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Baby: Buying a Crib for your Newborn

Having a baby is an exciting thrill that comes with shopping privileges. First thing that comes to mind is the major purchase of a crib which could be one of the most expensive baby furniture you’ll get. But wait, hold your bellies because here are some mommy tips to consider:

Ashton 3 months playing in his crib

1. Take your time to look around – I understand you are excited and can’t wait to see your nursery come to life with the central fixture, the crib. But remember you and your husband have 9 months to prepare and a lifetime to save up for. Don’t jump into the first adorable crib you see. Jot down, with a pen and paper, the stores you’ve visited and the cribs you have your eyes on. Don’t forget the prices and payment terms!

2. Ask friends and relatives – I know how you feel about asking relatives, they can be straight up serious and conservative when it comes to baby spending, tell you to re-use hand me downs, etc. However, you’ll soon find out (as much as you hate it) they are correct. What you do is pick up parts of their advice and think about it before reluctantly dismissing considerations (such as opting for unbranded and cheaper cribs) they’ve told you to take.

3. Consider having one made – if this is your first baby and your town has artisans/ furniture shops like here in the Philippines, it could be much cheaper to have one made. More so if you have contacts to carpenters or one of your friends and relatives’ hobby is carpentry. Be wary of rough surfaces and have the crib painted months in advance before your delivery.

4. But cheap is not always good - now don’t take it wrongly to be too much frugal. Cheap may not always be good. Check out where the products are manufactured, shake the crib if you must as you check for its balance. You will put your child in here and want to make sure the crib can take on the baby’s weight and daily movements.

5. Look for bundles – some stores offer packages such as a crib with crib mattresses, pillows, comforters, etc. This may or may not come out cheaper but take the time to check out each item included, their quality, and unit price should you get them separately. Then you’ll find out if you’ve got yourself a deal :)

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