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3 Tips for Stress-Free Baon for Kids

In the Philippines, we call packed snacks or lunch boxes, “baon”. It is lovingly prepared by mothers for their child who goes to school. Bringing baon saves money and ensures that our children eat the right food that we personally prepared for them. When you become a parent yourself, you realize that preparing snacks isn’t that simple and takes a lot of time preparing and planning.

Here are some baon “hacks” I’d like to share to my fellow moms who of course, try to make everything work despite the many roles and jobs we juggle every day:

1. Use weekends, holidays, and nights to prepare your kids baon ahead of tomorrow – have you ever experienced running out of time and you still need to pack something for your student’s lunchbox? I have! And that taught me a lesson to prepare my son’s lunch box before I go to bed. Weekends can be a time to go to the grocery to buy snack items ahead.

Ashton checks out the Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches on display

Here’s our newest discovery, there are now pre-made sandwiches that are individually packed and filled with either peanut butter or chocolate spread. They are called “pocket sandwiches” and are made by Gardenia Philippines.

The sandwich itself is sealed around the edges so kids can neatly enjoy them without spilling spread on their uniform. What I like best is the individual packaging that makes it a grab and go for moms to put in lunch boxes. Each sandwich only costs P15 and like most Gardenia products, it is widely available in all supermarkets and convenience stores.

For drinks – I also buy by the carton and just alternate between chocolate drink and fruit juices. Don’t forget to still ask your child to bring bottled water. I refrigerate the tetra packs good for a week so that it’s also grab and go during school days.

2. Bread is an economical and healthy choice for baon – always have bread in your kitchen. It’ll save you money not just for your kid’s baon but for all family member’s breakfast and snacks. I stock different type of sandwich spread at home: mayonaisse, peanut butter, chocolate spread, and margarine. Sometimes I also make my own tuna spread. Having bread in our kitchen has prevented us from buying food outside or calling for delivery!

Here are some of our “bread pile” for this school and work week. Carbohydrates are essential for children to remain energetic. Some adults stay away from carbs but I do like loading up on carbs especially on a busy day or for when I’m doing my workouts.

3. Stock baon in your refrigerator – put your fridge (and electric bill) to good use! You can stock baon, even sandwiches, in the refrigerator so that they remain fresh and free of mold. Whenever I buy Gardenia loaf, we keep it in the fridge and it’s still good even after it’s use by date. How many times have you also experienced your kids baon being infested by ants? It’s such a hassle and waste!

Don’t worry about snacks being cold because by the time recess comes, they would’ve already reached room temperature.

These tips are good for young kids from pre-school to grade 3 when usually, they’d only have recess and not lunch. Sandwiches are my top choice because they are filling, satisfying, and you can easily have different flavors just by choosing a different spread or in case of pre-made sandwiches and ready to eat bread, just choose a different variant!

Happy schooling, mommy and baby!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Get Discounts to Paw Patrol Live Tickets in Resorts World Manila

Paw Patrol is one of the popular kids cartoons on cable TV. My son started watching it when he was 4 years old and I’m sure many mommies like me watched it too (it’s mandatory!). Paw Patrol still airs on Nickelodeon with fresh new episodes. These days, my son and I watch it while having breakfast every morning.

The story revolves around a boy named Ryder who leads a pack of rescue dogs known as the PAW Patrol. Kids can pick up the value of team work, humility, and proper problem solving.

PAW Patrol Live in Manila, Philippines

I didn’t know about this show until my son and his best friend made a plan to beg me for tickets. They drew “We want to watch PAW Patrol” and they explained to me what and when the show is going to be.

Watch this video: PAW Patrol LIVE in Manila

Ticket prices start at P2,400-P4,200 and since there are two of them, plus I need to supervise them that means 3 tickets for all of us. Just imagine me scratching my head. But our kids are only young once and I want to cherish these live show moments. See: We watched Hi-5 in Manila at Resorts World.

Get Discounts for PAW Patrol Live in Manila Tickets with your Resorts World Manila card

After a few hours of research, I found that RWM cardholders can avail of cheaper ticket prices! Discounts are based on the level or color of your RWM card. Mine is a classic resorts world manila card which means I get 10% discount.


Published Rate




10% Off


15% Off


15% Off

Gold/ Platinum

20% Off



PHP 3,780





PHP 3,600

PHP 3,240





PHP 3,000

PHP 2,700





PHP 2,400

PHP 2,160




You can get your RWM card at Resorts World Manila’s customer service, or just ask the guards. There are many registration areas and you can get your card right away. Just bring a valid ID like a passport is the best to show.

June 2 and 4 are still a week away so plan your PAW Patrol weekend now and grab these discounts for your family before they become sold out.

Enjoy the show, Mommy and Baby! :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Easter Barnyard 2017 Experience at Resorts World Manila

Easter has become a fun and spectacular celebration for kids, especially with malls around the metro that host Easter Egg Hunts, costume contests, and magic shows. Easter Sunday can easily become a busy day for mommies looking for the best venue and activity for kids to enjoy the Easter celebration.

We chose Resorts World Manila’s Easter Barnyard Adventure as it is the most visible and talked about online. I even shared the poster to my excitement and to let even more mommies know! Come Easter Sunday which was a partly cloudy day, it was tempting to stay at home but the new Skyway also known as NAIA Ex makes going to Resorts World Manila such a breeze. Buti nalang at hindi kami tinamad!

Kids Easter Celebration at Resorts World Manila

This review might be helpful in deciding where to spend your Easter Sunday in 2018. Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila is a top choice for Filipino families as a lifestyle and leisure destination. The shops are family friendly with mid-range restaurants, even fast food options. There’s always something going on at the Activity Hall for everyone to watch & enjoy especially on weekends.

It pays to read the mechanics before going on this Easter Adventure, I downloaded the Resorts World app first and showed a P2,500 receipt. We ate at Annam Noodle Bar and bought takeaway to reach the purchase requirement. We presented it at the booth and got a ticket to enjoy the Easter Barnyard Adventure!

Super sulit with the many booths that you can claim goodies from. Parent and child are both given activity cards with different stubs attached. The kids enjoyed free snacks like Tender Juicy Hotdog, Gardenia bread, Country Style donut, Eggnog snacks, and the most popular that day was the giant cotton candy!

There was a small skit and singing and dancing followed by a mysterious and enthralling magic show. There were also fun games in between.

Activity booths like cookie decorating (sadly McCormick ran out of cookies for us to decorate) and face painting were also available.

I noticed how Resorts World also quietly included kids from charitable organizations and treated them like royalty during the event. Good job Resorts World! They had the best seat in the house and I’m sure these kids enjoyed the event as much as my son did, maybe even more :)

Overall we made the right decision to celebrate Easter Sunday at Resorts World. Everything was organized, safe, and secure that it was also fun for mommies like me.

Like and stay tuned on Resorts World Manila Facebook Page, this is where I get to know what’s up for families and kids such as free activities like this. You can also download the Resorts World Manila mobile app.

Happy Easter Mommy and Baby!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

2017 Kids Easter Event at Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

Easter Barnyard kids event at Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall starts at April 16 from 3pm to 6pm. Here’s how to join fun activities for children.

From the Resorts World Manila: RWM guests who download the RWM Mobile Companion app and shop or dine with a minimum of P2,500 single receipt at any participating Newport Mall outlet until Easter Sunday can get the chance to win one of 500 exclusive tickets for this fun family event. Receipts from RWM signature restaurants, Belmont Hotel, and Remington Hotel of the same value will also be honored.

Mechanics on How to Join:

On the day of the event, redemption will only be from 12 noon until 2:00 p.m.

Qualified participants will be entitled to pick one stub for a chance to win an entrance ticket to the exclusive event. Lucky winners each get one ticket for one child and one adult companion to attend the Easter Barnyard Adventure.

Easter Barnyard Adventure at The Plaza in Newport Mall on April 16, starting at 3:00 p.m.

The RWM Easter Barnyard Adventure is loaded with educational and fun activities for children of RWM members and guests. Various booths will also offer treats and toys for the kids and the young at heart. Exciting prizes await kids who come in costume and participate in the Easter Barnyard games.

Download the RWM Mobile Companion free on Google Play and the AppStore. Visit or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (632) 908-8833 for more information on RWM’s exciting summer promotions.


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

We discovered the TRUTH about Safeguard’s Germ-Protect Technology

Many of us grew up with Safeguard because our mothers trusted this brand. Safeguard was first launched in 1966 as an effective way of removing germs and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. I was born in the 80s and our de-facto family soap was also Safeguard. Today, there are many soaps to choose from but concerns like family members regularly getting germ-borne diseases like the common cold, cough and flu to more serious health problems like pneumonia, meningitis, and typhoid fever remain the same.

WATCH: Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

Safeguard Philippines wants to continue to protect Filipino families as they have for over 50 years. They invited me and my son to the Safeguard Science Innovation Center in Singapore to find out why modern Filipino families like us should still choose and trust Safeguard. Here are our top 3 discoveries that we’d like to share with you and your family:

 1. Safeguard is still the number one family germ-protection soap

At the Safeguard Innovation Center, it is very clear how Safeguard continues to invest in research and development, use quality ingredients and follow rigorous prototyping, testing and manufacturing processes to provide the best soap that addresses every mom’s personal care and cleansing needs.

There are real scientists and experts at work in Safeguard (hindi lang sa Safeguard commercial sila nakikita, they are real!). The product of their work is Safeguard’s unbeatable, superior and long lasting skin germ protection. Here are the germs that are commonly found in our homes.

They are cultured and studied by Safeguard to understand how these modern-day germs affect our family’s health and how Safeguard can kill and stop the growth of these germs. Here are some examples:

Staphylococcus, E.coli, Enterococcus Faecalis

Nakakahiya mang aminin, some of these germs were found in Ashton’s toy and toothbrush. These germs cause sore throat, tonsillitis, skin boils or pigsa, urinary tract infection, and even serious diseases like pneumonia and meningitis. Ayaw natin yan!

We also saw how Safeguard kills 99.9% germs when hand washing and how it kills and protects us from all 4 families of germs: gram-bacteria, fungi, viruses, and gram+ bacteria.

2. Safeguard is the only soap with germ-protect technology and it really works

This is called the white hand mark experiment. The colored dots that you see are the germs and the hand marks are the different types of soap that us mothers use and choose every now and then. Can you guess which hand mark is from Safeguard?

The white hand mark belongs to Safeguard, it was able to stop germs from reaching and multiplying on the hand. Safeguard with Germshield+ protects users from germs in between washes and  inhibits germ regrowth for up to 24 hours.

An example is when we go to work, ride the MRT, or go to the supermarket – can you imagine how many germs us hardworking parents come in contact with everyday? We cannot wash our hands every minute but using a soap like Safeguard can automatically prevent germs from sticking to us especially our hands and bringing it home to our children. This is the same for our kids especially when playing outside or going to school.

3. Safeguard Body Wash is as gentle as water

I cannot believe it myself but at the Safeguard Innovation Center, we were asked to do an experiment that compares brand x body wash, Safeguard Body Wash, and plain water.

The rose petal is used to simulate baby’s delicate skin. Brand X body wash made the petal dark and damaged while Safeguard Body Wash did not damage the rose petal and was as gentle as water. I hope you watch this in our Safeguard Vlog above to see for yourself.

This is a huge myth buster since many of us trust Safeguard to kill germs but have the notion that Safeguard is not gentle – especially for young children. Buy the Safeguard Body Wash that also contains moisture shield technology.

How and What Safeguard to Use for your Family

It’s easy to get confused with many brands and products but during our tour, I noted everything I learned and came up with the following personal recommendation for mommies like me. You can add this to your grocery list so you don’t forget. I already have these products at home for my family to use:

1. Safeguard Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap
Price in Pesos: 255ml (P 80)

Use for: regular hand washing when cooking, before and after eating, washing yourself after using the toilet, hand washing after using the toilet.
Where to place: On your kitchen sink, bathroom sinksa

2. Safeguard Pure White Body Wash
Price in Pesos: 200ml (P 85), 400ml (P 145), 700ml (P219)

Use for: bathing
Where to place: Shower, bathtub, travel kits (smaller bottle)
IMPORTANT: Use a shower puff to clean your body with Safeguard Body Wash

These are the two Safeguard products I personally use and recommend. Liquid soaps and body wash are my top choices because they do not leave the skin dry which also makes it easy for germs to enter the skin and cause infections. It is IMPORTANT to use a shower puff to save you from using too much body wash and make it even easier and more enjoyable to take a bath. Being healthy should not be difficult and expensive – Safeguard believes the same.

A Healthy Family is a Happy Family

Being healthy is underrated until one of our family members get sick. Even in everyday activities, having healthy children mean having children who have the energy and positive attitude to enjoy life. I appreciated our health even more during this trip. It was my first time to travel with just a 6 year old to no less than Singapore. Our health allowed me and my son Ashton to get the most of our trip, enjoy the sights, be game for new adventures, and walk for hours exploring this beautiful country.

Thank you Safeguard for this Science Discovery Tour and for allowing us to share our discovery to other mommies and babies! Stay tuned and LIKE Mommy Lace on Facebook to WIN a special “pasalubong” from Mommy Lace and The Blogger Kid Ashton.


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Belo Baby Summer Giveaway! What We Love About Belo Baby

Summer is more fun when enjoyed with our babies. Having fun and making memorable experiences are on top of our lists especially now that school is over. Finally, our kids can relax which means more time for playing, swimming, and staying under the sun.

Mommy Lace Skincare Summer Tips for Kids

While outings and adventures are exciting, top skincare concerns like kids rash or bungang araw and itchy skin that leads to scratching can make dampen our summer experience. We see these skin problems more often this time of the year. Our babies spend more time playing which means more perspiring, dehydration, and sun exposure.

  1. It’s important to moisturize – our favorite Belo Baby product is the Face and Body lotion. My son and I have been using this for a year now. It is also Belo Baby’s first birthday this March!Ever since, I realized how important it is to moisturize – yes even for kids!Our top concern back then was my son’s very dry legs. He would scratch and scratch and these result into minor wounds. Belo Baby’s body lotion solved this problem for us. It is 100% certified natural and has 0% chemicals.Now that it’s summer, the heat, swimming pool water with chlorine, and airconditioning can all dry up our baby’s skin.

  1. Moisturize right after bathing – lotions lock in moisture into the skin. So, it is important to put your kid’s lotion right after bathing while the skin is hydrated, supple, and soft. Baby lotions with cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil can do a great job at locking-in skin moisture and keep your baby’s skin soft and hydrated for longer.Bathing and putting on lotion is one of our favorite bonding moments. I really feel like I am taking care of my son’s skin when I do this. My son likes how Belo Baby is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving white patches and feeling greasy. It’s also perfect for our night time baby massage routine!


  1. Avoid long baths – while bath tubs, pools, etc. are so fun for our kids, too much of these can dry up their skin. When showering, don’t leave bath products like shampoo and body wash too long on your child’s skin. If your baby’s skin easily gets dry and irritated – go for body wash vs. soaps.


  1. Keep your lotion with you at all times – both kids and adults can get dry skin easily. It’s important to have access to a moisturizing lotion to stop dry skin on its tracks. Did you know? Dry skin is more prone to infection like pimples and summer boils. Dry skin literally creates cracks on the skin which allow bacteria and viruses to enter the skin and cause these problems.


 WIN a special prize from Belo Baby!

Share your Belo Baby moment and tag Mommy Lace’s FB Page, Belo Baby FB Page  or to join via Instagram please tag @lacellanora and @belobabylove for a chance to win a set of Belo Baby products to be delivered to your address.

Just include a photo of you and your baby and use the #BeloBaby hashtag!




Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.