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Super8 Anniversary Grocery Shopping Tips!

What’s the best time to do your grocery shopping? During a sale! Supermarket sales are unusual in the Philippines but this month, Super8 Grocery Warehouse is celebrating their 11th Anniversary with a super sale! Super8 Grocery Warehouse has several branches nationwide and is known to be the top supermarket with the cheapest prices for everyday goods.

WATCH: Mommy Lace tries Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot Challenge

Starting today, August 11 -15 Super 8 shoppers can enjoy discounted na, discounted pa items that this supermarket is famous for plus 8 shoppers will win a  Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot plus Appliance Challenge! Imagine what you’d get if you were given 8 minutes to shop for up to P8,000 in groceries! Ano ang hahakutin mo? Canned goods, sabong pang-laba, o gatas ni baby? How exciting!

How to Join the Super8 Grocery Pa-Hakot plus Appliance promo:

1. Purchase a minimum of P800 at Super8 Grocery Warehouse
2. Present your Super8 Rewards Card upon checkout
3. Get your raffle stub found at the end of your receipt
4. Drop your entry at the Customer Service

Remember, 8 shoppers will get to experience this “grocery pa-hakot” by Super8. But, if you don’t win here are tips to make your Super8 Supermarket shopping trip a winner when it comes to getting more out of your budget!

Super8 Super Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

Tip #1 – Shop during this period, August 11-15 to experience the Super8 Super Anniversary Sale. While Super8 is already known by many moms like me that it’s cheaper by 10-15% compared to other supermarkets, the anniversary sale means further price reduction. Super8 works with several consumer brands that we use everyday and during their anniversary, expect special offers on the shelves of Super8. You may not see these offers after August 15.

Tip #2 – Come early and prepared. Visit the Super8 Facebook Page to look for the nearest Super8 branch near you. For us in the Cavite area, we have Super8 Molino and Super8 Imus for example. It is best to come in the morning so that you have a lot more energy in looking for the best deals. Sabi nga nila, the early bird gets the early worm. In this case, the early shopper gets the best prices.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend, run, and even sweat in. Sometimes, the best deals are at the bottom of the shelf and if you are late, you can expect a lot of shoppers in the area racing for the best buys.

Tip #3 – Study and make a list. Super8 has several channels for customers to be updated on the latest promotions. These are the Super8 newsletter or magazine, Super8 Facebook Page, and the Super8 app. Go to all three before your shopping day and seriously take note of items that you can save on. Buy in bulk if you have the extra cash especially for items that don’t really expire like canned goods, detergent, and other cleaning aids for your home.

Tip #4 – Start at the Super8 Promo Isle or Rack. Super8 always have their customers’ needs in mind and they know shoppers are always looking for value for money. This is why Super8 readily puts promo items in front of the store. Here are some promo packs I purchased on my last visit:

Look for promo packs and ask their staff for other promos you might miss. The staff at Super8 are very helpful and knowledgeable about their own stock.

Tip #5 – Get a Super8 Rewards Card. Turn your grocery expense into savings by getting a Super8 Rewards Card. Having one lets you collect shopping points and use them to pay for your next grocery. Every P200 is equal to 1 point, and 1 point is equivalent to P1. This whole month of August, you get extra 80 rewards points for every P4,000 single-receipt purchase. More reason to shop in bulk during the sale!

If you want to buy a Super8 Rewards Card, also buy it now since it is discounted to just P50 from P100.

Tip #6 – Download the Super8 mobile app. I mentioned this app earlier but aside from getting real time alerts on promo (para mauna ka), it also lets you monitor your rewards. This helps you budget your reward points and motivate you to shop wiser at Super8! You can download it here.

When you download the app, you also get exclusive rewards, promos, and discounts that are exclusive for Super8 app users.

Tip #7 – Store brands will save you money. Para mas lalong makatipid, look for Super8 branded items. They are the same quality as your branded products, only cheaper because they don’t spend a lot on advertising. Smart shoppers choose store brand products like Super8 toiletries, sugar, condiments, and cleaning aids.

Tip #8 – Relax and review your items at the check out counter. Always watch the small screen at the cashier to find out if you are near or far your budget. You can always remove/add items as you please. Sometimes, in our hurry we over-estimate our budget. Super8 staff are very friendly and my checkout experience with them was very relaxed. They help me get as many points and allow me to adjust items I want to include or exclude.

During checkout, take the chance to ask Super8 staff for upcoming deals for your next visit. Finally, don’t forget to grab the latest newsletter.

I followed all these tips and here is everything I got for a minimum budget only. Parang may tindahan sa bahay! Syempre, I took advantage of all the promos. Now this stock will save me time from going to the supermarket and make us prepared for rainy days to come.

I hope this comprehensive blog post and tips will make you enjoy your grocery shopping at Super8 even more! See you all at Super8 and remember to be a smart shopper, Mommy!

Please post and share your Super8 selfies with the hashtag, #Super8DiscountedNaDiscountedPa :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

SnR Membership Shopping – Rainy Day Deals!

Don’t let the rainy days stop you from saving money with S&R Membership Shopping deals. Every month, wais moms and smart shoppers wait for S&R’s Buy 1 Take 1 promos, discounts, and freebies. Every month is different and exciting, so before July ends – make sure to visit S&R this weekend and take advantage of the following member treats!

US Bakery Items at S&R

Rainy season means #walangpasok days for our kids! Don’t be caught empty handed in the pantry, especially with very hungry kids. Stock up this weekend with your favorite S&R Bakery Items, they are discounted until July 31 only!

Did you know? S&R’s baked goods such as US Muffins, US Loaf Breads, and more are made with US ingredients. That’s what gives them a unique & quality flavor that you’d be proud to serve friends & family. In fact, when I bring out S&R baked goodies I always get a long “wow~” from my guests!

Many people think these quality and best tasting baked treats from S&R are expensive but it’s not, especially when you choose deal items like me :) I like buying what’s on sale and that way, I get to try different flavors.

Mommy Lace Tip: Store your S&R bakery items in the refrigerator. They have best by dates but when stored and handled properly, can last longer for days. Don’t be afraid to stock up while they’re on sale.

Imported Treats made in America

My husband spotted these Twinkies. They are probably one of America’s favorite snacks and one we’ve heard/seen so many times in US TV series and movies! We’re excited to try these Twinkies and now’s the right time because they’re on Buy 1 Take 1 promo at S&R. It’s packaging is also great as school baon for our son.

Do you also try imported ice cream at S&R? It’s one of our latest discoveries since Blue Bunny Ice Cream was also on Buy 1 Take 1 a few months ago. This July, North Star Ice Cream which has a Penguin on its packaging is on sale! Sayang because these were on Buy 1 Take 1 a few days ago, but for those of us who missed this deal, these North Star Ice Cream Bars is still on sale with reduced price :D


Our son will love this. He is a fan of YouTube kid vloggers in the US who also try different ice cream flavors. Para iba naman! It’ll also be one of the highlights of our weekend. This pack contains enough for the whole family to try.

Naked Crepes is also still on sale. This is great if you have leftover icecream and want to serve a fancy crepe with bananas or other fruits + whipped cream. Yup, it’s that easy to make a crepe with a ready made crepe like this!

Imported US Brand Pots & Pans for your Kitchen

A lot of moms dream of brand new pots and pans that will motivate them to cook more in the kitchen. We’ve also seen how new & modern pans are so much easier to cook with and clean! Now’s our chance to buy the pots & pans of our dreams plus, they’re all branded and on sale at S&R!


I like the Food Network Aluminum Cookware 10 pc set

Another option is the Bella Non-Stick Hard Anodized Aluminum that also contains 10 pcs. of cookware. Wow!

I’ve been in and out of S&R so many times but it’s only now that I spent a lot of time in this section. Buti nalang, I follow them on Facebook where I see deals like this.

While I was busy with the pots & pans, I spotted my husband fantasizing with this Deli Chef Toaster. He says he likes this kind of toaster and it’s also on Buy 1 Take 1.

US Brand, Imported Bed Sheet, Blankets, Comforters, Pillow Case Set

If you’ve been waiting for a sale in US made and US brand bed sheets, comforters, and pillow cases – here it is. The bedding sets are on S&R’s isles waiting for shoppers to grab them with a Buy 1 Take 1 deal! I took photos of what the bedding look like:

Buy 1 Take 1 Claire Complete Set of reversible comforter, pillow shams, sheet set, and bedskirt

They’re so beautiful and cozy. Imported bed sheets and comforters are a real investment for your home. They let you sleep well and they last very long because of its US quality.

England Quilt Collection Quiltset Buy 1 Take 1

You can easily tell an imported bedsheet and comforter from an ordinary one just by looking. If you have extra money, I recommend buying this for your bedroom and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

Buy 1 Take 1  8pc. Comforter Set in Turquoise & Lime

Also, you can get two for the price of just one right now at S&R!

This is one of the best visits we made at S&R. Me and my husband felt like we’re on a date but it’s really because of all the deals we got and saved money with. Some of the items we bought were things we dreamt of for a long time but held of purchasing. It felt like Christmas when we saw most of them are on sale now on S&R.

Mommy Lace tip: These deals are until this weekend only, July 31 so please hurry and visit your nearest S&R to make these sulit buys for your whole family.

Lastly, our favorite Starbucks Bottled Drinks are cheaper at S&R. Cheers to a successful shopping trip!

Happy shopping, Mommy & Daddy!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

DIY Family Movie Night Ideas with Cheers

When was the last time you allowed yourself to relax and just enjoy time with your family? This sounds simple but truly, mommies like us have endless tasks to complete. Sometimes the thought of having fun is great until we realize all the preparation, travel, and expense that are attached to a great family bonding experience.

Here’s an idea that can make staying at home extra special. The best part is, it’s simple, fun, and will allow you to practice your creativity!

DIY Family Movie Night Setup

Movie nights is an activity that many family enjoy but for this particular “viewing party” I wanted to surprise my family. I did this by setting up a cozy spot where we could all lounge and enjoy all our favorite movie-time snacks.

What you’ll need:

  1. A bath towel
  2. Banana bed or any bean bag
  3. Throw pillows, neck pillows
  4. Laptop desks that will serve as mini food tables

You can work with anything you have and you don’t have to buy anything. Now for the picnic or mini-party setup, you’ll need:

  1. Drinking station – Pitcher of your favorite drink. Disposable paper cups.
  2. Snacks station – our choice is leftover pizza, burgers, and snacks lying around the kitchen

3. Paper plates, Cheers table napkins, Cheers disposable spoon and fork

4. Trash station – To make your party mess-free and to help prevent you cleaning after everyone, get a laundry basket and just line it with Cheers garbage bag. Instant trash bin!

The secret for a successful family movie night without any tantrums from kids (and adults!) or needing to get up and get something from the kitchen, all really boils down to planning and having the right tools. I stock up on disposable plates, utensils, and party napkins all year-round. They allow moms the much-needed break from cleaning up! Thus, helping us also enjoy the bonding time we planned and truly unwind after a busy week.

Here are some items I recommend. All of them are Cheers brand which is also made by Sanicare. My older sister who likes throwing parties and get-togethers educated me on why it’s important to have these.

Jumbo Kitchen Paper Towels – it’s 2017 and “basahan” should not be your primary tool to wipe surfaces clean. Sometimes I wonder if “basahan” is really cheaper because they can harbor bacteria, you need to wash them often, and very time-consuming to use. Just imagine.

Kitchen towels is a grab and go solution, even for outdoor picnics or parties. Food spills, kitchen, and cooking mess are some examples where you can use these.

Interfolded Party Napkins – these aren’t just for parties but for your dining room. It’s rare to see Filipino homes have table napkins and as a mother, I learned how having table napkins easily accessible will save me time wiping my child’s mouth and hands! This is instead of using “lampin” to wipe food from a child’s face and then be miserable about the stain during laundry.

It also makes spot cleaning more instant, especially when you don’t want to get off from your seat and miss the conversations.

Flat Napkins – this is my favorite napkin to use when serving food. I like using flat napkins to sometimes line plates to absorb oil and to line surfaces like for this movie night, I lined the laptop tables with these flat napkins to protect surfaces.

When family members like to enjoy pizza or burgers with their hands, I offer flat napkins to wrap and handle their food in to avoid spills and greasy hands.

Cheers Picnic Pack – here’s an all-in-one solution for any celebration or get together. This picnic bundle from Cheers has everything you’ll need: pull napkins, cutlery, and a garbage bag to clean up with.

I hope you try this idea and surprise your family with a stress-free weekend celebration as simple as enjoying a favorite movie at home.

Cheers Mommy and Baby!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Canon Pixma MG3070s, 3-in-1 Family-Friendly Printer

When was the last time you bought a printer? Ours is an old Canon inkjet that we purchased a few years ago. While it’s useful for printing homework and family documents, there are printers that can do more than just print. Thus, justifying the space they eat in your home office!

3-in-1 printers are not new, it’s just that the last time I checked – they were very expensive. Until last week, I discovered an affordable all around printer. It’s also our first printer that will not need connecting cables and can print from several devices. Continue reading to learn more.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Price: Php 3,800

This is the Canon Pixma MG30s70. It can print, scan, and copy. The best thing is, it’s very affordable at just P3,800. My son and I set it up by ourselves. We just followed the box instructions and downloaded the Canon Print app on Android.

With wifi capability, we were able to print from our laptop and mobile phones. The printer came with black and color ink cartridge. It was fun being creative with this printer, it’s my son’s first time to “own” a scanner so we scanned many of his drawings and sent it to family overseas.

Our first #Pixmom project, a birthday card for my husband! My son and I printed flower patterns then layered them on another sheet of paper. The other elements like the text are by hand for personal touch.

Here my son printed his favorite character, Boboiboy and a selfie that he edited on his iPad. He colored these after and made him busy for a few hours.

The copier function of this Canon printer is perfect for “pa-xerox” errands like making copies of your birth certificates, car registration, etc.

The Canon Pixma MG3070s will now replace our old printer. It’s a good time to level up now that life is more demanding with school, work, and home management. This is the printer that will make your purchase really count, not to mention – you’d be able to use it more often vs just having the ordinary one function printer.

I plan to maximize it even more by printing shopping lists, budget lists, and even house rules!

Visit Canon #PixMom Events in Leading Shopping Malls

If you’re not yet decided and want to try different printers first, do watch out for the upcoming Canon #PIXMom series of events in the malls nearest you in July. Families can visit Canon’s interactive booths: a back-to-school booth where kids can select icons of what they want to be when they grow up; a kitchen booth where guests can design their cupcakes; the creatives in the family can print their own coloring sheets and scrapbook in the arts and crafts booth; plus dads and kids can test the speed of taking sharp photos using select Canon cameras at the basketball booth.

Follow Canon Philippines on Facebook for more updates and promos to get the best deal on your family printer!

Happy printing Mommy and Baby! :)


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

ACER Laptop Promo 2017 | FREE G-Shock Watch

Buying a laptop is a big investment. Especially for work at home moms and students, having a laptop is necessary to get things done. If you need to upgrade to a newer laptop unit that can keep up with the demands of work and/or school, here’s a good deal from ACER Philippines.

The #TimeForUs promo entitles each purchase of qualifying ACER laptops to a brand new G-Shock watch. These watches are of course, authentic and has a value of Php 5,000 and up! I saw the promo first here at Octagon in SM Bacoor. According to the posters, laptops powered by Core i5 and i7 processors are entitled to get the free G-Shock watch by Casio.

Where to Claim G-Shock Watch from ACER Promo

G-Shock watches FREE from ACER laptop purchases can be claimed in any of Acer’s service centers in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. My tip is to clarify the process of claiming with your ACER vendor.

Recommended: ACER Aspire Series

I’ve been an ACER user for nearly 2 decades! I’m on the nth unit and are currently using the Aspire V13. Most of my ACER laptops last me for more than 5 years and usually, it’s my fault for not turning them off and leaving the hard disk running at sleep mode.

Acer Aspire S3
Core i3 Model Php 32,999
Core i5 Model Php 39,999

Acer Aspire S5
Core i5 Model Php 49,999
Core i7 6th Gen Model Php 54,999

Acer Aspire S7
i7 7th Gen Model Php 64,999

What I like about ACER is how it’s easy to find service centers who can fix it when something’s broken. Spare parts are also easy to find. Customer service might depend on your vendor but overall my experience is okay.

My son is still young to need a laptop but when he does, I’ll definitely get an ACER for him. It’s the most practical choice for getting things done without too much fuss like having “exclusive” or “one of a kind” accessory or programs. I run my ACER laptop with Windows 10 and have done so much work with it from writing, social media, video editing, etc.

A good and reasonable laptop will run from P25,000 and up.

WATCH: #TimeForUs Video

Click on image to play video or visit this link

Here’s the video commercial of ACER’s promo. I’m not such a fan of the angst-y theme but the campaign’s mission is to blend Gen X and millennials. G-Shock is one of those things that has transcended generations and up to now, remain a stylish top of mind brand for watches.

Generation gaps aside, I think it’s more important for me to highlight how ACER can give you more TIME FOR YOU. With an ACER laptop you can:

  1. Be more efficient in your online jobs
  2. Start your blog or use your laptop to level up your blogging game
  3. Edit videos, vlogs, and make memories
  4. Use technology for home & budget management
  5. Organize stuff!

While mobile phones proliferate everyday living, it’s still different from using a laptop and getting things done with a proper hardware. I’m also due to upgrade my laptop and I hope that when I do, the #TimeForUs promo is still running!

More ACER laptop promos are posted on the ACER Philippines Facebook Page such as free rubber shoes, printers, etc. Depending on the model of the laptop you will buy.

Good luck on your laptop shopping!  

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Roy & Biv Glorietta: Home Design Inspiration

Being a 21st century mother and meeting the modern demands of family life can sometimes burn us out. At the end of each week, many moms wish they can escape to a quiet hotel. Some can afford this sweet escape to recharge their mom-batteries, some like me save up for it, and some can only dream.

Reach out for your home design inspiration at Roy & Biv

What if we create a haven of relaxation inside our homes? One that can match those dreamy patios or minimalist bedrooms we only see in magazines? While moving things around the house, clearing stuff, and decorating may not sound so relaxing – the outcome can mean more relaxed days ahead of you and your family. Just search Marie Condo on YouTube and her art of tidying up.

Home Decors at Roy & Biv

If you need motivation to actually start this project of refreshing your bedroom, home office, or living space in general – visit Roy & Biv in Glorietta 4 at the 2nd floor.

My husband and I agree that this is “shopping therapy”. The store is as unique as its sister-brand, Tickles. I can say this is Tickles for grown-ups because Tickles customers in the 90’s (like us) now have actual homes to decorate, maybe even children or pets to care of and entertain.

It’s easy to shop because items are already organized by color. I was looking for blue stuff for my bedroom project. I wanted a nautical theme that would make our mini family feel like we’re in a Greek-inspired hotel.

I think having a beautiful room that compliments your needs – psychologically and physically can inspire you at work, recharge you at sleep, and encourage everyone to tidy up. Positive space minus negative energy.

Nautical Themed Items

So here are some items we purchased at Roy & Biv. It was so easy to be inspired by this store, as you go through each collection of decors, accessories, and more – a new idea pops in your head. It’s very refreshing and hopeful that you’ll pull through a home design project.


Blue & White handcrafted sail boat

White & Blue wooden anchor with fish net and star fish accent


Blue pattern eye masks for all three of us

We are now in the process of decluttering our bedroom by selling and donating unused stuff. This’ll create more positive space to complement our resort-style design project. We’ve chosen to go with white and blue. Hopefully it’ll make us even calmer parents with blue being the color of trust and peace – and apparently, less forgetful. See below:

More than home decors

We were shopping with our kid at Roy & Biv and items like novelty school supplies, coin banks, and even nostalgic thing-a-majigs kept him interested.

Ashton exploring orange as a color. His favorite is red.

Coin banks that tell you what you’re saving for can be more effective!

Find your school supplies in your favorite color

It’s rare that we find a store all of us equally enjoy. While Roy & Biv is a medium-sized shop, it kept us in for more than an hour! It’s a really unique shopping experience you must try.

I recommend visiting Roy & Biv if you feel burned out at work, home, or feeling toxic from negative energy and want to turn that into positive, creative energy. It doesn’t matter how many items you get, one thing can change a room if you get inspired by it.

WATCH: Roy & Biv Shopping Vlog

If you can’t make it to Glorietta yet, check out their Instagram

Happy shopping Mommy & family!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.