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Pregnancy book hunt and 2 more nights to go!

Yesterday was my day out in quiet a long time. I am very lazy nowadays to head out the door, fix myself, and attend events. However, yesterday was Daddy Az’s Toycon event and I just had to see what it looks like. Inside the venue, Fullybooked had an area and I saw this:

Been looking for What to Expect When You’re Expecting for weeks! It’s priced at Php 550 and is the fourth (latest) version. I tried to find my sister’s copy but I think she only owns the imaginary edition x.x What she has though is the What to Expect on the First Year.

Before purchasing, I checked out Booksale if they have the same book (used and cheaper). I asked the saleslady and she said, “WALA”. But after walking a few steps away from her, tada!

Hmm looks like the Miss is having a lazy day.

What they have are the earlier editions for only Php 265 and below. Azrael said we should just get a new one so I can call it my own book, and so that we have the latest edition. Okay.

Pregnancy is once in a lifetime and its only during this period that I can enjoy reading this book. Obviously because I can now relate to it. I stopped watching The Hills and The City, and turned to Pregnancy videos on YouTube.

Here’s me enjoying the book at Intercon’s poolside, during another event we had to go to that day

Two more nights to sleep on and it’s already Saturday, I’ll be 13 weeks and all ready for the heart beat monitoring and 4D ultrasound :)

P.S. I think I am starting to get fat so I am cutting down on my favorite food like hotdogs, chocolate, and eat more greens.

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by lacellanora.

  • Mrs. Kolca

    sexy ka pa den sis kahit preggo ka :D

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