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We’re home from The Medical City! :)

Our hospital vacation is over and Ashton and I are now back home :) We’re really thankful it’s not anything serious but it has thought us well to get an HMO card. Do you have any suggestions? This will be on top of our PhilHealth membership and I am clueless how both will work together.

Good bye hospital!

It surely was challenging to keep my child occupied during his confinement, even when I thought I am well equipped with our experience last year. It’s a different story with him being a year older and so much more active. Crayons, scratch papers, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Disney Junior were my saving grace. If we were asked to stayed longer, I would have ordered more crafts supply to keep us company like a set of box cutters and scrap booking stuff. We rarely do arts at home so Ashton gets occupied with coloring and throwing folding paper.

I also had an internal debate with myself on the best place to put the IV. I now conclude it’s best to leave a toddler’s foot free so he can at least walk around and you can just hold the dextrose up high while following him. Forget the IV stand, it’s impossible to follow a child with it without the risk of pulling out the IV.

But more than anything else, I am really grateful my son is well and that we had the means to give him the best possible care :)

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  • Oh no, I've been gone for so long I didn't know Ashton got confined again! I hope he is well now. Hay nako, Jacob got sick thrice already in the month of January! Buti na lang he didn't need to be hospitalized. I certainly know how you feel!

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