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Super8 Anniversary Grocery Shopping Tips!

What’s the best time to do your grocery shopping? During a sale! Supermarket sales are unusual in the Philippines but this month, Super8 Grocery Warehouse is celebrating their 11th Anniversary with a super sale! Super8 Grocery Warehouse has several branches nationwide and is known to be the top supermarket with the cheapest prices for everyday goods.

WATCH: Mommy Lace tries Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot Challenge

Starting today, August 11 -15 Super 8 shoppers can enjoy discounted na, discounted pa items that this supermarket is famous for plus 8 shoppers will win a  Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot plus Appliance Challenge! Imagine what you’d get if you were given 8 minutes to shop for up to P8,000 in groceries! Ano ang hahakutin mo? Canned goods, sabong pang-laba, o gatas ni baby? How exciting!

How to Join the Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot plus Appliance promo:

1. Purchase a minimum of P800 at Super8 Grocery Warehouse
2. Present your Super8 Rewards Card upon checkout
3. Get your raffle stub found at the end of your receipt
4. Drop your entry at the Customer Service

Remember, 8 shoppers will get to experience this “grocery pa-hakot” by Super8. But, if you don’t win here are tips to make your Super8 Supermarket shopping trip a winner when it comes to getting more out of your budget!

Super8 Super Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

Tip #1 – Shop during this period, August 11-15 to experience the Super8 Super Anniversary Sale. While Super8 is already known by many moms like me that it’s cheaper by 10-15% compared to other supermarkets, the anniversary sale means further price reduction. Super8 works with several consumer brands that we use everyday and during their anniversary, expect special offers on the shelves of Super8. You may not see these offers after August 15.

Tip #2 – Come early and prepared. Visit the Super8 Facebook Page to look for the nearest Super8 branch near you. For us in the Cavite area, we have Super8 Molino and Super8 Imus for example. It is best to come in the morning so that you have a lot more energy in looking for the best deals. Sabi nga nila, the early bird gets the early worm. In this case, the early shopper gets the best prices.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend, run, and even sweat in. Sometimes, the best deals are at the bottom of the shelf and if you are late, you can expect a lot of shoppers in the area racing for the best buys.

Tip #3 – Study and make a list. Super8 has several channels for customers to be updated on the latest promotions. These are the Super8 newsletter or magazine, Super8 Facebook Page, and the Super8 app. Go to all three before your shopping day and seriously take note of items that you can save on. Buy in bulk if you have the extra cash especially for items that don’t really expire like canned goods, detergent, and other cleaning aids for your home.

Tip #4 – Start at the Super8 Promo Isle or Rack. Super8 always have their customers’ needs in mind and they know shoppers are always looking for value for money. This is why Super8 readily puts promo items in front of the store. Here are some promo packs I purchased on my last visit:

Look for promo packs and ask their staff for other promos you might miss. The staff at Super8 are very helpful and knowledgeable about their own stock.

Tip #5 – Get a Super8 Rewards Card. Turn your grocery expense into savings by getting a Super8 Rewards Card. Having one lets you collect shopping points and use them to pay for your next grocery. Every P200 is equal to 1 point, and 1 point is equivalent to P1. This whole month of August, you get extra 80 rewards points for every P4,000 single-receipt purchase. More reason to shop in bulk during the sale!

If you want to buy a Super8 Rewards Card, also buy it now since it is discounted to just P50 from P100.

Tip #6 – Download the Super8 mobile app. I mentioned this app earlier but aside from getting real time alerts on promo (para mauna ka), it also lets you monitor your rewards. This helps you budget your reward points and motivate you to shop wiser at Super8! You can download it here.

When you download the app, you also get exclusive rewards, promos, and discounts that are exclusive for Super8 app users.

Tip #7 – Store brands will save you money. Para mas lalong makatipid, look for Super8 branded items. They are the same quality as your branded products, only cheaper because they don’t spend a lot on advertising. Smart shoppers choose store brand products like Super8 toiletries, sugar, condiments, and cleaning aids.

Tip #8 – Relax and review your items at the check out counter. Always watch the small screen at the cashier to find out if you are near or far your budget. You can always remove/add items as you please. Sometimes, in our hurry we over-estimate our budget. Super8 staff are very friendly and my checkout experience with them was very relaxed. They help me get as many points and allow me to adjust items I want to include or exclude.

During checkout, take the chance to ask Super8 staff for upcoming deals for your next visit. Finally, don’t forget to grab the latest newsletter.

I followed all these tips and here is everything I got for a minimum budget only. Parang may tindahan sa bahay! Syempre, I took advantage of all the promos. Now this stock will save me time from going to the supermarket and make us prepared for rainy days to come.

I hope this comprehensive blog post and tips will make you enjoy your grocery shopping at Super8 even more! See you all at Super8 and remember to be a smart shopper, Mommy!

Please post and share your Super8 selfies with the hashtag, #Super8DiscountedNaDiscountedPa :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

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Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

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Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Top 11 So Good Moments of Motherhood | Share yours and win buckets of KFC Chicken

So my motherhood manual probably got lost in the mail. Because I never received one. Yet I managed to breeze through its first year which, I may not have passed with flying colors. But hey, I’m just glad I passed. Thanks to trial and error and using the power bestowed upon me by the heavens when I gave birth: mother’s instinct.

There is no denying that motherhood is not for wimps. The initial stages are peppered with utter frustration, exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, it remains one the most rewarding role you can have. Motherhood has been my greatest source of so good moments that you can never experience from somewhere else. And for that alone I am grateful.

So like the 11 secret spices of KFC that make their chicken products so awesome,  I reveal  my top 11 so good moments from being a mother which have turned me into someone I never thought I can be. A better person.

1. The moment I knew a miracle is happening inside me. My consciousness shifted into a loftier realm filled with dreams of a bright future for my first born. Nothing else mattered. Even midnight sales failed to stir me.

2. The moment we met for the first time and in an instant, I felt relevant. Something inside kicked in when I held him in my arms. I finally found a purpose. The meaning of my life. The inspiration I prayed for for a long time.

3. The moment my body turned into a nursing machine. I understood what the fuss about breastfeeding was. How special nourishing your baby is. So much so that I now advocate for breastfeeding.

4. The moment I recognized what a true honor and blessing it is to be chosen as his parent. And how I must prove myself worthy.

5. The moment I felt oh so proud that my boy is reaching his milestones on time. How exhilarating it was to cheer for your baby to turn and lie on his tummy. The excitement is as palpable as when you watch the Olympics.

6. The moment I discovered I have skills to make food. It was deactivated all those times. But now that I need to feed this little monster, I was compelled to turn the switch on and actualize my potential as a Masterchef.

7.The moment my passion became him. Shopping was my sport of choice. The goal just changed.

8. The moment we started our own traditions as a family.

9. The moment I knew I’ll be sharing my glass of taho from now on.

10. The moment he exhibited how he is growing up fast and how I have to catch up.

11. The moment I felt capable of moving heaven and earth just for the sake of this boy.

Do you have any so good moment that you just cannot help but smile whenever you remember it? Then share it over here and you might just….

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that you can enjoy with your family and friends. This video from KFC may just be what you need to remember those SO GOOD moments:

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Postpartum Care Tips – Winners of the PH Care Promo

UPDATE: All 13 Moms who posted their replies are WINNERS!

Asked how they cared for themselves after delivery, fellow moms share with us their postpartum care tips and in keeping feminine hygiene a top priority:- all the winners, make sure you have liked the Mommy Lace Facebook Page and email lacellanora (at) your full names.

Claiming of prizes is on Monday, November 29 – 10AM until 11AM only at Seattle’s Best Greenbelt 3. (I will just be there having coffee while working on an iPhone App Store Link and reading its Press Release )

1. Magnet 979

After I gave birth I was advised to go on a high fiber diet so I won’t go on having that hard time to defecate. Increase in fluid intake and vit.C was a must, Hygiene 10x more of what I routinely do when i wasn’t pregnant with the help of Ph Care. I had a normal delivery for both of my kids. :)

2. Vivian Aguilar

I made sure to breastfeed my baby after giving birth. Breastfeeding is a sure fire way to lose those pregnancy weight. But most especially, it will keep you bonded with your baby. I don’t stress myself and I do watch what I eat because it would affect my breastmilk.

3. Kat

Although I delivered via CS, I still made sure that I did every precaution against any type of infection. I was particularly concerned with that area as well as my cut. For the duration of my healing, I used diluted PH Care Intimate Wash and it was also after I gave birth that I used feminine wipes. I used a different brand before but when I read on a blog about PH Care, I immediately switched since I have always felt safe, clean and protected with PH Care Intimate Wash.

Like magnet, I was also advised to drink lots of fluids and eat lots of fiber so I don’t exert effort on my cut. Also, I was advised to wash regularly for the first few weeks if possible. It was because I didn’t give birth naturally that discharge from the pregnancy may still follow.

4. Maria Avelo Navarro

I gave birth through CS section,but still i made sure that being fresh all day is my primary concern especially that i was on bikini cut,and nothing helps me to soothe the pain by using a balanced and mild feminine wash,it makes you feel less guilt when you accidentally touch the cs cut.

5. Janese Halabaso

My first born child’s delivery was done thru cs..i really had no idea at all how it painful and delicate it was until i was advised by my ob during my post partum visit to use a mild feminine wash. She suggested that I use Ph care intimate wash . She had no idea that im a big fan already of PH Care Shower fresh Scent. With the Shower Fresh scent of PH care , i was able to go back (little by little ) to my daily routine , as it helps freshen me up ignoring a bit of that aw! feeling in my cut. And up to now that my youngest son is already 4 yrs.old , I’m still a fan of PH Care. Now, for those women experiencing pain and itch after delivery, i suggest they use PH Care Intimate Wash everyday to freshen up and experience that clean feeling minus scare of getting an infection .

*Click on the read more link for the next 5 winners*

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Promo: Share your Post Pregnancy Care Tips and Win PH Care Products! Mommies, do you remember your postpartum care? Share it with us and win products from our friends at Unilab, makers of PH Care Intimate Wash and Celeteque Facial Moisturizer.

After giving birth, I made sure that I use a feminine wash as recommended by my OB. Every mom knows how much an episiotomy hurt and so I just mixed the wash with water and pour it on the site. Some use a peri bottle but I did not know where to get one.

Doing this will prevent unpleasant odors and infection :)

The first 10 mommies to share their answers will win. Kindly make sure your answers would be helpful to expectant moms. Winners should be willing to pick up their prizes on a schedule, at Makati area where I will personally give out the prize :)

Merry Christmas! To companies, brands, and people asking how to sponsor prizes for, kindly email me at lacellanora(at) ^__^

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.