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Baby: What does your baby nursery need?

Pink or blue? That seems to be the first choices presented to expecting moms when it comes to decorating the nursery. It could be the guestroom, a vacant bedroom, or a specific area in the master’s room that will especially be for your little tot. Regardless of where your baby nursery will reside, it deserves […]

Baby: Buying a Crib for your Newborn

Having a baby is an exciting thrill that comes with shopping privileges. First thing that comes to mind is the major purchase of a crib which could be one of the most expensive baby furniture you’ll get. But wait, hold your bellies because here are some mommy tips to consider: Ashton 3 months playing in […]

Mommy Lace is a happy full-time & breastfeeding mom to little boy Ashton. A Marketing Management graduate from the De LaSalle University working on Internet Marketing projects at home, in between diaper changes.

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