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GoWell Perks: Jab and Jam Workout with Sun Life!

Have you heard of Sun Life’s wellness community? It’s called GoWell and you can join for free by visiting The community is open to everyone, especially to Sun Life Fit & Well policy holders. But even if you don’t have a policy yet like me, you can sign up for a Teal Membership that’s also brimming with perks such as free group workout sessions!

Normally, group workout sessions would be expensive or is open to those who have a monthly gym membership. Thanks to GoWell, any Filipino who wants to start a healthier lifestyle can sign up to these workout sessions for FREE. Recently, I signed up for my first GoWell group workout called GoWell Jab and Jam.

How to sign up/register to FREE GoWell Group Workout Sessions

1. Join the GoWell community by registering here

2. Visit the GoWell events page and select the workout session you want to join. There are workouts for teal and gold members. If the workout you chose is for gold members, this means it is exclusive for Sun Life Fit & Well policy holders.

3. Look for the link of the Google Form where you can enter your details and complete your registration. Your name will be listed on the attendees page during the event at the registration booth

GoWell Jab and Jam Experience with Sun Life Philippines

The GoWell Jab and Jam event was held at SMX SM Aura. Upon registration, I was given a trendy GoWell drawstring backpack with lots of freebies inside. All participants are given this freebie and it includes items from the event sponsors. For the GoWell Jab and Jam, the sponsors include G Active, Raw Ritual, Fitness First, and more.

Inside the SMX hall, there were a lot of participants just chilling and waiting for the program to start. There were exciting booths and my favorite is this machine from Fitness First.

I always wanted to check my body fat percentage, metabolic age, BMI, etc. but since I don’t belong to any gym, I don’t have access to fitness technology like this. During the GoWell Jab and Jam, anyone can have their fitness body scan using this machine and for FREE!

My metabolic age is 19! Working out really does wonders :D

I was so happy, it also prints out the result that you can take home plus someone from Fitness First will explain the results to you. No pressure to sign-up whatsover.

Body Combat and Body Jam

The workout ran for an hour and was split into two type, body combat and body jam. I liked body combat most because I’m not such a good dancer. BUT everyone was so motivated and the energy was so high that it’ll pull you through challenging sets. That’s the beauty of group workouts, even if you’re all strangers you know that you’re all in it together!

The workout was suitable for any fitness levels and it really made me sweaty which is a fantastic indication that every move counts! My heart rate was also high. I like the pacing of the instructors that allows a level of rest while still moving, it’s important to slow down the heart rate when it gets too high.

After the workout, everyone’s serotonin level were also boosted. Everyone was happy and felt accomplished for breaking through an hour of exercising. Along the way, it’s easy to gain new friends and swap fitness tips, motivations, and goals. It was hard for me to comprehend that I experienced all of this for FREE, may free snacks pa! Well, Sun Life must be very serious about their advocacy to make Filipinos live a healthier life.

I already have my eyes on the next workout sessions for September. If you visit the GoWell website, you’d see there’s a workout session almost every week and in different locations. Also LIKE GoWellPH on Facebook for official updates and grab this chance to help with your fitness goals without breaking your budget. If you’re ready to invest in Sun Life products like Fit & Well that gives you more perks, check out my review of Sun Life Fit & Well.

See you in the next GoWell Community Workout!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Mommy Makeover: Healthy Diet & Workout Plan

This post is for my social media friends and readers who requested to learn more details of my healthy diet and exercise. Disclaimer: I am not a registered nutritionist or fitness trainer. Please consult with your physician. Also check out the Mommy Makeover Series.

Let’s start with food. Here is a sample food diary that should meet but not exceed 1200 calories (daily recommended allowance for women). Never go below 1200 calories per day.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal + 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds + dash of coco sugar

This breakfast provides you with lots of fiber to promote healthy digestion. Observe how you will have more regular bowel movement right after your oatmeal breakfast.

I personally eat this breakfast everyday, no questions asked.

AM snack: apple or banana

These are easy to buy and store in your fridge. Fruit is also rich in fiber and vitamins to boost your health. Compared to eating junk food as snack that is filled with empty calories, calories that do nothing for your health.

Apples also satisfy any craving, no matter what it is. Craving for something? Eat an apple. Problem solved.

Lunch: Vegetables + lean meat (fish, chicken, pork, beef). If you want even lighter meals, substitute tofu for meat. Note you can almost eat any Filipino dish (most recipes have a combination of meat & vegetables like pinakbet, tortang talong, ginisang gulay, etc), just make sure you are eating it with PLENTY of greens. No rice, no excuses.

Afternoon snack: Wholegrain sandwich like chicken, tuna, salmon with lettuce, light mayo, tomato, and a little cheese. I like my snack with something hot which is usually tea, milk tea (no sugar), or you might prefer your coffee.

Dinner: Vegetables + lean meat (same rule as lunch)

PM snack: Fruit

For more healthy food inspiration, you might find some on my Instagram account: lacellanora

At Home Workout

I sometimes go to the neighborhood gym for a change

This is the workout I do every other day, it’s called the Cindy Crawford total body workout. I first used this program while in college and have been coming back to it every time I feel the need to be more fit. Like you, it is sometimes difficult for me to stick to a healthy & fit lifestyle, important thing is we know our way back to it. I do hope this post can serve as your first map until you formulate & hopefully, share your own :)

Do workout 1 then rest the next day. After your rest day, do workout 2. You will need at least a 3lb dumbbell and a yoga mat to keep yourself from slipping.

Keep in mind that you will get better at the workout as you go. Keep breathing and focus. It will be all worth it at the end. Reward is a stronger, healthier, and better looking you for yourself, your kids, and family.

The best place to workout is by yourself, inside a room with ample space and ventilation. Grab all you need, a face towel, a glass of water, and maybe some workout playlist on Spotify.

If you are following this healthy plan, kindly leave me a comment and let’s support each other. One mom to another :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Mommy Workout: Zumba with Beto Perez

Working out makes a big difference to your health, appearance, and overall wellbeing. I started working out again last March, after seeing a much rounder version of myself in my son’s graduation photo. 3 months in, I look more toned, have more energy, and feel better all around.

Zumba is one of the many workouts that work for moms. Whether you are stay at home, work at home, or work outside of the home. Unlike other workouts, Zumba is not intimidating in that equipment is not required. Zumba can be enjoyed anywhere, alone or with friends – even strangers.

I was lucky to enjoy Zumba in Makati, when the father of Zumba Beto Perez was in the Philippines.

I am not a very good dancer but the other moms I was with were fantastic. It felt very good burning calories and reducing fat with other people. Zumba burns about 650 calories an hour.

“I love teaching Filipinos, because you are just like the people from my country, Colombia. Everybody loves music, everybody is happy! That is what Zumba is all about.” – Beto Perez

In a separate event, also in the Philippines – Beto Perez engaged over 1,800 fitness enthusiasts in Zumba. This was held at The Circuit in Makati, as hosted by Ayala Land and Passion.

In our baranggay, there are also free Zumba sessions twice a week. Zumba is a good excuse-buster for moms who want to get more fit, lose weight, and be healthy but think they don’t have the time. Don’t hesitate to search on YouTube too.

Don’t forget: the best project to work on is yourself. Whether you call it a makeover or a transformation, us moms deserve the healthiest version of ourselves.

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.