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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Baby: Buying a Crib for your Newborn

Having a baby is an exciting thrill that comes with shopping privileges. First thing that comes to mind is the major purchase of a crib which could be one of the most expensive baby furniture you’ll get. But wait, hold your bellies because here are some mommy tips to consider: Ashton 3 months playing in […]

Home and Living: Ashton’s Pandesal

Ashton and I braved the neighborhood with his stroller in tow. It was only the two of us so we got to more places like one of the neighbor’s bakery. The smell of fresh hot pandesal was effective in luring me to buy. Our morning walk today had an accomplishment! It’s been ages since I […]

News: Tsunami Alert, Warnings in the Philippines | How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Hi everyone, I just got home and watched news about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Here are the areas in the Philippines that must be prepared: I was ignorant which areas are alerted until I logged onto Facebook. If you are in the affected areas please evacuate and be safe. It is better […]

Home and Living: Morning Walks!

Saturday my mini family decided to wake up early for a morning walk. My sister and I have been planning to run every morning if not for my busted rubber shoes. We’ve noted how we should wise up about our health, again because times are difficult with increasing prices and that includes health costs. Mommy […]

Home and Living: Have you prepared for your child’s education?

Hi! Mommies, do you ever experience being daunted by experienced parents about your child’s education? Whenever my husband and I are out, some of our friends will tease us and tell us to “wait and see ’til Ashton starts to go to school, then you’ve have to tighten your belts even more!”. I know it […]

Baby: Co-sleeping with my baby and breastfeeding for 10 months now :)

Ashton and I are proud  co-sleepers, meaning we’ve been sharing the same bed ever since he was born. When Ashton grew more active especially now he is 10 months old, the bed simply became a mattress laid down on the floor. This is to prevent him from falling down and we are more carefree during […]

Mommy Lace is a happy full-time & breastfeeding mom to little boy Ashton. A Marketing Management graduate from the De LaSalle University working on Internet Marketing projects at home, in between diaper changes.

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