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Working Mom: Home Office Feng Shui

So Tuesday was a bit stressful for me, make that very stressful. My staff encountered a road accident, my network connections were busted, my phone kept on dying on me, and here’s more – went offline for awhile because of emergency maintenance. WOW. I told myself it could be one of those days when the day’s sign or animal was against an Ox (me). I let it slip and tried my best to get through.

On Wednesday I had requested some incense from my shop to be brought to my home office. I lighted it up and wished for better Internet connections and for my gadgets to work well. They did and I waved the incense all over the house including the sofa’s designer upholstery fabric so that negative energy will be gone.

This is one easy way to ward off negative energy and stress that may not only be experienced by yourself but your gadgets, staff, and office :)

  • I can't believe you can use incense to ward-off bad luck from objects like gadgets and furniture. Maybe, I'll try that in my own office, in case I encounter a similar experience!

  • We can try! :)

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