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Real Techniques Starter! 4 Basic Brushes for a No Makeup Look

Level-up your makeup games without really buying new makeup? Here’s my life-changing review of Real Techniques brushes. I never owned any makeup brush and have given up on wearing any kind of foundation for the past 5 years! And maybe this is why this review can’t get even more real.  I never wore foundation because it ends up cakey on the cheeks and extremely shiny on my oily and hyper sensitive, acne-prone skin. If only I knew I was applying it wrong after all these years – with my fingers or a sponge.

Real Techniques Brushes are now available at

I got my first set of real makeup brushes online at Sephora. I chose Real Techniques based on YouTube reviews of makeup vloggers and when it came to which brush (or brushes to buy), the Real Techniques YouTube channel helped me decide. My starter set also fits the everyday look I wish to achieve that focus on looking fresh and natural without too much effort.

4 Basic Real Techniques Makeup Brushes for Beginners

As you can see, the brushes I got from Sephora Philippines came from different Real Techniques collections. There are ready-made sets available but I wanted the ability to pick those that I only need and for the makeup I actually have. You can do this when shopping online at Sephora. The above photo shows a contour brush, concealer brush, stippling brush, and pointed crease brush for applying eye shadow.

Continue reading how to use each brush and with what kind of makeup.

1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Price: Php 603.00) – you can use this when applying your base. In my case since I am allergic to foundation, I just use my tinted sunblock. You can also use the stippling brush when applying your BB cream, CC cream, liquid foundation – any base of your choice.

The right way to use the stippling brush is to glide or swipe it along your skin. Imagine you’re painting a wall, that’s the correct motion versus using the bottom of the brush against your skin. I also only learned this from Youtube!

Benefits of using a stippling brush based on my experience

– It lets you apply evenly all over your skin whereas if you’re using your bare hands or sponge, you can easily miss some areas.

– You can stretch your base and only use a little of it to apply on your face. The stippling brush is effective in distributing the product evenly, as thinly as you want it to be.

– A stippling brush brings out the high definition properties of your base as if bringing your makeup to life. Note I am just using tinted sunblock yet it looked like a real foundation with an air-brushed effect.

– It will encourage you to blend. I learned that the solution against cakey makeup is proper blending. So that’s why professional makeup artists use a stippling brush and blend for a long time. It doesn’t mean you put a ton of product either. Blending your makeup especially your base creates a natural finish and in short, look more like your skin. No makeup – makeup!

Tinted sunblock as base, applied with Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Under eye concealer applied with Real Techniques concealer brush.

3. Real Techniques Concealer brush (Price Php 732.00) – this is the easiest brush to figure out, yes use it with a concealer. I’ve been faithful to my skincare regimen and for this post, I just applied concealer under my eyes to hide dark circles.

I use the flat sides of the concealer brush to dab the concealer onto my dark circles in gentle patting motions.

Benefits of using a concealer brush based on my experience

– A lot easier versus using your finger.

– Flawless finish, no marks or uneven patches and creases which happen when I use my finger

– Little concealer goes along way when applied with concealer brush

– Allows you to blend and reach corners of your eyes

– Creates a real bright and awake natural look especially when blended very well

3. Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush (Price: Php 1,888.00) – this is a little pricey but worth it especially if you want to contour but have no idea how to do it! Like me, I’ve watched many tutorials on how to contour and only wished I could do the same. Now I know that the skill is found with the proper tool – a Real Techniques contour brush! I only want to contour my nose to make it look more straight since it is a little deviated to the left.

Rate my nose contour? It’s my first attempt using a Real Techniques Contour Brush and it looks amazing enough for me! I blended it with the Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush and it helped defined what needs to be defined while creating a natural, no makeup look.

Benefits of using a contour brush based on my experience

– This is an important tool to contour since a contour brush creates clean lines and definition

– Easily blend your contour makeup whether it is in stick, powder, or liquid form

– Like the other brushes, it’ll help you use as little product as possible to create your desired effect.

4. Real Techniques Pointed Crease Brush (Price Php 1,156.000) – While I still struggle when it comes to eye makeup this brush still improved results. I still have a lot to learn in this area so I just use one color which is the brown/nude eyeshadow when needed. It does help my eyes look softer and more dramatic.

Benefits of using eye makeup brush

– It picks up the right amount of pigment of eye shadow which saves you time in application

– Helps blend easily and making the eye shadow look really natural especially if you’re after a nude and matte look

– You can also use it to apply dots of highlighter on the corner of your eyes, lower lash line and on top of your upper lips for a fresh look

Verdict: Real Techniques Makeup Brushes are Beginner Friendly!

I made the right decision (and after all those researching and watching video tutorials) to buy these makeup brushes. Each brush comes with a mini-tutorial on their packaging. I’ve seen makeup brushes before that look bulky and these ones are very compact, easy to store, and easy to clean. I’ve already cleaned mine several times with baby shampoo and air drying, all four brushes retained their shape and soft quality bristles.

If you must buy only one, I highly recommend the stippling brush followed by the concealer brush. It can’t get any more basic than that. Using Real Techniques helped me understand the real benefits of using makeup brushes:

1. Helps you save on makeup because proper application prevents over application
2. Brings out the real properties of your makeup i.e. airbrush effect, 3D effect with makeup you already own- you’ll see when you try!
3. Finally, helps you achieve a professional result not far from your favorite beauty bloggers!

I used the stippling brush to apply cheek tint

Here’s a photo where I spent an entire day under the sun with my usual makeup applied with Real Techniques brushes. I love the no makeup effect and how light my face was since I only had to use very little products. I stayed shine-free and selfie-ready all throughout this family day. Success!

Do you have tips on applying makeup like a pro? What is your favorite makeup brush? Share them via comments below!

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