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How to Enjoy French Cuisine at Sofitel Spiral

When someone asks me if I enjoy French cuisine, I never know what to answer simply because I don’t know. Strange that many of us have been to and have enjoyed the famous Spiral of Sofitel Plaza Manila (a French brand hotel) but never tried their French cuisine. Ang hirap kasi tiisin ng Japanese section.

WATCH: French National Day Specials at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

But this month, my husband and I discovered that Sofitel is offering French National Day Specials for the whole month of July. We agreed to ignore other sections of Spiral and focus on the French Atelier, this is located beside the cheese room.


The French atelier is a main stay at Spiral but the following French dishes are not. Because it’s French National Day, we can enjoy unlimited escargot, macarons, and more. Look for the French Day Specials label in the buffet selection, or take this blog with you para sulit ang French date sa Spiral. Look for these for a limited time only French dishes:

Duck Confit with Lentilles

Chicken Supreme in Foie Gras Sauce, Trompette Mushrooms

Escargot A La Bourguignonne

Beef Tartare

Of all the French specials, my favorites are the escargot – a French version of our native kuhol dishes, and the duck confit with lentilles which is very tender, light, but flavorful. I enjoyed these dishes with couscous salad, couscous is a type of grain similar to rice.

The macarons are also part of the French National Day Specials. These are not usually included in Spiral’s dessert selection. For dessert I ate all macarons that I could, ang sarap kasi lalo na with Spiral’s cafe latte.

For the French month, Sofitel Philippine Plaza flew in French cheesemaster Colin Chandras who brought with him 210 types of French cheese available at Spiral’s L’epicerie
aka cheese room. There is always a cheese expert to help you choose the best type of cheese to suit your taste. I like the hard cheese types because of their sharp flavor. If you are not fond of drinking wine, cheese is also good with coffee. I-try niyo minsan and it will remind you of snacking on Queso de Bola at Christmas.

And that’s our latest French date experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Spiral. Do you know they also have birthday promos and other offers? Check out the Spiral website to learn more and to make your reservation.

Enjoy your date Mommy & Daddy!

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