gracefully. Do you agree?

For example, I appreciate beauty products more today than when I was younger. The best part is, if you are at the point of caring for anti-aging products now then you probably have more budget for beauty products today compared to when you were in high school or even in college!

I know friends who actually look better now that they are older. Reason is, they have tried and tested different products and have pin pointed the right skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to kiss aging good bye too? The best place to do that is at Watsons and here’s why:

Shoppers who buy items with the special Kiss Aging Goodbye Sticker together with a minimum purchase of P500 automatically earn points and included in the e-raffle. A total of P1,000,000 shopping points will be given away! Don’t forget to present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards cards at the counter.

Anti-aging beauty products are also on sale during this promo period that runs until September.

The good news is, Watsons continue to increase their organic and all-natural beauty choices. Just look at the organic essential & beauty oils above.

If you are wanting to try the all naturals line of Watsons, as well as Collagen by Watsons then this is the best time to buy. Check out the discounts and the buy 2 take 1 offers.

I want to try this Collagen by Watsons BB cream. My skin is allergic to makeup and can only tolerate tinted sunblock or BB creams like this. Here is the back carton for the list of ingredients:

Mommy Lace tip: Based on experience, the best way to use BB cream is after washing your face, apply toner, moisturize, apply CC cream and finish with BB cream. The difference between CC cream and BB cream is that CC stands for color correcting cream. Most of the time, CC creams include anti-aging ingredients while BB cream of blemish balm cream contains sun block.

Watsons brand body wash, body scrub, lotions and more are also on sale and promo

Another important component of keeping your skin healthy and young looking is exfoliation. I am so naive that I only recently learned the importance of using scrubs twice a week, and for my face – once a week. This is because as we age, our skin needs help in removing dead skin cells that pile up and cause old-looking and clogged skin that cause pimples. Right now, I am using Watsons brand cocoa and shea butter body scrub which I got on a buy 2 take 1 free offer.

Moisturizing is another component of healthy skin. Aging makes our skin naturally drier and dry skin is more prone to all kinds of infection including acne. I found my current brand of body wash and lotion, Coco Line at Watsons in Podium. The brand uses all-natural ingredients especially virgin coconut oil that naturally moisturizes skin.

Remember to always have a positive attitude about aging, enjoy taking care of yourself and enjoy shopping great deals at Watsons ;)


Keratin Treatment at Status Salon, Imus

If you have straight but puffy and sometimes frizzy hair (like me), I am sure you heard about keratin treatments, sometimes known as Brazilian Blowout. 2 years ago, I considered getting the treatment because it promises a permanent blow-dry effect. Back then the price was very staggering and not practical for ordinary mothers like me.

This year, I window shopped in different salons again. The price of keratin treatments are more affordable BUT there’s also the formaldehyde scare. Apparently, formalin is one of the ingredients of the famous Brazilian Blowout. I don’t really know so I passed on getting my hair done again.

A few weeks ago, my aunt had her hair colored at one of the salons in City Mall, Imus. It’s one of the newest malls in our neighborhood. The salon’s name is Status Salon and I remember seeing and reading them on Instagram with clients like Janeena Chan and other celebs. This is their first branch outside of Metro Manila.

My aunt’s hair color treatment was on 50% off promo. It cost her around Php 1,000 only. While waiting I saw their other promos, including Keratin Treatment for just Php 2,000 and for any length! My heart skipped a beat but I first inquired from their head stylist, Jin.

Safe & Natural Keratin Treatment

According to Jin, they are using an all-natural brand for their Keratin Treatment. He enlightened me that Brazilian Blowout is a brand name and the treatment is really called Keratin Treatment. The brand they use (he told me the brand name but I forgot) does not contain formalin or formaldehyde. As far as they know, Status Salon is the only salon that uses formaldehyde free products for Keratin treatment.

Keratin is being blow dried into my hair. Face mask in case you are sensitive to smell but I don’t really smell anything. The treatment lasted for 2 hours at most. My hair was washed, keratin was applied, and it was blow-dried into my hair.

It will not cause any damage like falling hair, broken hair strands, and thinning hair which are my concerns. In fact, according to Jin, the Keratin Treatment will restore lost keratin in our hair. This is lost overtime and as we age because of the harsh products we use, coloring, pollution, and nature.

Low Maintenance Hair Care

Another concern which I was not shy to express is how I would maintain the results. I usually hear other people buying specialized and expensive branded shampoo after getting Keratin Treatment. Jin said I don’t have to worry because I can use any organic or herbal shampoo that does not contain sulfate. Good news because I already use organic shampoo. In short, I don’t have to do anything.

Tada! My hair is now frizz free and looked like my hair when I was in high school. Shiny, bouncy, and not puffy. It is advisable not to wash hair for two (2) days. When I finally did, I am happy to say that the results stayed the same.

It’s super easy to comb my hair after showering, tangles are no longer an issue, and my hair looks like it was blow dried every time. When I need to go out, I am more confident and it takes less time to fix my hair. I can tie it up without frizz aka tutsang poking out, or I can let my hair down and it looks blow dried.

Keratin Treatment Every 3 Months

Unlike other treatments that must be done weekly, Keratin Treatment can be done every 3 months. I wish I had undergone this treatment before. Status Salon promo is ongoing and I hope I can avail of my second keratin treatment still at just P2,000.

If you want to make reservations especially now that they have a promo, check out their Facebook Page for a hassle-free appointment. I just walked-in the salon and I was lucky a seat was available.

The Mass Wedding at Lancaster New City by Profriends

These days, it’s easy to think that beautiful weddings are reserved for well-off couples. That, or getting in debt to make wedding dreams come true. I am a fan of simple weddings, I get excited when married couples share how little they spent to celebrate their union. This year, these 17 couples who were married inside the Church of the Holy Family in Cavite probably have the best story to tell.

The 17 couples were selected by ProFriends, the developer behind the famous Lancaster New City, to make their dream weddings come true – and for FREE. On July 30, the May Forever: Kasalang Bayan sa Lancaster turned 17 couples’ dreams into reality.

It’s my second time to visit the Church of the Holy Family. The church is well-known as a practical wedding venue especially for people living in the south. I can list top reasons why:

1. Lancaster New City is very accessible to guests coming from Manila via Cavitex

2. Proximity saves couples from checking-in their guests into nearby hotels

3. Reception hall (Leighton Hall) is just in front of the church – no need for guest transfers

4. Compared to other wedding venues, getting married at Lancaster is one of the most practical choices without sacrificing convenience, comfort, luxury, and experience.

5. Tagaytay weather, quiet location, picture-perfect destination with lush greens and parks, and more than enough parking slots for guests

Church of the Holy Family behind us. The weather felt like we were in Tagaytay, breezy and cool

If only I were to get married again (to my husband of course), Lancaster will definitely be one of my top choices. Sure there are other popular venues that project sophistication and all but I am not a fan of busy, traffic-laden venues that spoil the celebratory mood of couples and their guests.

WATCH: Wedding Video (Same-Day Edit)

Back to the mass wedding, each bride beautifully marched down the well-lit and flowered isle. To complete the mood, live wedding singers were present to provide suitable soundtrack to the once in a lifetime event. Songs like forevermore, ikaw were sung throughout the ceremony.

The Church of the Holy Family has a unique and modern architecture that is beautiful and solemn on its own. There was little need for flower arrangements, etc. Still, ProFriends provided bouquets of blooms that dotted the isle and prominent areas of the church. The design white theme was simple, functional, and focused on the couples rather than the venue. Note that the 17 couples did not spend a single centavo to experience all of these.

The spacious wedding venue allows even the high tech drones to fly and take footage and photos from above without running into any physical trouble.

Reception at Leighton Hall


Did I mention Leighton Hall is conveniently across the church? This meant no hungry and tired guests or problems with transporting guests from one venue to another. My husband and I were invited by one of the lucky couples who just got married. It was my first time to see Leighton Hall dressed up for a wedding reception, it was beautiful, spacious, great air conditioning, and well-lit that you’d think you are inside a five star hotel’s ballroom (minus the cost and pandemonium).


The lucky couples and their guests enjoyed a short reception program that presented pre-nuptial photos that were also taken inside Lancaster New City’s lush open spaces, as well as a very organized photo op for each couple and their guests.


M Catering & Fine Foods provided the sumptuous lunch buffet, they are famous for catering the wedding of Dingdong & Marian Rivera-Dantes. The colors white & blue are the perfect motif for the relaxed reception, now that I think of it – the table dress up were very simple yet in the grand scheme of things worked beautifully.


For me, it’s not really the grandeur of the venue that’s the priority but the couple’s and their guests’ comfort and experience. Lancaster New City pulled off the mass wedding successfully, if a beautiful wedding experience can be provided for 17 couples simultaneously, what more if only one couple will enjoy the church and Leighton Hall exclusively?

My husband and I enjoyed the wedding experience, the relaxed & stress-free vibe from the church to the reception allowed us to feel that forever is still possible in this age. For guests like us, it was like dating and celebrating our own marriage together with the newly weds.

Best wishes!

Working Out During Your Period

Getting fit is never easy especially for beginners. It’s been more than a year since I started strength training yet I do have my own struggles to conquer. The most challenging component of fitness is time, unless we don’t have to work or run a home then it won’t be an issue.

Some hacks I’ve done to make time for the gym:

1. Instead of mindlessly scrolling up & down social media – I use the time to get some work done in advance.

2. Ready my work at night so I can have a relaxed morning and time to hit the gym

3. Work out regardless of having a period – because sometimes, we finally have time to workout then we discover we have our monthly
period and skip the gym.

In fact, some of the best workouts I had were during my red days. Working out on the first day of menstruation should not be extraordinary if you are serious about your fitness goals. From my experience, working out during your period actually does the following:

Benefits of Exercise on your Monthly Period

1. Help relieve hot flashes on red days

2. Keep me calm and decrease irritability or grouchiness associated with menstruation

3. Relieve menstrual cramps on the tummy and on my legs

4. Improve menstrual flow

5. Decrease bloat

Tips on Working Out During Your Period

Please take note these are my personal tips and it’s always best to consult your physician

1. Drink enough water before your workout to avoid bloat associated with menstruation

2. Eat enough energy foods i.e. brown rice, protein or a healthy sandwich an hour before your workout – this will give you power to lift or complete your routines without feeling nauseous

This workout was on my first day ;)

3. Wear proper gym shorts – I like wearing shorts vs. sports tights or leggings when I have my period. This prevents my napkin from being obvious and it encourages good circulation down there preventing menstrual odor.

4. Try using anion napkins or sanitary pads – before, I use whatever brand is available but recently I discovered the benefits of wearing anion napkins from a cousin who used to suffer from menstrual cramps. Anion sanitary napkins and liners help to eliminate bacteria, odor,  and relieve menstrual discomforts such as cramps and dysmenorrhea. The brand I currently use is Jeunesse which is available at Watsons and other leading supermarkets, drugstores.

I follow Jeunesse on Facebook and recently won passes to their Fit, Food, and Fun event.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know by now one of my favorite tips – follow the brands you use on Facebook!

I appreciate free events like this because it’s refreshing to experience and learn new things, with different people, and without having to spend money. The Jeunesse #PositivelyBetter treated working moms to a free zumba class with Regine Tolentino, a hefty & delicious lunch buffet featuring food sponsors (there’s lechon!), and a free cooking class with mom-chef Len Santos Ding.

Chef Len Santos-Ding demonstrated how to prepare a healthy quinoa salad, and a quick & light cheesy pesto pasta dish

Jeunesse Anion treated participants to a delicious lunch buffet at The Marriott Hotel. This is the pasta station where guests can create their own customized pasta.

Crispy lechon all the way from Cebu

Healthy brown rice station


Fruit cart

Strawberry panna cotta

The event was really wonderful, it is a dream to work out at one of Marriott Hotel’s ballrooms and participants could not ask for anything more. I heard that Jeunesse treats their patrons to a yearly event such as this. Everyone also went home happy with generous goodie bags and most of all, Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkins to keep us comfortable, active, and strong even while having our monthly period.

My very supportive husband joined me and was also given a Jeunesse loot bag, more anion napkins for me! :)

If you are like me and want to keep updated on future Jeunesse #PositivelyBetter activities, do follow them on Facebook

Stay happy, positive, and healthy mommies!