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Canon Pixma MG3070s, 3-in-1 Family-Friendly Printer

When was the last time you bought a printer? Ours is an old Canon inkjet that we purchased a few years ago. While it’s useful for printing homework and family documents, there are printers that can do more than just print. Thus, justifying the space they eat in your home office!

3-in-1 printers are not new, it’s just that the last time I checked – they were very expensive. Until last week, I discovered an affordable all around printer. It’s also our first printer that will not need connecting cables and can print from several devices. Continue reading to learn more.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Price: Php 3,800

This is the Canon Pixma MG30s70. It can print, scan, and copy. The best thing is, it’s very affordable at just P3,800. My son and I set it up by ourselves. We just followed the box instructions and downloaded the Canon Print app on Android.

With wifi capability, we were able to print from our laptop and mobile phones. The printer came with black and color ink cartridge. It was fun being creative with this printer, it’s my son’s first time to “own” a scanner so we scanned many of his drawings and sent it to family overseas.

Our first #Pixmom project, a birthday card for my husband! My son and I printed flower patterns then layered them on another sheet of paper. The other elements like the text are by hand for personal touch.

Here my son printed his favorite character, Boboiboy and a selfie that he edited on his iPad. He colored these after and made him busy for a few hours.

The copier function of this Canon printer is perfect for “pa-xerox” errands like making copies of your birth certificates, car registration, etc.

The Canon Pixma MG3070s will now replace our old printer. It’s a good time to level up now that life is more demanding with school, work, and home management. This is the printer that will make your purchase really count, not to mention – you’d be able to use it more often vs just having the ordinary one function printer.

I plan to maximize it even more by printing shopping lists, budget lists, and even house rules!

Visit Canon #PixMom Events in Leading Shopping Malls

If you’re not yet decided and want to try different printers first, do watch out for the upcoming Canon #PIXMom series of events in the malls nearest you in July. Families can visit Canon’s interactive booths: a back-to-school booth where kids can select icons of what they want to be when they grow up; a kitchen booth where guests can design their cupcakes; the creatives in the family can print their own coloring sheets and scrapbook in the arts and crafts booth; plus dads and kids can test the speed of taking sharp photos using select Canon cameras at the basketball booth.

Follow Canon Philippines on Facebook for more updates and promos to get the best deal on your family printer!

Happy printing Mommy and Baby! :)


Trying at Home Cinema Experience with Fox Movies

When it comes to having a good and relaxing cinema experience, it’s not always about watching the latest film in the newest state-of-the-art cinema. In fact many mommies like me would have had an expectation vs. reality moment when we brought our kids to the theatre, only for them to get bored, claustrophobic, or needing to go to the toilet every 15 minutes.

Still, watching an exciting family movie is still one of the best ways to bond. It’s an activity that is agreeable to all family members – especially when it’s a superhero film like Thor, X-Men, and the father & son favorite, Star Wars!

Star Movies is now Fox Movies

We have cable TV and are subscribed to SKY cable. Our current package is the most basic one but SKY cable unlocks movie channels from time to time. Check out #FREESKYChannels on social media. Anyway, we discovered that Fox Movies is also unlocked and can be enjoyed for FREE until July 16!

Already, my small family and I have enjoyed a cinema experience at home with films like Captain America, Brave, and Finding Dory. Some we watched on weeknights with homemade midnight snacks.

Upcoming Family Movies on Fox Movies Channel

This coming weekend, I’ve taken note of all movies we want to watch on Fox Movies Philippines. Libre eh! Plus, it’s very relaxing to watch a movie at home when we’re all comfortable, eating our own favorite food, and without thinking of traffic or budget.


For mommy & daddy For kids and the whole family


Independence Day: Resurgence

London Has Fallen

Now You See Me 2


Hotel Transylvania

Miss Peregrine’s Home for PEculiar Children

John Carter





There’s so much more but these are the films we’d like to enjoy at home, plus all in HD quality. I know some movies you can find online but I never enjoy needing to hook-up our laptops, downloading for hours, or buffering when streaming online.

Thanks to Fox Movies, we rediscovered the joys of movie channels on cable TV. Just like before! But what we appreciate is how current the movie line up of Fox Movies are for this month. This is part of Fox Movies’ #ExpectIncredible promotion too where FOX Movies will start “52 Nights of Incredible,” from June 10 until the end of July, with the premiere of 24 blockbuster hits including, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, Moana, and Doctor Strange at 9PM.

While we’re enjoying Fox Movies now as a free channel on SKYcable until July 19, we are already thinking of getting it added to our subscription.

Tips to Enjoy At Home Cinema Experience with FOX Movies

Here are some tips to level-up your movie time at home!

  1. Yes you can sleep in the living room! – who says you can’t camp out of your bedroom and watch movies all night in the living room? Most likely this is where your biggest TV screen is! Let loose and allow yourselves a different home experience. Enjoy the TV, sleep on the couch, or setup a mattress for a cozy movie family bonding.


  1. Stock up on popcorn – popcorns are so easy to make with microwaveable ones. Now you have a heads up on what’s showing on Fox Movies, be sure to bring home microwaveable popcorn that’ll last you an entire weekend! Do grab extra cheese or sour cream powder too!


  1. Use a mini cooler for drinks – My husband and I are fanatic about bottled coffee drinks these days. They let us stay up late and enjoy our coffee cold! Make movie time feel like inside an expensive cinema by stocking on your favorite beverages, place them in a cooler with some ice, and enjoy them cold while watching the thrilling movies on Fox!


Finally and especially with kids, remember that things don’t need to be perfect all the time. Let loose, chill, and relax. Forget about the chores for a little while and enjoy this family bonding time. Our kids won’t be kids forever. Someday you’ll wake up and they’d have other movie buds to watch with. For now, enjoy this time as a family with you, your husband, and children all under one roof enjoying the blockbuster hits you’ll always remember.

Enjoy watching, Mommy, Daddy and Baby!

ACER Laptop Promo 2017 | FREE G-Shock Watch

Buying a laptop is a big investment. Especially for work at home moms and students, having a laptop is necessary to get things done. If you need to upgrade to a newer laptop unit that can keep up with the demands of work and/or school, here’s a good deal from ACER Philippines.

The #TimeForUs promo entitles each purchase of qualifying ACER laptops to a brand new G-Shock watch. These watches are of course, authentic and has a value of Php 5,000 and up! I saw the promo first here at Octagon in SM Bacoor. According to the posters, laptops powered by Core i5 and i7 processors are entitled to get the free G-Shock watch by Casio.

Where to Claim G-Shock Watch from ACER Promo

G-Shock watches FREE from ACER laptop purchases can be claimed in any of Acer’s service centers in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. My tip is to clarify the process of claiming with your ACER vendor.

Recommended: ACER Aspire Series

I’ve been an ACER user for nearly 2 decades! I’m on the nth unit and are currently using the Aspire V13. Most of my ACER laptops last me for more than 5 years and usually, it’s my fault for not turning them off and leaving the hard disk running at sleep mode.

Acer Aspire S3
Core i3 Model Php 32,999
Core i5 Model Php 39,999

Acer Aspire S5
Core i5 Model Php 49,999
Core i7 6th Gen Model Php 54,999

Acer Aspire S7
i7 7th Gen Model Php 64,999

What I like about ACER is how it’s easy to find service centers who can fix it when something’s broken. Spare parts are also easy to find. Customer service might depend on your vendor but overall my experience is okay.

My son is still young to need a laptop but when he does, I’ll definitely get an ACER for him. It’s the most practical choice for getting things done without too much fuss like having “exclusive” or “one of a kind” accessory or programs. I run my ACER laptop with Windows 10 and have done so much work with it from writing, social media, video editing, etc.

A good and reasonable laptop will run from P25,000 and up.

WATCH: #TimeForUs Video

Click on image to play video or visit this link

Here’s the video commercial of ACER’s promo. I’m not such a fan of the angst-y theme but the campaign’s mission is to blend Gen X and millennials. G-Shock is one of those things that has transcended generations and up to now, remain a stylish top of mind brand for watches.

Generation gaps aside, I think it’s more important for me to highlight how ACER can give you more TIME FOR YOU. With an ACER laptop you can:

  1. Be more efficient in your online jobs
  2. Start your blog or use your laptop to level up your blogging game
  3. Edit videos, vlogs, and make memories
  4. Use technology for home & budget management
  5. Organize stuff!

While mobile phones proliferate everyday living, it’s still different from using a laptop and getting things done with a proper hardware. I’m also due to upgrade my laptop and I hope that when I do, the #TimeForUs promo is still running!

More ACER laptop promos are posted on the ACER Philippines Facebook Page such as free rubber shoes, printers, etc. Depending on the model of the laptop you will buy.

Good luck on your laptop shopping!  

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse – RIB Dinner Review

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse is located at Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City. We wanted to try their famous rib dinner that Pinoy Vlogger Mikey Bustos raved about. We’ve never been to barbecue or smokehouse states like Texas but, according to Mikey – the restaurant feels and tastes like the authentic smokehouse stuff.

The restaurant has a relaxed vibe which is a welcome break from mainstream options we usually go for.

The place is suitable for families like us. We especially like the second floor seating that makes you feel like dining in a friend’s or relative’s house.  Spacious wooden tables and chairs are of course, Instagram worthy but most importantly – great for people with huge appetite like us!

On Father’s Day, I invited my husband to a rib dinner at Fat Daddy’s – my treat. It was super sulit and as advertised on their Facebook page. Here’s what we ordered:

Crispy Fried Pickles P165

Boredom is the root of all evil! My family and I like to try new (even weird) stuff just for the experience. Growing up, I hated pickles and just the smell of it will launch a fight between me and my pickle loving big sister. That memory was enough to order these fried pickles. My son Ashton and Daddy Az loved it! I kind of liked it too, see my reaction in the video below. It was exciting and fun to eat, I recommend you try it with your family too.

Mac and Cheese P160

For the kids and the young at heart, this mac and cheese will not disappoint. It is gourmet mac n’ cheese and you won’t regret ordering and eating it. I made sure to order coffee to enjoy this mac n’ cheese with, yummy! Next time, we’ll order more than one kasi nagka-ubusan nanaman kami.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse serves coffee, no worries for coffee addicts like me.


This is what we came for! I thought it was the perfect treat for my husband on Father’s Day and something that everyone can also share and enjoy. This set is a steal. 1 whole pork rib and you get 4 side dishes for less than P1,000. On top of that, you get to enjoy it in this cozy restaurant with very good service. Sulit talaga.

Pork Rib Set (Whole) with 4 side dishes P950

Fat Daddy’s Pork Rib was cooked for 10 hours or more and it shows. The meat has a wonderful charred flavor and smoke to it. The meat is also soft, tender, and juicy – the barbecue style is “family style” where the taste can be easily enjoyed by everyone.

While the pork rib is good on its own, the more sauce the saucier haha! So, do try both of Fat Daddy’s signature BBQ sauces. I like the dark brown one which is sweeter while the lighter in color sauce is more tangy.

Our Side Dishes of Choice:

#1 Macaroni salad – al dente macaroni noodles that’s creamy with just the right amount of flavors. Perfect pair for the meaty rib without the umay factor!

#2 Coleslaw – if you want to keep it light, go for the slaw.

#3 Rice – this is no ordinary rice and our kid kept it to himself we never tasted it. I think it’s wild rice combined with some other ingredients. Point is, order more than one next time.

#4 Buttered corn – our kid’s choice and maybe yours will love too.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse offers dishes with real flavors. It’s rare to find a diner these days that don’t shower their food with sodium. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse serves homecooked quality meals with the right and thoughtful flavors.

The Best Peach Cobbler Ever

At my age, I’ve seen and tasted a lot of a la modes from apples, peaches, etc. These are served hot and with ice cream on top. Fat Daddy’s Peach Cobbler is the best ever of its kind that I have ever tried. The cobbler is crusty on top, chewy at the bottom. It is not swimming in brown sugar but is instead, topped with QUALITY vanilla ice cream.

I think the quality of ingredients and the heart to make this dessert are what makes it such a wonderful dessert experience.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse is moving to UP Town Center Katipunan

When I was just planning our next family treat at Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, the staff informed me that they are moving to UP area. That’s a little far from us people from the south but for the sake of their pork ribs and peach cobbler – it might make us visit their soon to open branch there!

For more updates, visit Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse on Facebook to get a heads up on their promos and menu offerings.

Moms can Relax with Sun Life My Future Fund, Educational Plan

Mommy, do you dream of a relaxing day out that will let you forget about your worries and chores? Even just for a short time. Many of us will say YES but the problem is many of us don’t have the time, determination, and budget to prioritize ourselves.

According to mom and psychologist Michelle Santos, majority of moms feel guilty whenever they catch themselves in enjoyment. Bakit nga ba? I think it is because motherhood taught us to love selflessly and to always put our family first, especially when we have unresolved problems – tulad nalang ng financial problems.

Sun Life Philippines teaches moms how investing ease worries about children’s future

While financial products such as educational plan and mutual funds have been in the market for a long time, only a few mothers use this tool in helping them achieve their goals. One of the most important goals us moms have is of course, our children’s education.

The problem is, not many of us know about how financial planning can help solve our biggest worries and fears. Yung tipong makakatulog ka ng mahimbing without wondering if your child can go to high school or college. This is on top of the many demands and “ought to be’s” for modern moms.

This is why Sun Life Philippines is launching Mom’s Day Out, a financial literacy initiative that previews the relaxation and peace of mind that investment products can bring. All mothers with children age 7 and below can experience Sun Life’s Mom’s Day Out by liking the Sun Life Philippines Facebook Page and registering through the email address below. A registration fee of P500 is required to reserve a slot BUT will be refunded during the event day.

I joined the first batch and here’s my experience. Remember, the P500 registration is just to confirm your interest but is returned during the actual event. Technically, this is a free activity you don’t want to miss.

Top 3 Mom’s Day Out Experience with Sun Life Philippines

1. Luxury lunch experience at Bloom by IM Hotel

It is my first time at IM Hotel, it is known for being a new Japanese hotel that boasts of its own “onsen” or Japanese spa. The first order of the day was to enjoy lunch at Bloom Restaurant with fellow mothers who registered. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who relished a dining experience where we don’t have to cook or clean up after!

I love my family but I always appreciate getting a time out to be with myself and socialize with other people. This is especially true if you work from home and sometimes feel isolated, with very little socialization from other people apart from your kids and spouse.

The lunch buffet spread featured Filipino, American, and Japanese dishes. It was such a treat, may pa-kape pa! Bloom also offers dessert in their buffet menu that participants enjoyed with the relaxing and luxurious ambiance of this restaurant.

2. Relaxing authentic Japanese Onsen Experience

The second item in the Mom’s Day Out itinerary is a full body massage. During this treat, you can also enjoy the sauna and the Jacuzzi before enjoying the massage of your choice. Take this opportunity to reflect on your achievements, not just as a mom but as the person that you are today. You deserve this!

The facilities of the Onsen are all 5-star, from the shower rooms to your own private massage room. It’s amazing how a change of setting and ambiance can help us moms instantly unwind. Sabi nga sa Frozen, “it’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small”.

The massage therapist told me I had very stiff shoulders and that lamig and stress has collected in them. She asked when my last massage was and I honestly cannot remember. Thanks to Mom’s Day Out, my internal knots were fixed and I felt balanced thereafter.

3. Mom’s Day Out Talk on Family and Money Management

Last but not the least, the Mom’s Day Out includes an insightful talk from two speakers. At the time of my experience, it was mom psychologist Michelle Santos and Mylene Seguismundo of Sun Life Philippines. Michelle talked about finding balance in motherhood. Her talk highlighted the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can take care of our children better.

Mylene talked about the challenges and worries that moms face about their children’s education and how insurance products like the Sun Life My Future Fund can significantly help. This product is actually featured in this Sun Shorts Film called She Said, She Said. Watch the struggles of a single mom in raising her daughter and how Sun Life My Future Fund became her partner in putting her child through college.

I wrote about She Said, She Said here which is a truly relatable short film. I am not a single mom but I’m sure we all had times when we felt alone and we were doing it all by ourselves. Moms nowadays are proactive and taking charge of my child’s future is one that I am proud of.

Sun Life My Future Fund Explained

How can Sun Life MyFuture Fund help fund your child’s education? MyFuture Fund is a variable life insurance option that will encourage you to save and invest regularly to reach your desired financial goal i.e. your child’s college education.

It allows you to participate and invest in high yielding instruments like stocks (equity), bonds, and more that offer higher potential earnings for your money. I’m sure you’ve heard about the stock market and for many, it sounds complicated and risky. For me, it really is especially if you don’t know what you are doing! This is why financial companies like Sun Life Philippines makes it easier by offering products like MyFuture Fund that times your investment for you to maximize earnings, preserve and minimize risk, and help ensure that your fund (and earnings) are ready when you need them – when your child starts college for example.

How much does Sun Life MyFuture Fund cost?

The fund can have a time frame of 5, 10, 15, and up to 25 years. For education, the target date is at 15-20 years. Based on the TV commercial below, you can invest as little as P2,900 monthly or 34,000 for 10 years. On the 20th year i.e. 2035 if you invested last year, your fund’s value has the potential to grow to 1 million pesos.

If you think about it, investing P2,900 a month is not that hard. Find areas in your budget that you can trim or how about ways to supplement your income?  MyFuture Fund is a convenient way to invest and grow your money securely. It will help us moms relax and breathe, saving and investing is something us moms can definitely do to enjoy peace of mind about our children’s future.

It’s your turn to enjoy a Mom’s Day Out!

Register now for the next Mom’s Day Out happening on July 1 and 15. My experience allowed me to understand that moms like us can make our money work for us, so we won’t need to work as hard. Our worries about our children’s future will always be there but, with sound financial planning and proactive investing – everyday can feel like a relaxing day out!


P.S. I also received a goodie bag at the end of the session. It included products from TWG, Messy Bessy, Celeteque, True Tea Iced Tea, Working Mom Magazine, and a plush doll of Sun Life’s mascot called Sunny!

I hope you also register and enjoy the same experience. It’s time for your Mom’s Day Out!

Using Frozen Scallops and Mussels from MIDA Food

Frozen scallops, mussels, and other seafood like softshell crabs and prawns are now increasingly available in the supermarket. Back in the day, these food items are a novelty and is reserved for a few. But now, places like S&R carry these frozen seafood products. I usually see brands like Pacific Bay and after some research on Facebook, learned that this brand is under MIDA Food.

MIDA Food has been the leading distributor in the Philippine seafood industry for 20 years. For the home cooks like us, MIDA Food developed the Pacific Bay brand offers freshly-packed seafood items, like peeled & deveined shrimp, tuna belly, tuna steaks, scallop meat, salmon steaks, whole clams, crabstick, and cream dory fillet, as well as Atlantic cod portions, bacalao loins, Chilean seabass, softshell crab, Gindara steaks and halibut fillet and steaks.

While all of those sound intimidating at first, they are actually simple to prepare. Here’s my first time cooking scallops and mussels from MIDA Food.

Easy Scallop Pasta with Malunggay by Mommy Lace

  • Frozen scallops (10 pcs. or any quantity preferred)
  • Olive oil (3 tbsp)
  • Butter (1 tbsp)
  • Garlic (as little or many as you want)
  • Spaghetti or any kind of long or curly pasta. I used angel hair pasta in this recipe. (480 grams)
  • All-purpose cream (1 tetra pack or 250ml)
  • Malunggay leaves
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to package instructions, but reduce cooking time by 2-3 minutes. Set aside. Heat pan, make sure it’s very hot before adding olive oil and butter. Sear the scallops one side first for 5 minutes each side. Reduce heat. Add the garlic.  Season with salt and pepper. Add all-purpose cream, malunggay leaves, stir, and quickly add the pasta noodles before turning off the heat.

Easy & Simple Baked Mussels or Tahong by Mommy Lace

  • Frozen, one shell green mussels
  • Garlic
  • Melted butter
  • Grated processed cheese – I just use local brand cheese
  • Pepper to taste

Line green mussels on a tray. Using a teaspoon, sprinkle each with melted cheese. Top each with garlic and grated cheese. Sprinkle pepper as desired. Bake in turbo broiler or convection oven at 375F for 15 minutes, checking every now and then.

Oh diba? Kayang- kaya! I thought only restaurants could serve these dishes. Note it was my first time preparing these recipes, I even made a twist by adding malunggay to the scallop pasta and made the baked mussels more economical by using ordinary cheese!

It’s very easy because the seafood I used were already cleaned, prepared, and ready to cook. Of course, don’t forget to properly thaw the frozen seafood. I take them out of the freezer 2-3 hours before cooking or move them from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight.

Happy cooking Mommy!