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Natalac – Breastfeeding Supplement

My OB finally gave me Natalac during my first postnatal check-up. Natalac is a supplement for breastfeeding moms to produce more milk. Natalac is also known as malunggay or Moringa Oleifera Lam capsules, those small leaves that people tell you to take while you are pregnant.  I immediately asked my mom to get it for me after she’s done looking for truck accessories.

I consumed fresh malunggay leaves before and even tried the powdered form. The fresh leaves are best but you get sick of eating it everyday. The powder (which I take in its juice form) tastes like leaves. Hence so far, the most convenient for me is to take Natalac. I think it has helped me produce more milk, I take it twice a day as my OB instructed.

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by Mommy Lace.

  • Rmjho

    is natalac and Ob max is still available in the market'

  • i'm a breastfeeding mom and find natalac really expensive. have a post on various malunggay supplements available locally. hope this helps and happy breastfeeding month :)

  • Thanks Jenny!

    Your link is very helpful and happy breastfeeding month to you as well.

    Lace :)

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