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December, 2009:

Baby's Heartbeat at 12 weeks

And so it was Saturday, finally my long wait was over! Heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time at Medical City. I was really nervous and excited at the same time, when I heard the first familiar thug of baby’s heart – all my worries got beaten away.

that’s our OB speaking and the device she is using is called a Doppler.

We have to wait until the 18th week for the 4D though, my OB didn’t recommend to have it this early. She dated my pregnancy to 12 weeks which is a 1 week set back from my calculation x.x I guess over excitement drowns my arithmetics?

Azrael took this video and totally forgot to take shots of our faces. He said I was half naked so he simply focused on my tummy. I cut some parts of the video because some of my parts are peeping still x.x

I thanked the Lord for a lively baby by attending the mass (after one hundred years) at the Eucharistic Chapel. Amen!

P.S. The original video is much clearer, I had to convert it hence the poor video quality x.x

Bahay Kubo – Healthy Veggies for the Preggy

Because I’ve noticed that I am gaining weight, I am even more turning to vegetables and more vegetables. There are several available just in our backyard like these malunggay leaves:

I personally picked them with the help of Yeyey, my aunt. For snacks, I had sweetened bananas also from our banana plant. Now I really want a farm!

Malunggay is healthy with vitamin A and other things but I also want to breastfeed and produce gallons of milk for the baby :) Maybe, I’ll start eating Malunggay regularly like once a week.

Yeyey is my grocery-mate, we go weekly for emergency errands and to feed my cravings. Pork, chicken, and beef are turning me off right now. What I wanted for tonight was this:

Raddish or labanos that I will saute with ground beef :) Very healthy and I hope it won’t make my stomach feel very heavy.

Tomorrow’s the day and I hope no one witch would ruin it for me and the baby. Excited and nervous at the same time x.x

Pregnancy book hunt and 2 more nights to go!

Yesterday was my day out in quiet a long time. I am very lazy nowadays to head out the door, fix myself, and attend events. However, yesterday was Daddy Az’s Toycon event and I just had to see what it looks like. Inside the venue, Fullybooked had an area and I saw this:

Been looking for What to Expect When You’re Expecting for weeks! It’s priced at Php 550 and is the fourth (latest) version. I tried to find my sister’s copy but I think she only owns the imaginary edition x.x What she has though is the What to Expect on the First Year.

Before purchasing, I checked out Booksale if they have the same book (used and cheaper). I asked the saleslady and she said, “WALA”. But after walking a few steps away from her, tada!

Hmm looks like the Miss is having a lazy day.

What they have are the earlier editions for only Php 265 and below. Azrael said we should just get a new one so I can call it my own book, and so that we have the latest edition. Okay.

Pregnancy is once in a lifetime and its only during this period that I can enjoy reading this book. Obviously because I can now relate to it. I stopped watching The Hills and The City, and turned to Pregnancy videos on YouTube.

Here’s me enjoying the book at Intercon’s poolside, during another event we had to go to that day

Two more nights to sleep on and it’s already Saturday, I’ll be 13 weeks and all ready for the heart beat monitoring and 4D ultrasound :)

P.S. I think I am starting to get fat so I am cutting down on my favorite food like hotdogs, chocolate, and eat more greens.

Lolo's 89th Birthday and lots of kids!

Today we celebrated my grandpa’s 89th birthday and it was the first time I broke the news to my big family in Maragondon, Cavite.

I am very happy that it turned out well, it should because I ordered a whole lechon for everyone! :) Almost everybody kept telling me it’s going to be a girl. I’d love to be excited but I am still itching for the 4D ultrasound that’s scheduled on Saturday.

Aaron, Ate Ancie’s son is the latest addition to the growing family. Mama enjoyed feeding him and carrying him around. Azrael and I enjoyed the lechon :D

Az with Lydia’s Lechon

Me and Lydia’s Lechon

I am starting to realize how important having a big family is, it’s really fun compared to having minute family members. The terrace was just overflowing with kids, some have grown up really quick.

I took the chance to get my sour fix from lolo’s kamias tree. It’s ages old, I remember we still play around this tree when my cousins, sisters, and I were around 5 years old. Now I am going to have a baby, it’s still alive!

My godson, JM helped me pick kamias fruits from the tree but I also used lolo’s panungkit. Now I am enjoying fresh kamias dipped in iodized salt – yummy! :)

We felt our baby’s first strong kick last night, both me and Az freaked out like teenagers. It feels really weird!

At Chowking

Collected a check for our baby with Azrael in Makati. More money, yehey! After that, we went to Chowking for a quick grab – I had lumpiang shanghai.

Even before eating, my tummy is popping out! ^__^

12 Weeks – Who will baby look like?

Thank God we’ve reached 12 weeks, now the chances of miscarriage have significantly dropped :) Here’s what our baby should look like by now:

Meanwhile, I have a slight boo-boo. I thought my appointment was today but turns out, its still next Saturday – December 19. I only realized this last Thursday and it really killed my excitement. No 4D ultrasound or listening to the heartbeat for now.

At 12 weeks or roughly 3 months, my baby bump is obvious enough for any paparazzi. I am starting to enjoy wearing maternity clothes, most of them are from relatives abroad. Azrael’s mom, Tita Dulce also sent some for me and I am excited to see them.

Above, I am wearing something from Target, which my sister Joni sent.

Sometimes I feel like I am not eating enough veggies, so I just grab a salad pack from the grocery. Then, Azrael brings me food whenever he goes out. Last night he got me this:

Pasta from Goodles and my favorite San Pellegrino, I wish it came with a sliced lemon though :)