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New OPPO F5 retails at P15,990 with A.I. Selfie Technology

Oppo, the selfie-expert launched their newest camera phone just in time for Black Friday or in the Philippines, the 11/11 online sale. 

Oppo A.I. Beauty Recognition Captures the Real You

The new Oppo F5 features the new A.I. beauty recognition technology. This new technology in taking top quality and beautiful selfies learns the specific facial features of different people from its millions of global image database of human faces. Oppo developed this Artificial Intelligence by consulting professional photographers and make-up during the R&D process. According to Oppo, the Oppo A.I. technology has the ability to “capture the real you” helping selfies look more attractive and natural.

Oppo F5 Features + Comparison

– Oppo F5 features a 20MP front camera with an F2.0 aperture and a 16MB rear camera with F1.8 aperture. Compared with other competitors’ 13MP or 16MP camera in the same price range, the F5 has a higher resolution (2160×1080) and better photo quality. The cameras can deliver Bokeh effects and the front HDR solves any over-exposure issues.

– Oppo F5 will be OPPO’s first 6.0-inch full-screen FHD+ display device, giving the user a vivid visual enjoyment without the need to increase the size of the phone. It features a high-resolution 2160 x 1080 dpi screen with 18:9 aspect ratio

– Oppo F5 follows OPPO’s streamlined design philosophy – the sleek unibody offers a visually slim appearance without any cut-offs, with a gracefully curved body that fits well in the palm, expressing a simple and elegant look. A user’s palm will not feel tired even after using the phone for a long time, either from playing games or chatting. The 0.4mm laser string is carved onto the phone – a delicate linear finish that adds detail to the phone body

– Oppo F5’s Facial Unlock is the new face recognition technology that recognizes its user and unlocks the phone. This feature is perfect for people who are constantly on the go, a quick and much easier way to accessing your phone.

The OPPO F5 was officially launched led by OPPO’s brand ambassadors Sarah Geronimo and Alden Richards together with OPPO influencers Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Toni Gonzaga, Gabbi Garcia, Janella Salvador, Apple David, and Carla Lizardo.

WATCH: Oppo F5 #CaptureTheRealYou Launch (Recorded Live) + Product Features

I Tried the Oppo F5 Selfie with AI Beauty Recognition


I got to try the Oppo F5 for a short time during the launch. Here’s a sample selfie I took with the Oppo F5’s beauty recognition technology. The bokeh effect is present in almost all the selfies I took and every selfie had an HD quality to it.

What do you think of this sample selfie? In photo is my husband who was also present during the Oppo F5 launch. I did notice how easy it was to handle the Oppo F5 and comfortably fits the palm when taking selfies. It’s also so much lighter.


At P15,990 and with this photo quality I think the price is worth it. My current phone cost about P13,990 and doesn’t have the bokeh effect. Although I don’t want my background blurred all the time, I’m sure the Oppo F5 has customization settings that users can adjust to their preference.

Another thing I’d love to know is how well it takes food photos which we all love sharing on Instagram. Is the Oppo F5 a good upgrade phone for 2018? Let me know what you think!

Happy selfies!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser Review

The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser has been on my Lazada wishlist for the longest time. Many of my Facebook friends use it especially because it allows them to take flawless and picture perfect selfies everytime. It is also in the affordable range at P7,695 but “branded” being made by Asus.

I received my dream Asus Zenfone 2 Laser in gold this week, when you see this color grab it right away since it’s always sold out. Check the stocks in Lazada, my friends also say the same. I thought it might be helpful to unbox and show you how I customized this Android mobile phone.

Out of the box, you get the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser unit, a fast charger, and standard earphones.

Before anything else and because for me P7,695 is a lot of money – I also already purchased a generic P150 jelly case to avoid scratches and to provide protection in case of a fall. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser hard cases are also available but I already like the gold color of its own back case.

Now it’s time to turn it on. You will need a Google account so you can download the apps you like from the Google Play Store. If you don’t have an account yet, just click sign up, provide your name, the Gmail address you like, and password. Done.

Facebook and Messenger are two apps I use most. So installing them is the first step I took. Mommy Lace tip: Be sure to setup your phone in an Internet or Wifi zone. This will allow you to download apps and the Asus Update conveniently.

Next, I found a lot of pre-installed apps that could get in the way especially for multi-tasking moms like me. Go to Settings>Apps then select the apps you want to uninstall. Like this 50+ free games that I really won’t need.


You can also customize or change the default keyboard of your Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. I like the free emoji keyboard since it includes my favorite emojis and most of all, I can turn off and hide auto prediction and suggested words.

Font size

I also set the font size to Large instead of normal, this way it’s faster to read SMS, type, and find apps.


Asus provides cute themes for their phones, to view and change your theme, search for the “themes” app and apply the theme that you like. I am using the “Lovely Pink” theme.

Hooray! After these simple steps, users can officially call their phone their own.

It was only after these process that I explored the famous Asus “selfie” front & back camera. The “beauty” feature is turned on by default with “skin softening” at level 5. You can easily turn this off and set the levels to 0.

Here is a test shot with my son Ashton and his stuffed toy. This was taken with the 8MP back camera in the evening without flash. You can see full specs of the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser here.

Kids Mode

Even if we don’t want to, our phones easily land on our children’s hands. I don’t know if other phones have this feature but I setup the kids mode in my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser easily, all you have to do is assign a PIN code and select only the apps that you want your kids to access. This will prevent them from making or taking calls or going to your personal apps. Here is a screenshot of my Kids Mode for Ashton:

They will need to know the password before the can exit this mode ;)

Overall I like how easy it was to customize this phone, it took me less than an hour to make it even more productive and friendly for mothers like me. The size of this phone fits a lady’s hand like a glove, not too big to fit in our purse, pockets, etc. especially when on the go. Yet, it’s very powerful in a sense that you can do anything with it like send texts, check emails, go to Facebook, load Google Maps, etc. without any hiccups.

The phone’s welcome note says “in search of incredible” and it is fitting for any “incredible moms” this Christmas, go tell your husbands or buy it for yourself :D

REMINDER: Take note of the upcoming Lazada Online Revolution Sale on November 11 where Asus brand is participating. I heard they will throw in extra freebies like an Asus branded selfie stick when you buy from Lazada.


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.