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2017 Dengue Vaccine Schedule – Watsons Philippines

Dengue vaccine is now commercially available in the Philippines. Watsons will offer dengue vaccination in select stores nationwide. Here’s what you need to know about Dengue Vaccination:

1. The vaccine is safe and has been thoroughly tested, based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines

2. Dengue vaccine has been approved in 14 countries where dengue is endemic including Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines.

3. The dengue vaccination, to be taken in three doses at 0 – 6 – 12 months interval, can protect the individual from all four strains of the dengue virus.

4. The vaccine can be administered to people aged 9 to 45 years old.

5. The first vaccine against dengue, Dengvaxia, was created by leading multinational pharmaceutical company and an expert in the development of vaccinations, Sanofi Pasteur.

2017 Dengue Vaccination Schedule at Watsons Philippines Stores

April 30, 2017  – 1st dose

October 29, 2017  – 2nd dose

April 29, 2018 – 3rd dose

If you miss the above vaccination schedule, you can avail the next round on the following dates:

May 14, 2017  – 1st dose

November 12, 2017 – 2nd dose

May 13, 2018 – 3rd dose

Even if you or your child already had dengue, you can still benefit from the vaccine that protects you from more than 1 strain of Dengue virus. My personal experience with Dengue was plagued with stress, anxiety, worry, and uncertainty. The up and down of platelet count is an emotional roller coaster that can make anyone believe they are in the brink of death. In some cases, Dengue can be fatal as we all know.

Cost of Dengue Vaccine in the Philippines

P4000 per dose at Watsons

P12000 for all 3 doses at Watsons

Note that you have to buy on the scheduled vaccination dates so that the dengue vaccine can be administered by a nurse to you or your loved ones. It is very important to finish all three (3) doses of the dengue vaccine.

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