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Help Children this Christmas Through the Miracle Machine

Hi! Mommies, I am sure most of us spend so much time on Facebook (in between breastfeeding and working on online tasks or shopping for indoor tanning lotions ). This Christmas, we can help out other children through the social networking site.

Miracle Machine is a social network application and its objective is quite simple: to get people and their friends and their friends’ friends working together to make miracles happen for the less unfortunate. Think Facebook but instead of status updates and comments, you get opportunities to help.

There are 12 miracles waiting to happen, some of which are:

Childhope Asia hopes to keep street children warm this Yuletide Season by providing them with new underwear and clothes.

Resources for the Blind hopes to record an audio storybook for blind children to bring them to the world of wonder and imagination.

Kaeskwela hopes to fill the empty libraries of public schools in far-flung areas in the country with educational books.

If you think you can be an angel to these small organizations who don’t usually receive huge help, log on to

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