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Home & Living: Passport Day at DFA! Passport Application Requirements for Babies

Today was a big day for us. Everyone in Manila knows how toxic it normally is to apply for a new passport. Ashton and his Daddy applied for their passports today with the help of a travel agency. I paid a premium price to make it more convenient for us, especially I want to make sure all documents and requirement would be accepted.

Ashton imagining Disneyland

I’ve been working on documents and coordinating with different people for 2 weeks and finally today, their passports are being processed and will be released in 14 days. It took us an hour and a half to finish, although we didn’t have to wait in line so much. Not bad and I like the new DFA building.

We are very excited to see Ashton’s first passport, fingers crossed we can use it twice this year. We’d love to go to Hongkong and shop for things such asĀ an iphone case. Here are required documents you need to apply for a passport for your infant:

1. NSO Birth Certificate – 6 months release from the time of birth

2. NSO Marriage Certificate – if available

3. Photocopy of mother’s passport

I heard applicants with infants are given the courtesy lane. Yet, you have to set an appointment first at the DFA website if you are not going to use a travel agency’s services.

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  • beth

    do we need to get an appointment for passport renewal in DFA robinson mall? thanks

  • ZaraZara

    If a walk-in applicant with a baby goes to DFA outight, will they be allowed?

  • Oh no you have to get an appointment online.

  • ps lace, you didn't state where you got your philips night light. you just said,"major dept stores". i looked at three SMs and also robinson's galleria but to no avail. can you please be nice and point me in the right direction? it's extremely difficult to go shopping with a 2 month old in tow and no yaya.

  • i just got my daughter's passport processed on feb. 9th. my husband and i did everything on our own using all the requirements on the dfa website. we also filed an appointment on the site -it took a month and a half to get an appointment! all in all, we spent a hour and a half at dfa because we ran into a little trouble (i'm a dual citizen -american born) and had to show my own NSO-printed report of philippine citizen abroad birth certificate plus do an interview on why i'm a dual citizenship. the hardest part was getting our 2 month old to stand still for her photo! we spent only P1200.

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