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Hot and Heavy

These days, I get hot easily and I mean the sweaty, oily, sticky kind of hotness. I can’t believe I used up more than ten oil control films today! Also I checked out some photos Azrael took last night and I looked so shiny.

It could be the summer weather but mama said I am just hot because I am pregnant. I hope my baby isn’t that hot inside. The other day, I started to feel heavy and my walking speed had to be taken down a notch. My auntie said she almost slept during our short walk because I was very slow.

I also felt heartburn for the first time, and it felt like I was going to have a heart attack while doing some errands at the bank. All of these only mean that I am having a normal pregnancy and very soon I will have another boy in my arms, in addition to his big daddy Az.

My only wish is for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy and that people won’t leave me because I am such a slow walker now x.x

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by lacellanora.

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