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Get Discounts to Paw Patrol Live Tickets in Resorts World Manila

Paw Patrol is one of the popular kids cartoons on cable TV. My son started watching it when he was 4 years old and I’m sure many mommies like me watched it too (it’s mandatory!). Paw Patrol still airs on Nickelodeon with fresh new episodes. These days, my son and I watch it while having breakfast every morning.

The story revolves around a boy named Ryder who leads a pack of rescue dogs known as the PAW Patrol. Kids can pick up the value of team work, humility, and proper problem solving.

PAW Patrol Live in Manila, Philippines

I didn’t know about this show until my son and his best friend made a plan to beg me for tickets. They drew “We want to watch PAW Patrol” and they explained to me what and when the show is going to be.

Watch this video: PAW Patrol LIVE in Manila

Ticket prices start at P2,400-P4,200 and since there are two of them, plus I need to supervise them that means 3 tickets for all of us. Just imagine me scratching my head. But our kids are only young once and I want to cherish these live show moments. See: We watched Hi-5 in Manila at Resorts World.

Get Discounts for PAW Patrol Live in Manila Tickets with your Resorts World Manila card

After a few hours of research, I found that RWM cardholders can avail of cheaper ticket prices! Discounts are based on the level or color of your RWM card. Mine is a classic resorts world manila card which means I get 10% discount.


Published Rate




10% Off


15% Off


15% Off

Gold/ Platinum

20% Off



PHP 3,780





PHP 3,600

PHP 3,240





PHP 3,000

PHP 2,700





PHP 2,400

PHP 2,160




You can get your RWM card at Resorts World Manila’s customer service, or just ask the guards. There are many registration areas and you can get your card right away. Just bring a valid ID like a passport is the best to show.

June 2 and 4 are still a week away so plan your PAW Patrol weekend now and grab these discounts for your family before they become sold out.

Enjoy the show, Mommy and Baby! :)

Roy & Biv Glorietta: Home Design Inspiration

Being a 21st century mother and meeting the modern demands of family life can sometimes burn us out. At the end of each week, many moms wish they can escape to a quiet hotel. Some can afford this sweet escape to recharge their mom-batteries, some like me save up for it, and some can only dream.

Reach out for your home design inspiration at Roy & Biv

What if we create a haven of relaxation inside our homes? One that can match those dreamy patios or minimalist bedrooms we only see in magazines? While moving things around the house, clearing stuff, and decorating may not sound so relaxing – the outcome can mean more relaxed days ahead of you and your family. Just search Marie Condo on YouTube and her art of tidying up.

Home Decors at Roy & Biv

If you need motivation to actually start this project of refreshing your bedroom, home office, or living space in general – visit Roy & Biv in Glorietta 4 at the 2nd floor.

My husband and I agree that this is “shopping therapy”. The store is as unique as its sister-brand, Tickles. I can say this is Tickles for grown-ups because Tickles customers in the 90’s (like us) now have actual homes to decorate, maybe even children or pets to care of and entertain.

It’s easy to shop because items are already organized by color. I was looking for blue stuff for my bedroom project. I wanted a nautical theme that would make our mini family feel like we’re in a Greek-inspired hotel.

I think having a beautiful room that compliments your needs – psychologically and physically can inspire you at work, recharge you at sleep, and encourage everyone to tidy up. Positive space minus negative energy.

Nautical Themed Items

So here are some items we purchased at Roy & Biv. It was so easy to be inspired by this store, as you go through each collection of decors, accessories, and more – a new idea pops in your head. It’s very refreshing and hopeful that you’ll pull through a home design project.


Blue & White handcrafted sail boat

White & Blue wooden anchor with fish net and star fish accent


Blue pattern eye masks for all three of us

We are now in the process of decluttering our bedroom by selling and donating unused stuff. This’ll create more positive space to complement our resort-style design project. We’ve chosen to go with white and blue. Hopefully it’ll make us even calmer parents with blue being the color of trust and peace – and apparently, less forgetful. See below:

More than home decors

We were shopping with our kid at Roy & Biv and items like novelty school supplies, coin banks, and even nostalgic thing-a-majigs kept him interested.

Ashton exploring orange as a color. His favorite is red.

Coin banks that tell you what you’re saving for can be more effective!

Find your school supplies in your favorite color

It’s rare that we find a store all of us equally enjoy. While Roy & Biv is a medium-sized shop, it kept us in for more than an hour! It’s a really unique shopping experience you must try.

I recommend visiting Roy & Biv if you feel burned out at work, home, or feeling toxic from negative energy and want to turn that into positive, creative energy. It doesn’t matter how many items you get, one thing can change a room if you get inspired by it.

WATCH: Roy & Biv Shopping Vlog

If you can’t make it to Glorietta yet, check out their Instagram

Happy shopping Mommy & family!

Make Everyday Mother’s Day with S&R

Mommy, do you wish it’s always mother’s day and that you can enjoy more time for yourself? Don’t wait for next year’s mother’s day celebration. Here are some tips on how you can have extra time for yourself with the help of these S&R Everyday Finds! I found all of these deals at S&R Imus this month.

1. Save time and money in the kitchen – when you spend less time in the kitchen, you have more time for yourself and your family. I like cooking from scratch but like you, there are days when everyone’s in a hurry. Maybe someone woke up late, did not turn up, or someone unexpectedly shows up – or you’re not feeling well.

Montana Embotido by 3’s P218.85

Nancy’s Quiche P169

Krusteze Mini Pancakes P139.00

I learned to keep and take advantage of “emergency prepared meals”. S&R exposed me to frozen meals that can save me time, money, and sanity when I need a meal fast. It’s still a lot cheaper than calling fast food delivery and keeps very well in the freezer. There are frozen and ready to cook items that can be served for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

White Castle Cheeseburger P249

Crepini Naked Crepes P399

Do you also watch money saving tips on YouTube? If you do, you must have heard of slow cookers that American families would normally have. Busy moms use this to come home to a slow cooked dish that’s ready to serve to the family. I always thought slow cookers were not available here and that they’d be expensive. But look what I found on S&R:

Deli Chef Slow Cooker P2,000

I wanted to buy this but I’d like to search for slow cooker recipes first. I’m sure if I do get this, it’ll save me a lot of money and stress in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I can cook all day but that’s impossible nowadays.

By the way, if you are moving to a new home and need a new convection oven you can get 2 for the price of 1 or buy 1 take 1 convection oven at S&R.

Deli Chef Convection Oven Buy 1 Take 1 P4,999.95

2. Take care of yourself – don’t wait for anyone else to do it for you. Invest in your health and give your body what it needs. I am firm of the belief that moms should take care and love themselves first in order to properly love and care for their family. It shouldn’t take a lot of time and resources to do this anyway, especially with items like these.

Ready cut-up celery P54.42 – throw in the blender with your smoothie or use for sandwiches and salads

Kale P55.79 – kale used to be hard to find but thanks to S&R it’s here and it’s affordable. Add to your cooking for a nutrient boost, your smoothie, or sandwiches

Aside from adding more greens to your diet, make sure to care for your skin too. The easiest way I learned is to keep skin moisturized. Doing this alone keeps infections at bay because dry skin leads to cracked skin which is where bacteria enters your body.

Keri Intense Moisturizer Buy 1 Take 1 P799 – look how huge this is. My moisturizer is the same size and this looks promising with its claim of keeping skin moisturized all day.

Suave Keratin Infused Shampoo P549.95 – if you had Keratin treatment or just want the hair taming effects of Keratin, Suave has this Keratin infused shampoo for you to try.

3. Treat yourself at home – while we dream of being in a staycation all the time, that’s just not practical. I’ve committed myself to putting money in improving our home versus shelling out for staycations. It all starts with small steps, as small as treating you and your family to a set of brand new, soft, imported towels:

There’s lots to choose from at S&R and the quality of these towels can match your favorite hotel’s. You can also find luxury pillows, beddings, etc. and you know you deserve a relaxing shower and a good night’s sleep after all the mommy work.

Imagine you’re enjoying room service midnight snack with these US Blueberry Pies by S&R’s bakery. No recipe, no cooking, no cleaning required. Best of all, it’s Buy 1 Take 1 these days at S&R!

If you must enjoy another slice, try this newer US Pecan Pie for only P349.00

What’s your favorite mommy find at S&R? Post your answer in the comments below. With a little creativity and smart shopping, we can make everyday like mother’s day! :)

Happy shopping at S&R Mommy!

Real Techniques Starter! 4 Basic Brushes for a No Makeup Look

Level-up your makeup games without really buying new makeup? Here’s my life-changing review of Real Techniques brushes. I never owned any makeup brush and have given up on wearing any kind of foundation for the past 5 years! And maybe this is why this review can’t get even more real.  I never wore foundation because it ends up cakey on the cheeks and extremely shiny on my oily and hyper sensitive, acne-prone skin. If only I knew I was applying it wrong after all these years – with my fingers or a sponge.

Real Techniques Brushes are now available at

I got my first set of real makeup brushes online at Sephora. I chose Real Techniques based on YouTube reviews of makeup vloggers and when it came to which brush (or brushes to buy), the Real Techniques YouTube channel helped me decide. My starter set also fits the everyday look I wish to achieve that focus on looking fresh and natural without too much effort.

4 Basic Real Techniques Makeup Brushes for Beginners

As you can see, the brushes I got from Sephora Philippines came from different Real Techniques collections. There are ready-made sets available but I wanted the ability to pick those that I only need and for the makeup I actually have. You can do this when shopping online at Sephora. The above photo shows a contour brush, concealer brush, stippling brush, and pointed crease brush for applying eye shadow.

Continue reading how to use each brush and with what kind of makeup.

1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Price: Php 603.00) – you can use this when applying your base. In my case since I am allergic to foundation, I just use my tinted sunblock. You can also use the stippling brush when applying your BB cream, CC cream, liquid foundation – any base of your choice.

The right way to use the stippling brush is to glide or swipe it along your skin. Imagine you’re painting a wall, that’s the correct motion versus using the bottom of the brush against your skin. I also only learned this from Youtube!

Benefits of using a stippling brush based on my experience

– It lets you apply evenly all over your skin whereas if you’re using your bare hands or sponge, you can easily miss some areas.

– You can stretch your base and only use a little of it to apply on your face. The stippling brush is effective in distributing the product evenly, as thinly as you want it to be.

– A stippling brush brings out the high definition properties of your base as if bringing your makeup to life. Note I am just using tinted sunblock yet it looked like a real foundation with an air-brushed effect.

– It will encourage you to blend. I learned that the solution against cakey makeup is proper blending. So that’s why professional makeup artists use a stippling brush and blend for a long time. It doesn’t mean you put a ton of product either. Blending your makeup especially your base creates a natural finish and in short, look more like your skin. No makeup – makeup!

Tinted sunblock as base, applied with Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Under eye concealer applied with Real Techniques concealer brush.

3. Real Techniques Concealer brush (Price Php 732.00) – this is the easiest brush to figure out, yes use it with a concealer. I’ve been faithful to my skincare regimen and for this post, I just applied concealer under my eyes to hide dark circles.

I use the flat sides of the concealer brush to dab the concealer onto my dark circles in gentle patting motions.

Benefits of using a concealer brush based on my experience

– A lot easier versus using your finger.

– Flawless finish, no marks or uneven patches and creases which happen when I use my finger

– Little concealer goes along way when applied with concealer brush

– Allows you to blend and reach corners of your eyes

– Creates a real bright and awake natural look especially when blended very well

3. Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush (Price: Php 1,888.00) – this is a little pricey but worth it especially if you want to contour but have no idea how to do it! Like me, I’ve watched many tutorials on how to contour and only wished I could do the same. Now I know that the skill is found with the proper tool – a Real Techniques contour brush! I only want to contour my nose to make it look more straight since it is a little deviated to the left.

Rate my nose contour? It’s my first attempt using a Real Techniques Contour Brush and it looks amazing enough for me! I blended it with the Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush and it helped defined what needs to be defined while creating a natural, no makeup look.

Benefits of using a contour brush based on my experience

– This is an important tool to contour since a contour brush creates clean lines and definition

– Easily blend your contour makeup whether it is in stick, powder, or liquid form

– Like the other brushes, it’ll help you use as little product as possible to create your desired effect.

4. Real Techniques Pointed Crease Brush (Price Php 1,156.000) – While I still struggle when it comes to eye makeup this brush still improved results. I still have a lot to learn in this area so I just use one color which is the brown/nude eyeshadow when needed. It does help my eyes look softer and more dramatic.

Benefits of using eye makeup brush

– It picks up the right amount of pigment of eye shadow which saves you time in application

– Helps blend easily and making the eye shadow look really natural especially if you’re after a nude and matte look

– You can also use it to apply dots of highlighter on the corner of your eyes, lower lash line and on top of your upper lips for a fresh look

Verdict: Real Techniques Makeup Brushes are Beginner Friendly!

I made the right decision (and after all those researching and watching video tutorials) to buy these makeup brushes. Each brush comes with a mini-tutorial on their packaging. I’ve seen makeup brushes before that look bulky and these ones are very compact, easy to store, and easy to clean. I’ve already cleaned mine several times with baby shampoo and air drying, all four brushes retained their shape and soft quality bristles.

If you must buy only one, I highly recommend the stippling brush followed by the concealer brush. It can’t get any more basic than that. Using Real Techniques helped me understand the real benefits of using makeup brushes:

1. Helps you save on makeup because proper application prevents over application
2. Brings out the real properties of your makeup i.e. airbrush effect, 3D effect with makeup you already own- you’ll see when you try!
3. Finally, helps you achieve a professional result not far from your favorite beauty bloggers!

I used the stippling brush to apply cheek tint

Here’s a photo where I spent an entire day under the sun with my usual makeup applied with Real Techniques brushes. I love the no makeup effect and how light my face was since I only had to use very little products. I stayed shine-free and selfie-ready all throughout this family day. Success!

Do you have tips on applying makeup like a pro? What is your favorite makeup brush? Share them via comments below!

SnR 2017 Deals: Enjoy Summer at Home

Have you been to S&R lately? Because of the summer heat, I’ve learned to appreciate how cold it is inside S&R. Unlike the usual supermarkets, S&R loves to treat shoppers to really good air conditioning! But, what’s even more cool are the deals I found this month that will help all of us moms enjoy summer at home and on a budget!

S&R Deals & Prices – April 2017

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair P1,799
Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella P1,499

Let’s start with some foldable summer chairs. You can use one or two in your garden to turn it into a cozy spot for your family. Sometimes it’s gets very humid inside of the house. Stepping outside allows you to enjoy the breeze and feel like you’re on a summer vacay.

IKEA Beach Chair P799 (save P200)

Level-up your family weekend at home. Just get these water canons also known as squirters for the kids! Fill a bucket with water and inject water in your Stream Machine (brand). No batteries required and can be enjoyed in any outdoor setting such as your backyard – with or without a pool or the beach.

Stream Machine Water Cannon, 2 pcs for P1,049 (save P150)

If you or your kids want to get fit this summer (or get taller for the teens), they say basketball is a good activity. At S&R you can buy quality basketballs for just P699.95 and buy 1 take 1 – this means you get home an extra ball or for bringing to your next outing.

V8 Voit Basketball Size 7, buy 1 take 1 for just P699.95

If you still don’t have time to play and just chill outdoors (or you’re just lazy to do it), here’s another solution that everybody loves – ICE CREAM. At S&R you can treat yourself to American Ice Cream brands that mommies, daddies, and kids can instantly enjoy at home. Instant summer feels that chase summer boredom away! Enjoy outdoors for an instant picnic.

Hiland Premium Ice Cream, Buy any 2 flavor for just P199.00

There are plenty of ice cream to choose from at S&R with different unique flavors and sizes. I chose the icecream brands that were on sale and have buy 1 take 1 deals!

Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream P409 (Save P100)

Speaking of picnics, I found these new Dulce De Leche Mini Cakes at the S&R Bakery. They’re perfect to setup for a nice merienda outside, add to that some ice cream of your choice from S&R. There are plenty more pastries to choose from but I made the right choice in trying these!

I hope these inspires moms like me to be creative in enjoying summer at home. Staying in is not only convenient and cheap but also saves you from traffic. Who says you can’t make a summer memorable for your kids on a budget? :)

P.S. I also found these deals for moms too!

Summer tote bag P549 (Save P350)

VMV Armada Ultra Sun Protection P1,949 (get free item)

Enjoy the rest of your summer Mommy and Baby! :)

Easter Barnyard 2017 Experience at Resorts World Manila

Easter has become a fun and spectacular celebration for kids, especially with malls around the metro that host Easter Egg Hunts, costume contests, and magic shows. Easter Sunday can easily become a busy day for mommies looking for the best venue and activity for kids to enjoy the Easter celebration.

We chose Resorts World Manila’s Easter Barnyard Adventure as it is the most visible and talked about online. I even shared the poster to my excitement and to let even more mommies know! Come Easter Sunday which was a partly cloudy day, it was tempting to stay at home but the new Skyway also known as NAIA Ex makes going to Resorts World Manila such a breeze. Buti nalang at hindi kami tinamad!

Kids Easter Celebration at Resorts World Manila

This review might be helpful in deciding where to spend your Easter Sunday in 2018. Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila is a top choice for Filipino families as a lifestyle and leisure destination. The shops are family friendly with mid-range restaurants, even fast food options. There’s always something going on at the Activity Hall for everyone to watch & enjoy especially on weekends.

It pays to read the mechanics before going on this Easter Adventure, I downloaded the Resorts World app first and showed a P2,500 receipt. We ate at Annam Noodle Bar and bought takeaway to reach the purchase requirement. We presented it at the booth and got a ticket to enjoy the Easter Barnyard Adventure!

Super sulit with the many booths that you can claim goodies from. Parent and child are both given activity cards with different stubs attached. The kids enjoyed free snacks like Tender Juicy Hotdog, Gardenia bread, Country Style donut, Eggnog snacks, and the most popular that day was the giant cotton candy!

There was a small skit and singing and dancing followed by a mysterious and enthralling magic show. There were also fun games in between.

Activity booths like cookie decorating (sadly McCormick ran out of cookies for us to decorate) and face painting were also available.

I noticed how Resorts World also quietly included kids from charitable organizations and treated them like royalty during the event. Good job Resorts World! They had the best seat in the house and I’m sure these kids enjoyed the event as much as my son did, maybe even more :)

Overall we made the right decision to celebrate Easter Sunday at Resorts World. Everything was organized, safe, and secure that it was also fun for mommies like me.

Like and stay tuned on Resorts World Manila Facebook Page, this is where I get to know what’s up for families and kids such as free activities like this. You can also download the Resorts World Manila mobile app.

Happy Easter Mommy and Baby!