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Trying out Malunggay Powder – for breastfeeding and lactation

While strolling at St. Francis Square, I chanced upon a stall selling Malunggay products from Powernut. I was with my aunt and she said these were the products being endorsed by (or owned) by Christine Bersola-Babao on the radio.

I have been looking for malunggay powder in the grocery, especially the malunggay soup mix. I may have had enough of eating malunggay leaves from our backyard and sometimes, I have a hard time digesting them. Also, I only have one recipe for malunggay leaves so I thought that having it in powdered form is a great solution to continue my intake.

Aside from malunggay powder, the stall sold malunggay cookies, chips, tea, and capsules. What I will do with the malunggay powder is to make it a refreshing drink. The packet (ziploc) has instructions on how to add it to your dishes, make tea from it, or make a cold malunggay drink.

One thing worries me though as the ziplock pack is not sealed so that it won’t be tampered or re-used to prevent fakers or bootleg versions of this product that might be dangerous to mommies. However, their website lists the branches where you can securely buy malunggay products :) I just hope the one I got is the original thing *fingers crossed*

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  • monet dy

    hi, i just went to st.francis today looking for the malunggay powder but i did not see it. have you closed shop or transferred location? please advise me on where i can buy the malunggay powder. thanks - mrs. monet dy

  • Hi! Monet, I do not own the shop but I think there are many malunggay
    powders now available in the supermarket :)
    Also try Echo Store in Serendra, they have it there.

  • Zonito Torrevillas

    hi, you surely got the original one. :) im the owner of the powder you are referring too. We have double sealing for the ziplock. also, don't transfer it, the reason why its in a foil so its not exposed to light to diminish the nutritional content. Zonito Torrevillas

  • Thank you Zonito! :)

    Let me know if you have new products, lots of moms are really interested ^^

  • paula81

    Sis, san yan sa St. Francis? Lagi kami dun hindi ko ata napansin pareho kasi tayo isang luto lang ang alam sa malunggay! hahaha

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