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Who do you love most? When the new baby arrives…

Me and Anya putting on make up

This is a picture of Anya and me, she was our first baby ever in the family. Although she is not my child, I have always treated her as my own. I took care of Anya since day 1 together with my sister Joni, her mommy.  When I learned I was pregnant, my first thought was how to tell Anya :)

When Anya was just 2 years old

I was not ready to face her reaction, what if she gets jealous or feels that my love for her will change now that I will have a little baby boy of my own? But then my sister told Anya and she was very excited ever since. She would ask me to show my tummy to her (via webcam because they are living in Australia) and give baby names to the little boy inside.

Then just last week, she started to ask other members of my family who they love “most”. She or “charmander” as she fondly calls the baby. Everyone said they love both Anya and the new baby but she would get upset when she gets this answer. How do you deal with this? My answer to Anya is  “I love you both but you were the first.”

She really was the first baby I fell in love with and good thing that my upcoming star is a baby boy. When Anya arrives just after I give birth – I will show her how she was also a baby and how I am taking care of the baby is the same as how I took care of her when she was small. I will tell Anya stories of her babyhood, when she would say “melk” instead of “milk” and turn as red as tomatoes when she cries.

Also, I read this article on how to deal with your first child when a new baby arrives. The tips I found here are really helpful and would help you deal with future situations :)

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