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SnR Membership Shopping – Rainy Day Deals!

Don’t let the rainy days stop you from saving money with S&R Membership Shopping deals. Every month, wais moms and smart shoppers wait for S&R’s Buy 1 Take 1 promos, discounts, and freebies. Every month is different and exciting, so before July ends – make sure to visit S&R this weekend and take advantage of the following member treats!

US Bakery Items at S&R

Rainy season means #walangpasok days for our kids! Don’t be caught empty handed in the pantry, especially with very hungry kids. Stock up this weekend with your favorite S&R Bakery Items, they are discounted until July 31 only!

Did you know? S&R’s baked goods such as US Muffins, US Loaf Breads, and more are made with US ingredients. That’s what gives them a unique & quality flavor that you’d be proud to serve friends & family. In fact, when I bring out S&R baked goodies I always get a long “wow~” from my guests!

Many people think these quality and best tasting baked treats from S&R are expensive but it’s not, especially when you choose deal items like me :) I like buying what’s on sale and that way, I get to try different flavors.

Mommy Lace Tip: Store your S&R bakery items in the refrigerator. They have best by dates but when stored and handled properly, can last longer for days. Don’t be afraid to stock up while they’re on sale.

Imported Treats made in America

My husband spotted these Twinkies. They are probably one of America’s favorite snacks and one we’ve heard/seen so many times in US TV series and movies! We’re excited to try these Twinkies and now’s the right time because they’re on Buy 1 Take 1 promo at S&R. It’s packaging is also great as school baon for our son.

Do you also try imported ice cream at S&R? It’s one of our latest discoveries since Blue Bunny Ice Cream was also on Buy 1 Take 1 a few months ago. This July, North Star Ice Cream which has a Penguin on its packaging is on sale! Sayang because these were on Buy 1 Take 1 a few days ago, but for those of us who missed this deal, these North Star Ice Cream Bars is still on sale with reduced price :D


Our son will love this. He is a fan of YouTube kid vloggers in the US who also try different ice cream flavors. Para iba naman! It’ll also be one of the highlights of our weekend. This pack contains enough for the whole family to try.

Naked Crepes is also still on sale. This is great if you have leftover icecream and want to serve a fancy crepe with bananas or other fruits + whipped cream. Yup, it’s that easy to make a crepe with a ready made crepe like this!

Imported US Brand Pots & Pans for your Kitchen

A lot of moms dream of brand new pots and pans that will motivate them to cook more in the kitchen. We’ve also seen how new & modern pans are so much easier to cook with and clean! Now’s our chance to buy the pots & pans of our dreams plus, they’re all branded and on sale at S&R!


I like the Food Network Aluminum Cookware 10 pc set

Another option is the Bella Non-Stick Hard Anodized Aluminum that also contains 10 pcs. of cookware. Wow!

I’ve been in and out of S&R so many times but it’s only now that I spent a lot of time in this section. Buti nalang, I follow them on Facebook where I see deals like this.

While I was busy with the pots & pans, I spotted my husband fantasizing with this Deli Chef Toaster. He says he likes this kind of toaster and it’s also on Buy 1 Take 1.

US Brand, Imported Bed Sheet, Blankets, Comforters, Pillow Case Set

If you’ve been waiting for a sale in US made and US brand bed sheets, comforters, and pillow cases – here it is. The bedding sets are on S&R’s isles waiting for shoppers to grab them with a Buy 1 Take 1 deal! I took photos of what the bedding look like:

Buy 1 Take 1 Claire Complete Set of reversible comforter, pillow shams, sheet set, and bedskirt

They’re so beautiful and cozy. Imported bed sheets and comforters are a real investment for your home. They let you sleep well and they last very long because of its US quality.

England Quilt Collection Quiltset Buy 1 Take 1

You can easily tell an imported bedsheet and comforter from an ordinary one just by looking. If you have extra money, I recommend buying this for your bedroom and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

Buy 1 Take 1  8pc. Comforter Set in Turquoise & Lime

Also, you can get two for the price of just one right now at S&R!

This is one of the best visits we made at S&R. Me and my husband felt like we’re on a date but it’s really because of all the deals we got and saved money with. Some of the items we bought were things we dreamt of for a long time but held of purchasing. It felt like Christmas when we saw most of them are on sale now on S&R.

Mommy Lace tip: These deals are until this weekend only, July 31 so please hurry and visit your nearest S&R to make these sulit buys for your whole family.

Lastly, our favorite Starbucks Bottled Drinks are cheaper at S&R. Cheers to a successful shopping trip!

Happy shopping, Mommy & Daddy!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

SnR 2017 Deals: Enjoy Summer at Home

Have you been to S&R lately? Because of the summer heat, I’ve learned to appreciate how cold it is inside S&R. Unlike the usual supermarkets, S&R loves to treat shoppers to really good air conditioning! But, what’s even more cool are the deals I found this month that will help all of us moms enjoy summer at home and on a budget!

S&R Deals & Prices – April 2017

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair P1,799
Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella P1,499

Let’s start with some foldable summer chairs. You can use one or two in your garden to turn it into a cozy spot for your family. Sometimes it’s gets very humid inside of the house. Stepping outside allows you to enjoy the breeze and feel like you’re on a summer vacay.

IKEA Beach Chair P799 (save P200)

Level-up your family weekend at home. Just get these water canons also known as squirters for the kids! Fill a bucket with water and inject water in your Stream Machine (brand). No batteries required and can be enjoyed in any outdoor setting such as your backyard – with or without a pool or the beach.

Stream Machine Water Cannon, 2 pcs for P1,049 (save P150)

If you or your kids want to get fit this summer (or get taller for the teens), they say basketball is a good activity. At S&R you can buy quality basketballs for just P699.95 and buy 1 take 1 – this means you get home an extra ball or for bringing to your next outing.

V8 Voit Basketball Size 7, buy 1 take 1 for just P699.95

If you still don’t have time to play and just chill outdoors (or you’re just lazy to do it), here’s another solution that everybody loves – ICE CREAM. At S&R you can treat yourself to American Ice Cream brands that mommies, daddies, and kids can instantly enjoy at home. Instant summer feels that chase summer boredom away! Enjoy outdoors for an instant picnic.

Hiland Premium Ice Cream, Buy any 2 flavor for just P199.00

There are plenty of ice cream to choose from at S&R with different unique flavors and sizes. I chose the icecream brands that were on sale and have buy 1 take 1 deals!

Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream P409 (Save P100)

Speaking of picnics, I found these new Dulce De Leche Mini Cakes at the S&R Bakery. They’re perfect to setup for a nice merienda outside, add to that some ice cream of your choice from S&R. There are plenty more pastries to choose from but I made the right choice in trying these!

I hope these inspires moms like me to be creative in enjoying summer at home. Staying in is not only convenient and cheap but also saves you from traffic. Who says you can’t make a summer memorable for your kids on a budget? :)

P.S. I also found these deals for moms too!

Summer tote bag P549 (Save P350)

VMV Armada Ultra Sun Protection P1,949 (get free item)

Enjoy the rest of your summer Mommy and Baby! :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

S&R Member’s Treat on March 29-April 2!

With the kids on summer vacation, it’s a top priority for moms to stock up on food and other home essentials to make summer a fun and comfortable bonding time for the whole family. It’s also a time for us moms to do some general cleaning and even review appliances if they are still energy efficient.

S&R Imus is ready to roll with the Member’s Treat. Some of the items are already on sale when we went.

So this March 29 to April 2, mark your calendars and be sure not to miss the much-awaited S&R Member’s Treat. This is exclusive to all S&R card holders, if you’re not yet a member you can always apply on-site and get a temporary card within minutes that you can use on the same day.

What to Expect at the S&R Member’s Treat March 2017

  • Buy 1 Take 1 deals
  • Price reductions of up to 50% off on S&R picks
  • Discounted items and promos on grocery staples like fresh produce, yummy baked goodies, and imported treats, to various gift items, housewares, towels and linens, and even select appliances
  • Fuel savings at Php4.00 off per liter of gasoline or Php3.00 off per liter of diesel at any of the 50 participating Unioil branches

These items are already marked down before the actual sale and will remain that way throughout the S&R Member’s Treat

Hotdog + FREE Chicken Nuggets

Koka Laksa Singapura

Buy 1 Take 1 Arla Butter

March 29 falls on a weekday which is an advantage for stay at home and work at home moms with the chance to go early and grab the first deals. For working moms, don’t worry because there are several S&R branches that is near your home and office. I remember fondly how my own mom will take me to S&R in Bonifacio Global City during her lunch breaks too :)

S&R Appliance Deals

The following are my hope to buy items during the 5 day Member’s Treat at S&R. The discounted items will be a surprise but according to my sources, the following appliances will be marked down. I go for appliances because electricity use and prices go up during summer and it’s not everyday that these are on generous sale.

1. GE and LG Air conditioners .5-1.5HP

2. Whirlpool Washing Machine

3. Samsung or LG Refrigerator

I also found some items that are a steal like this buy 1 take 1 personal coffee maker, buy 1 take 1 ref, and buy 1 take 1 electric kettle!

Health and Beauty Deals at S&R Member’s Treat

Of course, I also want to buy something for myself and these are the following health & beauty products. These are also already marked down as of today:

1. Cetaphil Body Moisturizer/Lotion

2. Cetaphil facial wash

3. Buy 1 Take 1 Sunsilk Shampoos

4. Big tub of organic virgin coconut oil

What about you? I hope we all get our S&R wishlists during the Member’s Treat. Don’t forget to go to S&R with a plan and be there early on March 29. Happy shopping Mommy!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

#SnReveryday: Big Discounts on Items with Damaged Packaging

Are you serious about saving money when grocery shopping? Then try visiting any S&R Membership Club Shopping store and look for their “damaged goods” section.

My mom checking out “damaged” goods at S&R

Here you can get up to 50% discount and buy the items half price, only because their packaging is damaged. On a recent visit to S&R Shopping Imus branch, I was able to score huge discounts on imported tissue paper, assorted snacks, and kitchenware. Some of the items I bought will be for gifting (because Christmas shopping in July saves money).

Items with damaged packaging have the orange S&R price tag

S&R is the only known store to me that offers these generous discounts on damaged goods. They also have discounted furniture, baskets, etc., all because of minor scratches, misplaced labels, damaged cartons, and the like. There’s also a coffee machine that had a Php 2,000 off just because the carton is dented. What a bargain!

This is just one of the many reasons why many families like shopping at S&R.

Big Discounts on S&R Clothing & Style

For this month, July – ladies of all shapes, sizes, and age will also enjoy the huge discounts and sales on garments:

Girls Formal Dress | Buy 1 Take 1 P549

That one formal dress for your little girl. Choose among the classy and classic styles that will never go out of trend. This will allow your little ones to re-use the dress in any occasion. Since it’s on a buy 1 take 1 deal, one dress will only cost P274.5

Girls Top & Leggings | Buy 1 Take 1 P399

Comfy casual that kids can wear in and out of the house. One pair will only cost P199 each on this buy 1 take 1 deal, and already includes both blouse and leggings.

Boys & Girls Socks 9 pairs for only P579.95

The material has the right thickness and is also very soft for a comfortable fit, especially for kids. The designs are also unique and unlike the ordinary socks we see at the department store. Each pair of socks will cost P64.43 each in this deal.

Ladies Knit Tops P299.95 each

Mommies will like these chic & classy tops in solid colors. I personally like buying few clothes but quality ones – these tops pass the test plus they are within budget. My technique is to buy white most of the time. White is flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit any occasion. The cut-out detail of these tops make it look more expensive than it really is which is a huge bonus.

New League Ladies Polo Shirt | Buy 1 Take 1 P599.95

Collared polo shirts are also a good to have item in your closet. Ladies polo shirts are easy to wear, whether with your classic pants, shorts, or skirts. Aside from the garment’s quality, the shirt design look very classy and chic for a very low price of about just P300 for each.

Bread, Pastries, & Snacks on Sale

There’s always something new to discover at S&R everyday. As for me, I was amazed with this pretty & almost magical pastry box that is on sale.

Poppies Petits Fours Buy 1 Take 1 P899.95

This box contains everything from chocolate eclairs, cream puffs, macarons, and truffles. We are celebrating birthdays at home and this buy 1 take 1 offer on Petits Fours is best for celebrations and all kinds of entertaining family or friends.

Twinkies | Buy 1 Take 1 P499.95

Twinkies are a popular snack in the US and in the Philippines, you can find them at S&R at a good price too.

During my visit, the variety of US loaves were on Buy 1 Take 1 offer too. I make sure to buy something for my son’s baon and surprise him with any of S&R’s baked goodies. His favorite are the SnR blueberry muffins.

Special Offer on SnR Pizza

Maybe this is the best time to treat yourself and family to S&R’s famous giant and American style pizza. Until the end of July, you can avail and buy 2 whole pizzas for the price of just one.

Buy 2 Whole S&R New York Style Pizzas for only P999

Wow! Swerte naman mga may birthday ng July. Or maybe you want to celebrate something else, then don’t forget about this limited offer that everyone will love to eat and remember.

Have you been to S&R lately? I just renewed my S&R membership card and sulit na sulit na agad on this visit. It’s good to remember the saying “buy the best that you can afford” and most of the time, I find them at SnR.

Happy shopping, Mommy!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

#LoveSnR: DIY Frugal Summer Party

The kids are still on vacation but us moms never seem to get a break, especially from bored kids asking for activities. I have tried numerous arts and crafts, role play, and backyard farming games for my 5 year old. However, the sweltering weather makes it easier for kids to feel agitated and unable to stay put in one place.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney Pool Ring P389.95

The DIY basin (palangana) setup entertains my son for a long time. We do this almost every summer but this year, my son can barely fit inside the palangana. If you are looking for affordable kiddie outdoor swimming pools like me, check out these finds from S&R Membership Shopping:

Disney Arm Band – P74.95
Disney Swim Ring – P69.95
Mares Snorkel – P2,589.95
Disney Pool Ring – P389.95
Disney Family Pool – P1,629.95

If like us you are a family on a budget and skipped on expensive summer out of town trips, why not make your own summer party or activity at home? The best thing about it is that you can be creative with your setup in your garden or garage, re-use old and new summer equipment, and cook/bring your own food plus stay as long as you like!

For safety purposes, you can make your kids wear aqua shoes like these that have rubberized, non-slip soles.

Chicco Aqua Shoes for Kids P279.95
Barbie Aqua Shoes P279.95

A few months ago, we bought our first outdoor tent and I can say it was worth it. We enjoyed outdoor barbecues with it, stargazing, or playing house.  Having a tent is one way you can get your kids away from their gadgets and online games. Even my sister (in photo) wants to buy one for her own adventures.

Coleman dome adventure tent starts at P1,519.95
Coleman outdoor sleeping bag P1,139.95

There are also portable coolers that can make your DIY party more convenient by keeping your drinks, ice cream, and other chilled food by your side and not in the kitchen.

Coleman extreme wheeled cooler P5,759.95

Summer isn’t complete without barbecues, it’s one activity you can assign to your husband especially if he is using a nice outdoor grill. You can also find a number of them at S&R:

Before we left, we made sure to buy ice cream for everyone at home. It’s our first time to try this imported ice cream brand “Blue Bunny”. We are trying them because they are on sale here at S&R – what a treat. It’s buy 2 for just P629.95.

How is your summer going so far? Remember, summer activities can be done at home with just a little bit of planning and imagination ;)


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.