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SM Supercenter Molino – Meet, Eat, and Surf!

Today Cavite bloggers are here at SM Supercenter Molino, the “middle SM Mall” from SM Bacoor, Southmall, Dasmarinas, and Sta, Rosa.

Look at this family enjoying food from the 5 food carts at SM Molino’s food court.

Like most SM malls, they now have free Wifi for all shoppers and diners alike. The first thing I did was to test how fast their WiFi actually is, and look! The download and surfing speed of up to 4.86 mb is perfect for students who are one of the traffic sources of SM Molino aside from the several baranggays existing alongside this mall.

Most bloggers like me actually blog and eat at the same time – now Cavite bloggers can take this blogging habit to SM Molino that offers a cool comfy dining place (talk about the summer heat!) and be served by the warm food court staff.

Cavite bloggers net surfing while eating, why not?

Fulfilling Meals

Now onto the food! We start with one of the food court favorites of diners, Sizzling Plate.

Here we have Sizzling Plate’s Chuck Wagon, won’t you want to hop on? :)

The gravy is such a winner that when combined with the juicy burger steak makes a heavenly meaty match. You may want to try it with a noodle soup from Chef Chow’s Shabu Shabu Express.

This soup is light with fresh noodles, colorful crab meat and fish balls, and sprinkled with green spring onions. It is the perfect compliment to any flavourful dish.

SM Molino’s food court also offers Filipino favorites like the Grilled Tilapia served with atchara and fresh tomatoes. This will make you imagine dining dampa style or maybe, having a hearty lunch by the beach. Inihaw Express’ seafood are fresh, you’ll know because the fish meat is soft and juicy. If you want to try something more exotic then try their Grilled Catfish or hito which is more exciting when dipped in soy with chili peppers (siling labuyo).

Under the sea! Grilled catfish, tilapia, and stuffed squid

Should you want something reminiscent of Chinese food, then stick your forks into their Stuffed Squid. It is one of my personal favorites. Soft squid meat stuffed with veggies, ground pork, and sweet onions. Whichever meal you try from Inihaw, it’s always a match with itlog na maalat and kamatis!

Delicious & Healthy Scooby Snacks!

Turn Japanese with Takuyaki

Anywhere I go, I always look for takuyaki or Japanese squid balls and yey! because SM Molino tucks in a Takuyaki food cart. Takuyaki aside from being a savory Japanese snack, is one healthy ball – it is made with cabbage, squid, and flour. What makes it special is the Japanese mayo and Takuyaki sauce that makes one crave for more.

These food carts are just beside SM Molino Cinemas

Because the SM Molino Food Court is just beside the cinema, movie lovers can enjoy their favorite movie with these snacks! Enter Chansel Pizza Haus and Turk’s Shawarma.

Become really cheesy with Chansel’s Pizza

Chansel Pizza Haus’ pizza is freshly made with soft chewy dough and generous toppings. Of course, we like it with lots of hot sauce!

Turk’s Shawarma is one full bite of beef that’s roasted in front of you, fresh and sweet white onions, and delicious pita bread.

Cool and Sweet Desserts for a Happy Ending

Be like a kid and ask for Miguelito’s Soft Serve Icecream

Our food tasting ended with something perfect for the summer heat. Soft serve ice cream from Miguelito’s :) Bring back your childhood with colorful sprinkles and crispy chocnut sauce. Miguelito’s Ice Cream is not that sweet unlike other icecreams yet it has a very creamy texture and exciting flavors like strawberry.

This has been one very long delicious blog post from SM Molino’s 31, 500 square meters of compact shopping, dining, and surfing, fun :)

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