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GoWell Perks: Jab and Jam Workout with Sun Life!

Have you heard of Sun Life’s wellness community? It’s called GoWell and you can join for free by visiting The community is open to everyone, especially to Sun Life Fit & Well policy holders. But even if you don’t have a policy yet like me, you can sign up for a Teal Membership that’s also brimming with perks such as free group workout sessions!

Normally, group workout sessions would be expensive or is open to those who have a monthly gym membership. Thanks to GoWell, any Filipino who wants to start a healthier lifestyle can sign up to these workout sessions for FREE. Recently, I signed up for my first GoWell group workout called GoWell Jab and Jam.

How to sign up/register to FREE GoWell Group Workout Sessions

1. Join the GoWell community by registering here

2. Visit the GoWell events page and select the workout session you want to join. There are workouts for teal and gold members. If the workout you chose is for gold members, this means it is exclusive for Sun Life Fit & Well policy holders.

3. Look for the link of the Google Form where you can enter your details and complete your registration. Your name will be listed on the attendees page during the event at the registration booth

GoWell Jab and Jam Experience with Sun Life Philippines

The GoWell Jab and Jam event was held at SMX SM Aura. Upon registration, I was given a trendy GoWell drawstring backpack with lots of freebies inside. All participants are given this freebie and it includes items from the event sponsors. For the GoWell Jab and Jam, the sponsors include G Active, Raw Ritual, Fitness First, and more.

Inside the SMX hall, there were a lot of participants just chilling and waiting for the program to start. There were exciting booths and my favorite is this machine from Fitness First.

I always wanted to check my body fat percentage, metabolic age, BMI, etc. but since I don’t belong to any gym, I don’t have access to fitness technology like this. During the GoWell Jab and Jam, anyone can have their fitness body scan using this machine and for FREE!

My metabolic age is 19! Working out really does wonders :D

I was so happy, it also prints out the result that you can take home plus someone from Fitness First will explain the results to you. No pressure to sign-up whatsover.

Body Combat and Body Jam

The workout ran for an hour and was split into two type, body combat and body jam. I liked body combat most because I’m not such a good dancer. BUT everyone was so motivated and the energy was so high that it’ll pull you through challenging sets. That’s the beauty of group workouts, even if you’re all strangers you know that you’re all in it together!

The workout was suitable for any fitness levels and it really made me sweaty which is a fantastic indication that every move counts! My heart rate was also high. I like the pacing of the instructors that allows a level of rest while still moving, it’s important to slow down the heart rate when it gets too high.

After the workout, everyone’s serotonin level were also boosted. Everyone was happy and felt accomplished for breaking through an hour of exercising. Along the way, it’s easy to gain new friends and swap fitness tips, motivations, and goals. It was hard for me to comprehend that I experienced all of this for FREE, may free snacks pa! Well, Sun Life must be very serious about their advocacy to make Filipinos live a healthier life.

I already have my eyes on the next workout sessions for September. If you visit the GoWell website, you’d see there’s a workout session almost every week and in different locations. Also LIKE GoWellPH on Facebook for official updates and grab this chance to help with your fitness goals without breaking your budget. If you’re ready to invest in Sun Life products like Fit & Well that gives you more perks, check out my review of Sun Life Fit & Well.

See you in the next GoWell Community Workout!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Money4Life Challenge: 4 Month Progress

Money4Life Challenge is a program created by Sun Life Financial that I signed up for. It spans for 6 months and includes 6 sessions with financial expert Aya Laraya. If you are interested, please ask Sun Life about their financial education programs.

Exactly 4 months ago, I set out a goal to save and invest for a trip to Australia. This was followed by tracking my expenses, creating a budget, looking for additional income, and enlisting the help of a financial advisor.

At first glance, the financial exercises I did are not new or never heard of. In fact, it is something we see and hear on Facebook, blogs, and TV shows. But the question is, ginagawa ba natin o bakit hindi natin ginagawa? These were the same questions that financial expert Aya Laraya would ask fellow participants of the challenge.

First session palang, I already decided for myself that I am either in or out. It is not a joke to travel from Cavite to BGC every Saturday, I told myself if I will not take it seriously and not practice what I learn then I will just be wasting my time and my P94 fare to and from BGC.

Money4Life Checklist

These are the things that I have started and continued doing since the challenge began 4 months ago:

  1. Set a clear goal
  2. Track my expenses
  3. Create a budget
  4. Always talk to my financial advisor
  5. Look for additional income

You can check the links above for a detailed blog post for each.

Something’s got to give


Investing is foregoing (sacrifice) something good for now, to gain something better in the future. All of these financial tips are just theory if I will not share with you the reality. Please know it is never easy to share anything related about money, money is very personal, but I also have a dream to inspire and empower ordinary women like myself. In the last 4 months, nobody was more surprised than I was. Kaya ko pala at pwede pala.

Here are the things I have learned to forego to achieve my goal:

  1. Unused and sentimental stuff – to jumpstart the first month of my journey, I started selling unused items around the house. Some belong to me like my favorite dresses but I never really wear anymore and some are sentimental items like my son’s stroller, baby clothes, etc.

    Up to now and whenever my room, especially my closet starts to look cluttered, I continue to pull out stuff to sell. Life happens and we will always outgrow some belongings that we no longer need but others who are in their unique stage in life might benefit from.
  1. Space- if time is money, I say – so is space! I gave up space for leasing opportunities i.e. bed space. It is something that I would not consider before (read: privacy) but I have courageously tried and now I am convinced that I made the right decision.In fact, I wish I have leased out space sooner. This is one of the new things that this challenge has pushed me to make, especially when we discussed about when a property becomes a real investment or an expense.
  1. Social media – before the challenge, I would spend hours scrolling down endless Facebook posts from my Facebook friends, some I don’t even remember meeting in person. I am also guilty of spending several minutes composing the perfect caption for my Instagram feed. Now I still enjoy social media but use most of my time for work and my family.
  1. Hobby 1: Gym – I use to spend 3 hours in the gym, three to four times a week. I value my health and are into body building, lifting weights, gaining muscle, etc. I did not really want to give up my gains BUT decided to cut training time to 2 hours. This means lifting heavier but with fewer sets. It is hard adjustment (I now lift 40lbs) but I am able to finish an hour earlier so I have more time for my online jobs.
  1. Hobby 2: Blog activitiesMasaya maging blogger, maraming events, activities at iba pa. I wish I can afford to enjoy being a full-time blogger but my budget says otherwise. When I began this challenge, I decided that I have to say “pass” to many blog related activities and focus on my online work for now.

  1. Hobby 3: Teleserye – aside from online work, I have committed to teaching my son the same lessons I learn from this challenge. Instead of watching teleserye, I continue to study and work for my online writing jobs PLUS finish the book Junior Ipon with my son. It’s a financial literacy text and workbook for kids. Money management is still not taught in schools so I am doing something about it. Like I said, time is the greatest asset to have and if my son will learn how to handle finances early, then it would be to his best advantage.

Work is really God’s blessing, kailangang alagaan at mahalin natin. Nobody knows when work opportunities will disappear, strike while the iron is hot kumbaga. I also believe that God is watching us and how we are managing the opportunities He gives us (including how we raise our kids!). That said, something’s got to give in order for us to fulfill our duties and at the same time, progress towards our dreams.

In short and uulitin ko, time is money. You cannot take back time nor buy it. Another thing I learned in this challenge so far is the real value of time. We can waste time dreaming, thinking of what ifs, and being afraid to try or start using time to make our dreams come true by praying, trying, and doing – most of the time dapat!

My 4 Month Progress

With all the things I learned and applied from this challenge, I was able to save and invest P10,000 every month, sometimes more than the amount, for 4 months. If you do the math, I have now set aside more or less P40,000 it may be small to many but for a mother like me – this is already a huge amount.

The plan was to save enough to travel to Australia with my son, there are two more months left in the challenge and by then, I hope to have P60,000+. It may not be enough to buy two round trip tickets (we also need our visas to be approved) but at the end of the day, I would still have funds that if I don’t use for travel – I can use for my son’s tuition fee or remain invested in Index Funds.

Index Fund Performance

Oo nga pala, I do not put the P10,000 every month in a coin bank or in a bank account. My SunLife Financial adviser recommended that I start and invest in the Index Fund. I began last June and regardless of whether the market is up or down, I still invest every month. By investing in the index fund, it is probable that my money will earn more compared to putting it in a bank.

Note that it is important that you understand the risk and not just the returns of investing. For one, the Philippine Stock Market recently dropped and other people have started to panic or create panic. Sabi nga ni Mr. Aya Laraya, aral muna bago invest.

I admit I was also troubled by the decline and felt a level of uncertainty, however I believe in my heart (and based on reading credible sources) that our economy will only get better in time. In our most recent session, I was very happy that our mentor discussed the issue and shared his own views. Including the analysis that historically, the market is down in the months of August and September (Ghost month) and start to pick up again by November-December (Christmas).

It made me feel more confident to continue working hard so I can continue to invest.

Stay tuned for the last two months of my #Money4Life Challenge, I thank God for the grace of attending all the sessions so far!

I look forward to the next sessions and hope to share a positive result of my #Money4Life challenge soon.

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Our “Money for Life” Experience with Sun Life Financial

I can cite several reasons why 2016 has been financially tough for me but instead of wallowing, my mantra has always been to enjoy and learn from the ride. Many people will shun investing when the going gets tough but wouldn’t it be more productive to make investing a goal and inspiration to start making changes and imagining a better future for ourselves and families?

I know a lot of parents like me are still recovering from tuition fees and other household expenses. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to step out of our households and see things in a different perspective, or at least a fresh set of lenses.

One afternoon in Makati, my sister and I were just discussing our bills and how to split them when we spotted a unique yellow bus parked beside Shangri-la hotel. Both of us have stopped topping up our investments – maybe because of political uncertainties, limited income, and rising expenses.

We were invited by Sun Life Financial staff to board the bus which they call “bus to the future” and asked us to wear these interesting VR (virtual reality) goggles. With the VR goggles on, we watched our own dream futures – having a nice house, the ability to work anytime, anywhere, a relaxed household, and a comfortable life for our children. After viewing, it was explained to us how this dream can be a reality if we continue investing and being serious about financial independence.

Money For Life PH

Sun Life Financial is also promoting their new website where you can immediately start your own financial plan, get product recommendations, and even buy mutual funds. This is Sun Life’s answer to Filipinos who are embarrassed, shy or simply do not want to talk to a financial advisor.

Right now, one of my concerns is not having health insurance. This is after we let go of our HMO due to high premiums that we can no longer afford. I tried Money for Life PH and it recommended three products for my concern:

1. SunLife Assure
2. Sun FlexiLink Assist
3. Sun First Aid

I do have a very good and approachable Sun Life Financial Advisor whom I will ask about these products. However, if like many – you want to do your own research and deal with everything online then the Money For Life website can automatically connect you with an advisor and process your payments too.

“Bus to the Future” schedule:

If you want to experience Sun Life’s Bus to the Future and learn more about financial independence, catch the bus on the following dates & venues:

BGC High Street – June 11
Eastwood – June 19
SM City Cebu – June 25
Solenad, Nuvali – July 2

School tours:

Mapua Institute of Technology – June 2
Ateneo Graduate School of Business – June 12
De La Salle University – June 16
UP Diliman – June 17
San Sebastian College – June 20
University of San Carlos Cebu – June 24
Lyceum of the Philippines University (Manila) – June 29
UP Los Banos – June 30

Sun Life financial advisors will be on hand during all the tours and stops to accommodate inquiries :)


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.