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Cetaphil Turns 70 – How To Moisturize Skin Properly

Cetaphil, the brand recommended by dermatologists is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Nowadays, reaching 70 years in the health & beauty industry is an extraordinary milestone.

If you are one of the many users of Cetaphil, are you sure you’re using it the right way? I’m talking about the Cetaphil moisturizers in particular.

Cetaphil Face & Body Moisturizing Lotion

Cetaphil has come a long way from just producing its famous and gentler than water facial wash. Nowadays, the brand has a diverse line for different skin types and ages. Cetaphil is available in more than 70 countries worldwide and offers a wide range of everyday products from, cleansers, moisturizers, sun protection to baby products and solutions for sensitive skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

Cetaphil Face & Body Moisturizing Lotion, 237ml  P890

For this post, I want to offer information on how I use the Cetaphil Face & Body Moisturizer. Here’s what I like about this product:

– 2 in 1 product that can be used for the face and body
– comes in big packaging/tub with pump nozzle
– fragrance free which makes it suitable for daily use even for sensitive skin
– light weight
– easily absorbed by the skin
– prevents spots/pimples on the face and body

Do you know why using a good moisturizer stops pimples and help cure acne? Based on my experience – when you’re skin is dry, it produces more sebum or oil. The oilier your skin is whether your face or body, the easier dirt sticks to it and cause clogged pores. Dry skin also makes it easier for bacteria to enter the skin causing infections and skin irritation like pimples.

The Proper Way to Moisturize using Cetaphil Face + Body Moisturizer

Moisturizers “seal” moisture on your skin. This means there should be moisture to begin with. I’ve started the habit of moisturizing as quickly as I can right after stepping out of the shower. Since my Cetaphil moisturizer of choice is for both face & body, it’s very easy and time efficient to use.

The proper way to moisturize is right after cleansing your skin while your skin is still hydrated and supple from washing or cleansing.

Ever since I started this habit of using Cetaphil moisturizer right after bathing, I’ve enjoyed pimple and spot free face, chest, arms, and back. Of course, you must also exfoliate thrice a week – something I always fail to do but always try hard to follow!   You can bring a small version of this Cetaphil moisturizer and re-apply whenever your skin starts to feel dry i.e. when staying in air conditioned places.

Keeping your skin moisturized is also keeping your skin young and healthy for longer. “With its gentle and clinically proven formulas, Cetaphil reinforces and protects the structure of the skin – even in people with the most sensitive and delicate skin” explained Dr Eszter Baltas, dermatologist who contributed to developing Cetaphil products.

Where to Buy Cetaphil in the Philippines

Cetaphil Cleansers

The easiest way to buy Cetaphil in the Philippines is at Watsons stores. I buy mine from Watsons in SM supermalls. In the past, I remember having to ask relatives abroad to buy Cetaphil for me but now this product and its variants are available in the Philippines.

Cetaphil Moisturizers

Only Buy the Original Cetaphil Products

Beware of fake Cetaphil, I’ve read about it on Facebook. If you must buy online, cross check with Cetaphil’s website or send a message to Cetaphil’s Facebook Page.

Here is a complete list of where to buy original Cetaphil products.


What Cetaphil products are you using in your skincare routine? Share it via comments below! Stay healthy and beautiful, Mommy :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Real Techniques Starter! 4 Basic Brushes for a No Makeup Look

Level-up your makeup games without really buying new makeup? Here’s my life-changing review of Real Techniques brushes. I never owned any makeup brush and have given up on wearing any kind of foundation for the past 5 years! And maybe this is why this review can’t get even more real.  I never wore foundation because it ends up cakey on the cheeks and extremely shiny on my oily and hyper sensitive, acne-prone skin. If only I knew I was applying it wrong after all these years – with my fingers or a sponge.

Real Techniques Brushes are now available at

I got my first set of real makeup brushes online at Sephora. I chose Real Techniques based on YouTube reviews of makeup vloggers and when it came to which brush (or brushes to buy), the Real Techniques YouTube channel helped me decide. My starter set also fits the everyday look I wish to achieve that focus on looking fresh and natural without too much effort.

4 Basic Real Techniques Makeup Brushes for Beginners

As you can see, the brushes I got from Sephora Philippines came from different Real Techniques collections. There are ready-made sets available but I wanted the ability to pick those that I only need and for the makeup I actually have. You can do this when shopping online at Sephora. The above photo shows a contour brush, concealer brush, stippling brush, and pointed crease brush for applying eye shadow.

Continue reading how to use each brush and with what kind of makeup.

1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Price: Php 603.00) – you can use this when applying your base. In my case since I am allergic to foundation, I just use my tinted sunblock. You can also use the stippling brush when applying your BB cream, CC cream, liquid foundation – any base of your choice.

The right way to use the stippling brush is to glide or swipe it along your skin. Imagine you’re painting a wall, that’s the correct motion versus using the bottom of the brush against your skin. I also only learned this from Youtube!

Benefits of using a stippling brush based on my experience

– It lets you apply evenly all over your skin whereas if you’re using your bare hands or sponge, you can easily miss some areas.

– You can stretch your base and only use a little of it to apply on your face. The stippling brush is effective in distributing the product evenly, as thinly as you want it to be.

– A stippling brush brings out the high definition properties of your base as if bringing your makeup to life. Note I am just using tinted sunblock yet it looked like a real foundation with an air-brushed effect.

– It will encourage you to blend. I learned that the solution against cakey makeup is proper blending. So that’s why professional makeup artists use a stippling brush and blend for a long time. It doesn’t mean you put a ton of product either. Blending your makeup especially your base creates a natural finish and in short, look more like your skin. No makeup – makeup!

Tinted sunblock as base, applied with Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Under eye concealer applied with Real Techniques concealer brush.

3. Real Techniques Concealer brush (Price Php 732.00) – this is the easiest brush to figure out, yes use it with a concealer. I’ve been faithful to my skincare regimen and for this post, I just applied concealer under my eyes to hide dark circles.

I use the flat sides of the concealer brush to dab the concealer onto my dark circles in gentle patting motions.

Benefits of using a concealer brush based on my experience

– A lot easier versus using your finger.

– Flawless finish, no marks or uneven patches and creases which happen when I use my finger

– Little concealer goes along way when applied with concealer brush

– Allows you to blend and reach corners of your eyes

– Creates a real bright and awake natural look especially when blended very well

3. Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush (Price: Php 1,888.00) – this is a little pricey but worth it especially if you want to contour but have no idea how to do it! Like me, I’ve watched many tutorials on how to contour and only wished I could do the same. Now I know that the skill is found with the proper tool – a Real Techniques contour brush! I only want to contour my nose to make it look more straight since it is a little deviated to the left.

Rate my nose contour? It’s my first attempt using a Real Techniques Contour Brush and it looks amazing enough for me! I blended it with the Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush and it helped defined what needs to be defined while creating a natural, no makeup look.

Benefits of using a contour brush based on my experience

– This is an important tool to contour since a contour brush creates clean lines and definition

– Easily blend your contour makeup whether it is in stick, powder, or liquid form

– Like the other brushes, it’ll help you use as little product as possible to create your desired effect.

4. Real Techniques Pointed Crease Brush (Price Php 1,156.000) – While I still struggle when it comes to eye makeup this brush still improved results. I still have a lot to learn in this area so I just use one color which is the brown/nude eyeshadow when needed. It does help my eyes look softer and more dramatic.

Benefits of using eye makeup brush

– It picks up the right amount of pigment of eye shadow which saves you time in application

– Helps blend easily and making the eye shadow look really natural especially if you’re after a nude and matte look

– You can also use it to apply dots of highlighter on the corner of your eyes, lower lash line and on top of your upper lips for a fresh look

Verdict: Real Techniques Makeup Brushes are Beginner Friendly!

I made the right decision (and after all those researching and watching video tutorials) to buy these makeup brushes. Each brush comes with a mini-tutorial on their packaging. I’ve seen makeup brushes before that look bulky and these ones are very compact, easy to store, and easy to clean. I’ve already cleaned mine several times with baby shampoo and air drying, all four brushes retained their shape and soft quality bristles.

If you must buy only one, I highly recommend the stippling brush followed by the concealer brush. It can’t get any more basic than that. Using Real Techniques helped me understand the real benefits of using makeup brushes:

1. Helps you save on makeup because proper application prevents over application
2. Brings out the real properties of your makeup i.e. airbrush effect, 3D effect with makeup you already own- you’ll see when you try!
3. Finally, helps you achieve a professional result not far from your favorite beauty bloggers!

I used the stippling brush to apply cheek tint

Here’s a photo where I spent an entire day under the sun with my usual makeup applied with Real Techniques brushes. I love the no makeup effect and how light my face was since I only had to use very little products. I stayed shine-free and selfie-ready all throughout this family day. Success!

Do you have tips on applying makeup like a pro? What is your favorite makeup brush? Share them via comments below!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Vlog: Night Time Organic Skincare Routine

When you finally find the right mix of products, you can’t help but share it with others. My skin is very sensitive and it’s only 2 years ago that I learned how I should be using organic products and that organic means less irritation, redness, and breakouts.

VIDEO: Organic Skincare Routine

I recently started vlogging (just for fun) and here, I give a step-by-step of my daily PM regimen. Here is a list of the products I used:

1. Luminisce Glow Botanicals Liquid Facial Wash
2. Luminisce Gycolic Toner
3. Nano White Serum
4. Luminisce Moisturizer

All of the above are from my dermatologist, Dra. Kaycee Reyes but you can also buy them from her clinic, Luminisce located across St. Lukes in BGC.

I exfoliate at least twice a week with Jarful of Goodness’ coffee and dead sea salt scrub. I buy this scrub online. Sometimes when I feel my skin needs extra cleansing in the afternoon or in between morning and night, I use Cetaphil because it’s very mild as well.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I try to post videos snippets of my day with different tips and ideas :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Luminisce Skin Clinic: ThermiTight Review & Results

When I hit 30, I started to see signs of aging which I know are normal like tired looking eyes, sagging or baggy skin especially in my lower face like I have loose skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Even for someone like myself who works out regularly and try to eat healthy, these visible signs of aging are inevitable. We can’t really exercise our skin and make them tighter. I am very happy with the benefits of exercise but when I lost fat in my face, my skin started to sag. Unlike muscles that we can exercise, it would be difficult if not impossible to work out the largest organ in our body – our skin.

For the past few months, I thought I looked tired even though I was not. I wanted my appearance to match the way I feel – young, healthy, and fit. Sometimes I think my sagging skin, cheeks and nasolabial area draw a frown on my face. It is as if loose skin drags the corners of my mouth downwards, making an involuntary frown.

Unlike my friends I am poor at makeup skills and being a mom, don’t really have time to learn and contour, etc. every time I go out. Still I want to look healthy, active, and happy especially for my 6 year old son. My dermatologist, Dra. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin Clinic introduced me to ThermiTight which is a single treatment/procedure that produce long term results.

WATCH How ThermiTight works:

During my consult, Dra. Kaycee Reyes explained how ThermiTight is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that is best for patients like me who want long term results but not go under the knife. It is a 100% pain-free procedure without down time meaning you can resume your daily activities right after (except heavy exercise of course).

Photo credit: Luminisce Facebook Page

I am a regular patient at Luminisce and remember how Dra. Kaycee Reyes trained with renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Kinney for this procedure. Note that not all doctors can acquire and perform a ThermiTight procedure, they need to be trained and licensed by Thermi – the company who created the ThermiRF machine which is used for the procedure.

My ThermiTight Experience

The day finally came when I will undergo ThermiTight. We agreed to start early at 9AM since the line-up of patient procedures, non-surgical and surgical were quiet long at Luminisce. The nurses took my Before photos first, I came without anything on my face which was a good idea.

Next step was having my face sterilized with Iodine solution up to the chest area. This is to prevent any form of infection. Even if ThermiTight isn’t surgical, the procedure was done in Luminisce’s new Operating Room. It looked serious and nurses plus Doc Kaycee are very strict about sterilization which made me feel very safe.

ThermiTight Procedure

When I was finally ready, Doc Kaycee came in and administered local anesthecia. I am not afraid of injections and for me, it felt like any ordinary vaccination. I appreciated how Doc Kaycee was very friendly and compassionate throughout the ThermiTight procedure. She explained every step and updated me on where we are with the procedure, if she was inserting a tiny probe, removing it, finishing or starting on an area. The only thing I felt during the procedure was some pressure on my face as the tiny probe moved around under my skin. At first I was afraid it would hurt because I read on another blog, done in another clinic – how it hurt BUT thankfully, that didn’t happen to me. In fact, I was smiling throughout the procedure sometimes I get so relaxed I almost fall asleep but I am embarrassed to sleep while the hardworking doctor performs ThermiTight.

The procedure itself took just an hour, I was asked to sit-up a few minutes thereafter and transfer to another room for endermology. It’s like a massage for your face to reduce swelling which was very relaxing. Then, the nurse gave me a head dress or head bandage which will help reduce and relieve any form of swelling.

I wore the head bandage 24/7 for 2 weeks because I want to get the best results. Other patients only wear it at night which is also okay.


Swelling from thermitight lasts for 2 weeks and results will start to show on the 4th week. When I arrived home, my face was swollen but after 4 hours the swelling was greatly reduced. I drank lots of water like Dra. Kaycee advised and it did really help.

I was prescribed pain medicine in case I feel pain but I didn’t really feel anything. I just relaxed and worked as usual for those 2 weeks.

ThermiTight Results: Before & After Photos

If you ask me if I will undergo ThermiTight again, I will give you a BIG yes! The photos don’t do enough justice, I hope I can really share how I feel through writing but 3 weeks after ThermiTight – It’s like I went back in time and met my face 10-15 years ago. My husband says I look like her daughter nowadays!

I can confidently and honestly say that my skin and face look significantly refreshed, my tired look has gone, and the lines that my younger sister used to point out (under my eyes, mid-face, lower face) have disappeared. I don’t see any signs of my sagging skin and everything just feels — tight and toned.

It’s amazing how ThermiTight can give all these results in just an hour and I don’t need to go back to any more sessions. It’s a one-time thing whose results would probably stay for 3-5 years or, as the normal ageing occurs.

BEFORE Thermitight selfie with my son (1 month ago):

I was a happy mommy but now, I am even happier because I feel like I have taken care of myself and it shows. I would let these before & after photos speak for themselves.

After ThermiTight selfie with my son (taken yesterday, same camera phone):

After ThermiTight, I feel more confident letting my hair down. Before, I like putting my hair up to avoid framing my face but now, my confidence has improved and I am comfortable with anything at all :)

I feel young and look forward to more years and memorable, happy moments with my son

Getting ThermiTight at Luminisce Skin Clinic was definitely a right decision for me, I will do it again if I have to. The technology is really innovative, non-invasive, and absolutely pain free. I have recommended it to fellow moms to do it for no one else but for themselves to look & feel great inside and out.

I only had my lower face done and if budget permits, I would consider getting my entire face done. Cost of thermitight varies per patient and the degree of ageing or skin damage. Do send an inquiry to Luminisce on Facebook for more information and to schedule a consult with Dra. Kaycee Reyes :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

How To Kiss Aging Goodbye at Watsons

Aging is a natural process and one that happens to everyone. While most would have a negative idea about aging, hence the term “anti-aging”, it is better to have a positive attitude about aging and aging gracefully. Do you agree?

For example, I appreciate beauty products more today than when I was younger. The best part is, if you are at the point of caring for anti-aging products now then you probably have more budget for beauty products today compared to when you were in high school or even in college!

I know friends who actually look better now that they are older. Reason is, they have tried and tested different products and have pin pointed the right skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to kiss aging good bye too? The best place to do that is at Watsons and here’s why:

Shoppers who buy items with the special Kiss Aging Goodbye Sticker together with a minimum purchase of P500 automatically earn points and included in the e-raffle. A total of P1,000,000 shopping points will be given away! Don’t forget to present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards cards at the counter.

Anti-aging beauty products are also on sale during this promo period that runs until September.

The good news is, Watsons continue to increase their organic and all-natural beauty choices. Just look at the organic essential & beauty oils above.

If you are wanting to try the all naturals line of Watsons, as well as Collagen by Watsons then this is the best time to buy. Check out the discounts and the buy 2 take 1 offers.

I want to try this Collagen by Watsons BB cream. My skin is allergic to makeup and can only tolerate tinted sunblock or BB creams like this. Here is the back carton for the list of ingredients:

Mommy Lace tip: Based on experience, the best way to use BB cream is after washing your face, apply toner, moisturize, apply CC cream and finish with BB cream. The difference between CC cream and BB cream is that CC stands for color correcting cream. Most of the time, CC creams include anti-aging ingredients while BB cream of blemish balm cream contains sun block.

Watsons brand body wash, body scrub, lotions and more are also on sale and promo

Another important component of keeping your skin healthy and young looking is exfoliation. I am so naive that I only recently learned the importance of using scrubs twice a week, and for my face – once a week. This is because as we age, our skin needs help in removing dead skin cells that pile up and cause old-looking and clogged skin that cause pimples. Right now, I am using Watsons brand cocoa and shea butter body scrub which I got on a buy 2 take 1 free offer.

Moisturizing is another component of healthy skin. Aging makes our skin naturally drier and dry skin is more prone to all kinds of infection including acne. I found my current brand of body wash and lotion, Coco Line at Watsons in Podium. The brand uses all-natural ingredients especially virgin coconut oil that naturally moisturizes skin.

Remember to always have a positive attitude about aging, enjoy taking care of yourself and enjoy shopping great deals at Watsons ;)


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Keratin Treatment at Status Salon, Imus

If you have straight but puffy and sometimes frizzy hair (like me), I am sure you heard about keratin treatments, sometimes known as Brazilian Blowout. 2 years ago, I considered getting the treatment because it promises a permanent blow-dry effect. Back then the price was very staggering and not practical for ordinary mothers like me.

This year, I window shopped in different salons again. The price of keratin treatments are more affordable BUT there’s also the formaldehyde scare. Apparently, formalin is one of the ingredients of the famous Brazilian Blowout. I don’t really know so I passed on getting my hair done again.

A few weeks ago, my aunt had her hair colored at one of the salons in City Mall, Imus. It’s one of the newest malls in our neighborhood. The salon’s name is Status Salon and I remember seeing and reading them on Instagram with clients like Janeena Chan and other celebs. This is their first branch outside of Metro Manila.

My aunt’s hair color treatment was on 50% off promo. It cost her around Php 1,000 only. While waiting I saw their other promos, including Keratin Treatment for just Php 2,000 and for any length! My heart skipped a beat but I first inquired from their head stylist, Jin.

Safe & Natural Keratin Treatment

According to Jin, they are using an all-natural brand for their Keratin Treatment. He enlightened me that Brazilian Blowout is a brand name and the treatment is really called Keratin Treatment. The brand they use (he told me the brand name but I forgot) does not contain formalin or formaldehyde. As far as they know, Status Salon is the only salon that uses formaldehyde free products for Keratin treatment.

Keratin is being blow dried into my hair. Face mask in case you are sensitive to smell but I don’t really smell anything. The treatment lasted for 2 hours at most. My hair was washed, keratin was applied, and it was blow-dried into my hair.

It will not cause any damage like falling hair, broken hair strands, and thinning hair which are my concerns. In fact, according to Jin, the Keratin Treatment will restore lost keratin in our hair. This is lost overtime and as we age because of the harsh products we use, coloring, pollution, and nature.

Low Maintenance Hair Care

Another concern which I was not shy to express is how I would maintain the results. I usually hear other people buying specialized and expensive branded shampoo after getting Keratin Treatment. Jin said I don’t have to worry because I can use any organic or herbal shampoo that does not contain sulfate. Good news because I already use organic shampoo. In short, I don’t have to do anything.

Tada! My hair is now frizz free and looked like my hair when I was in high school. Shiny, bouncy, and not puffy. It is advisable not to wash hair for two (2) days. When I finally did, I am happy to say that the results stayed the same.

It’s super easy to comb my hair after showering, tangles are no longer an issue, and my hair looks like it was blow dried every time. When I need to go out, I am more confident and it takes less time to fix my hair. I can tie it up without frizz aka tutsang poking out, or I can let my hair down and it looks blow dried.

Keratin Treatment Every 3 Months

Unlike other treatments that must be done weekly, Keratin Treatment can be done every 3 months. I wish I had undergone this treatment before. Status Salon promo is ongoing and I hope I can avail of my second keratin treatment still at just P2,000.

If you want to make reservations especially now that they have a promo, check out their Facebook Page for a hassle-free appointment. I just walked-in the salon and I was lucky a seat was available.

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.