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Breastfeeding Lumps Part 2

Today I saw a general surgeon as advised by my OB in Medical City who was unfortunately not available today because of mommy duties. I initially planned to see another OB but she told me that I cannot request for an ultrasound due to all the milk inside my breasts. I must then stop breastfeeding if I wanted this done. And so she referred me to Dr. Coz who was the husband of my anestheciologist.

Honestly I was nervous the whole time, I explained to him that I have been breastfeeding and found two lumps on my right breast that wouldn’t go away. I said I think they are movable but Dr. Coz said even if lumps are movable, one cannot determine if they are benign or malignant. He then performed an examination and said they were definitely cystic which meant they are filled with fluid and he “thinks” they are benign. He said cancer have a strong characteristic like defined edges which were not present in my breast.

Although he still ordered for me to get an ultrasound to determine even more the nature of the cysts. I asked him if it was urgent to get this done but he said I could do it in my own time. I also don’t need to stop breastfeeding (thank God!).  Hence, I will try to squeeze a breast ultrasound next week. Still scary like the first time I had my tummy scanned for a fetus who is now my baby Ashton.

The lesson is, I felt that doctors treat breast lumps seriously and it is not so wise to just wait and see. Like what I have read, any lumps in your breast need immediate attention.

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  • Boknoyz

    I hope everything goes well mommylace. And I hope it does not affect your milk and your supply for baby Ashton. Godspeed!

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