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S&R Members Treat

S&R Members Treat | My Picture Perfect Home Office Makeover 2017

We all dream of a picture perfect living space especially with unlimited inspirations on social media! Having an organized and relaxing home office space was one of my New Year resolutions for 2017. Now the year is almost over, my working space still looked like this:

I’m thankful at least I have this little nook to work in while other moms probably repurpose their bedroom, kitchen, or living area as their home office. Still, my office can use a little organization to keep me even more productive and inspired especially when writing.

Key Pieces from SnR Membership Shopping

Most would have limited budget for a home makeover. There’s also a belief that makeovers should cost a lot of money. This shouldn’t be the case if you invest in key pieces that can make a big impact on the look and feel of a space.

I found a lot of home office inspirations at SnR, I go to their Imus branch. The office aisle features different office furniture like office tables, office chairs, and accessories that can help organize office supplies, files, and gadgets.

Managers Chair #457 | P8,999.00
Before: P11,999.00 | Save: P 3,000.00

Seville Sliding Basket Organizer P699.00

Buy 1 Take 1 | Seville 9 Bin Storage Cart P2,699

Buy 1 Take 1 | Tyler-20in-Velocity-Floor-Fan P1,699.00

Tower fans are a good option if you want to rid your office of a noisy and bulky electric fan. This is next on my to-buy list.


More tower fans, here are the prices:

My favorite finds are different sized tables that can be used in other areas of the home. This foldable wooden table can be used as a mobile office desk, as a space-saving coffee table, or a study table for your child.

Tray Table P1,799.00

I shopped during the S&R Member’s Treat where S&R members get five whole days of big value and even bigger savings, with Buy 1 Take 1 deals and price reductions of up to 50% off on lots and lots of S&R picks – from grocery staples like fresh produce, yummy baked goodies, and imported treats, to various gift items, housewares, towels and linens, and even select appliances.


Gadgets for your digital needs in the office are also available at discount prices in S&R. I like the brands!


Home Office Finds at S&R Members Treat

After enjoying a round of window shopping at S&R, my husband and I were ready to fill our cart with our final picks for my budget home office makeover. Shopping for furniture during the S&R Members Treat is such an exciting experience with all the choices, sale, buy 1 take 1 offers, and the comfort of shopping that S&R offers in all of their 13 warehouse clubs!


No stress shopping! Shopping at S&R can be a date for parents like us!

Here are the items we came home with. I am providing the prices and names of the items so you can easily find them at S&R. Just ask their friendly staff and yes, you can still make it to the S&R Members Treat which runs until October 1!

#1 Artiva Window Almond Table Lamp P2,600.00. Absolutely the number 1 key piece for my office makeover. I took inspiration from home office designs on Instagram. Most have a side lamp like this that’ll also change the mood and scene of a space. It also reminds me of working spaces in hotel rooms. My favorite buy at S&R and it’s so cheap at P2,600. I once bought a lamp in a shopping mall and it cost me P10,000 for a regular looking table lamp. I can’t get enough of this lamp’s sleek and luxurious hotel-type design.

#2 Seville 5 Tier Mesh Organizer P999.00. Clean looking organizer with several slots for different documents. Just managing the home bills and other letters can be a lot for a mom like me. This will make it easier for them to sort “in” and “out” plus personal documents that I need to sign or send out.

#3 Seville Sit Stand Desk Cart P2,299. This will provide extra desk for your office and allow you to work sitting or standing up. Standing up is good for your health vs sitting in front of your laptop for the full 8 hours.

#4 Curver 3 PC Round Organizer Small P299.00. This is going to be my all around organizer for pens, and anyt small object that needs to be “hidden” such as USB flash drives and coins!

#5 Decorative Pillow 18×18 P449.95. This pillow adds a soft texture in your home office and adds a pop of color. I chose gray because I prefer colors that will help me focus and not distract me from work.


#6 Items for office snack bar. Snacking is life when you have to hustle and don’t have time for lunch. I’ve always wanted a snack bar so I don’t have to get out of my office and finally here are items that’d make that dream come true.

Thermos Glass Vacuum Insulated Bottle P320.00

Royal Dansk Vanilla Wafer P169.00


My #PicturePerfectHome Office from S&R Members Treat!

Picture-perfect home office achieved! I thought it’d take me months to do this and so was always afraid to start the task. The inspiration of new home office finds made this makeover process very easy and quick.

Now I believe that investing in a few, key high quality pieces like those I found at S&R are worth it.


Before & After of my cluttered desk

 Before & After of another area


I’m happy to spend more time in my office because it feels so much more relaxed and focusing on getting things done are easy. Some more tips to make your office space even better:

  1. Add a touch of green like small plants or flower vases

Decorative scented candles now just P199.95


  1. Enjoy aromatherapy with candles, essential oil diffusers or even just linen sprays. The best scents for productivity are lemon grass, eucalyptus, and bamboo.


Kitz Revitalisor P1,099


  1. Keep cords organized and expand electric outlets for more gadgets by using extension cords. Get modern ones with USB sockets to save you from using adapters.


  1. Enjoy piped in music with just your phone or laptop. I enjoy solo piano music or the Productivity playlist on Spotify. Your home office space will feel like a haven for all your mom and work from home tasks.


  1. Keep the door closed and lock the door. Nothing busts productivity like children or family members freely getting inside your office. Teach them how to knock and respect your workplace like they would if you work in a regular office.


I hope you can also enjoy a Picture Perfect Home Makeover with S&R! I enjoyed this journey and it’s something that will contribute to my life for many days to come.

The S&R Members Treat ends on October 1, 2017 – you still have plenty of time left no matter what space in your home you’d like to improve. It can be a picture perfect meal, living room, or bed room!

Good luck and happy shopping Mommy & Daddy! J



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