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Close and Secure Sleeper for Baby

Imagining the baby has arrived, I ask myself if I would like him to be sleeping inside the crib or beside me. A friend told me that babies need to nugged from time to time because sometimes, they forget to breathe. This is because they are still new to the outside world.

Then I saw this product from The First Years inside Toys R Us in Robinson’s Galleria. It is a close and secure sleeper that you can put on top of the bed, beside you. It is a safer alternative to having pillows surround your baby which may lead to suffocation. It also prevents you or your spouse from crushing the baby when you are snoozing.

Actually there are loads of other great products I saw while window shopping, including musical mobiles for the crib. More on that later :)

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  • Honestly, I don't think that is necessary at all. Both my kids were in a bassinet on my side of the bed. When I was too tired to get up to nurse or sooth them, I'd take them into my bed. They were never squashed or suffocated by a pillow. But I was scared of my husband crushing the baby, so I did put a pillow between him and baby.

    I say spend the money on something like a good sling or a nice diaper bag.

  • I agree with you on being scared of dads crushing the babies. If I had
    extra money though then I would get this but I already have a hand me
    down crib to use :)

    I think though that with this (if it magically appears on my door), I
    can sleep better with the baby by my side without worrying about
    suffocating or crushing the baby ^^

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