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Christmas Family Experience at Lancaster New City Open Air Cinema

Lancaster New City is the premier development in Imus, Cavite. The family-friendly community made a spectacular Christmas attraction at the famous Central Greens. An open field outdoor area where Lancaster residents shop and play. Their kids playground is a haven for active children and this communal space is really green, breezy, and spacious.

My family and I instantly felt refreshed and rejuvenated when we saw this outdoor space. We heard about Lancaster a few years ago from fellow Cavite residents. On this day, we came to watch the  FREE Christmas Light Show at The Square.

Christmas Family Wonderland

We arrived early for the Christmas Light Show that begins at 6pm and will run until December 26. There were plenty of restaurants and cafes to relax in. When the sun set, people started flocking to the Mercato-style food park are at Lancaster. This is also within the Central Greens.

My son enjoyed his holiday cotton candy. We also bought flying LED lights that’s perfect to play with at night outdoors. Lancaster New City was so lively that night, families especially children were obviously enjoying their bonding activities over food, shopping, and playing.

There were also plenty of Christmas booths and features where you can play games, meet Santa Claus, and pose for the camera. So many instagram-worthy shots here at Lancaster New City!

Watch: Lancaster New City Open Air Cinema

I can’t remember the last time I watched a romantic movie but when I saw that Lancaster New City was also hosting an Open Air Cinema in partnership with Cinema One, I immediately made my plans known that I will watch one of the movies. There were two films shown “Love You to the Stars and Back” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The first one shown was Julia Baretto and Joshua Garcia’s Love You to the Stars and Back. It was my first time to experience an outdoor cinema and I enjoyed the movie from start to finish.

It was so relaxing, romantic, funny, and inspiring. I heard that this is a yearly activity that’s hosted by Lancaster New City. How lucky their residents are and I hope to be here with my family again when that happens.


Food Trip at The Square, Lancaster New City

Right after the movie, we walked around The Square to see different shops but most of all – food choices to try. We were so happy to enjoy the outdoor vibe and feel the “Christmas weather”. It is cold in Cavite during December and activities like this make you really feel and enjoy the charm of Christmas. There are coffee shops to warm you up, milk tea shops, and restaurants that serve Filipino and comfort food for all.


Enjoy these ongoing FREE activities at Lancaster New City, check out their FB page to get official updates and to plan your Christmas family bonding!

P.S. Lancaster New City‘s The Parish of the Holy Family opens its doors and welcomes the faithful for Simbang Gabi. It starts on December 15, 7 p.m. for the anticipated Mass, and continues on December 16, 4 a.m. for the regular Mass.


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Home and Living: Ashton’s First Christmas Celebration | Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas! I’ve been slumped with work lately which I am grateful for but I always wish I have more time to blog leisurely. I hope our greetings are not late, so Merry Christmas again from me and my family! :)

I’ve been excited since the 24th with all the preps made-easy, and in attending Ashton’s first Christmas mass. This is our photo at the Church’s belen.

My wacky Christmas hats were a success. Though we were all tired after the meal, we forgot to setup our photo wall. I put all headbands and wacky glasses in a box so everyone could easily reach for them.

My take-away noche buena was also a success: KFC Chicken and Macaroni Salad, Greenwich Lasagna and Pizza, BBQ from Goldilocks, Arny & Dading’s Pichi-Pichi, Tostitos Chips, Garlic Pesto Bread from French Baker, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Though my plan of singing karaoke while munching failed because of the TV’s minor glitch.

The change was not bad and the concept of change was one of the key lessons for my family this year. Change whether good or bad is a fact of life and if you learn to deal with it then more unexpected good things await.

Everyone knows my Christmas gift came early, my baby boy Ashton <3 And because Christmas is all about thanksgiving and love, I am so full of the Christmas spirit this year.

I want to thank everyone who supported this blog, my family, my clients, my assistants whom I cannot do anything without, and most of all, to my mom who gives us all the best in life.

Ashton receives his first Christmas money from my mom, Mami Dulce, Auntie Misyel, and Auntie Liza.

Of course, me and my sister also got our yearly Christmas bonus from our mom. This year’s envelopes complete with address labelswere hiding inside the Christmas tree all along!

Christmas is really for kids and kids-at-heart :) To our sister Joni, our niece Anya, and brother Vincent who are all in Australia, we wish you were here!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.