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New Books on Pregnancy, Baby Names, Etc.

One day it was so hot and humid to stay at home that I decided to go to the mall with my little sister. We just basked in the free air  conditioning and looked at different items including discount crystal figurines inside the mall. And then I saw these:

Lots of new books on pregnancy, baby care, baby names, and everything an expectant mom would like! I feel so bad because during the early stage of my pregnancy, I was looking for these types of books to read but they were not yet available. Even the What to Expect While You’re Expecting Journal cum Organizer is already available in National Bookstore :( I want to get one but I am already on my 8th month.

There are even books catered especially to Filipino women. One book that I can get is the What to Expect Nanny Journal, my sister said that since I will be the one to take care of the baby, I can use it for myself even without a nanny. It has quick helpful tips on what to do on different situations, much like a quick manual for babies (fingers crossed).

And then there are the baby name books, I just couldn’t help but check if my baby’s name is on them. Tada!


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by Mommy Lace.

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  • liz

    hi mommy lace, i just would like to know what bookstore did u go to? im 3 months pregnant and love to read your blog

  • hi liz! fullybooked :) take care with ur pregnancy! ^^

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