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Pixie Forest at Alabang Festival Mall

Mommies are always on the look for fun places for kids and I am lucky I stumbled upon Pixie Forest weeks ago. I promised to bring Ashton there and here is our experience.

Pixie Forest is inside Alabang Festival Mall, about 30 minutes drive from our place. It is a massive arcade and rides venue, there was even a birthday party going on when we arrived. Ashton’s eyes lit up as soon as we arrived. Although the noise from the arcades and overly excited tots can be overwhelming, it will be compensated by the breadth of things you can do inside.

We rode the ferris wheel where you can view the entire Pixie Forest from above.

And Ashton rode the airplane ride with our Daddy Az.

There’s another ride like a log jam with some water you’ll land on. I badly wanted to try it with Ashton but my husband said it was dangerous. True enough, a kid fell in the water (but he’s OK).

So we just watched and looked at the colourful arcade lights. Plus, all the prizes inside like Dora toys which Ashton likes.

If your kid is about 2 and above, I’m sure you can play more inside the Pixie Forest. Ashton got hungry and he likes Japanese food just like Mommy :) What’s great about Festival Mall is the numerous places you can dine with the family. We always go to Teriyaki Boy for the high chair, quiet ambiance, and the long cushioned seats. This is where I laid Ashton down after his meal, he took a quick nap before shopping. Azrael and I also enjoyed strolling and talking with the little rascal finally asleep! We were talking about selling his old watches so I can take a pick frommichael kors watches and get him only one but genuine accessory. Anyway ~

Ashton was up and ready for his Green Tea Soy Frappe from Starbucks x.x

If you want to shop for toys, Robinson’s Department store has a branch in this mall but very small. It was a challenge pushing the stroller through the aisles to show the toys to Ashton. I know we shouldn’t buy anything new but the father had some gift checks to spare.

Ashton’s Chicco super mini truck?

It was a great weekend and we can’t wait to go out again as a mini family :)
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by Mommy Lace.

  • Buti its not crowded when you went there! Did you know that green tea frappe daw is the drink with most calories in Starbucks? I have no idea why!

  • That's weird but Green Tea should make us lose weight? Siguro because of the whipped cream x.x

  • Probably. Alam mo naman minsan super generous sila with the whipped cream. It's like, here you go, have some nice looking fat. Hahaha!

  • Ashton is growing fast! :) 

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