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baby einstein cd

What is your baby listening to?

There are lots of Baby albums available in record stores and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of CD’s and DVD’s :) From what I know, classical music which is soothing for both mommy and baby is the best to grab.

I have one classical music for babies CD and I thought that would be okay but after some time, I got sick of hearing it and I also thought it would be better if my baby is exposed to more types of playlists. I researched online and found out about Baby Einstein’s albums for babies. I got excited right away because they have a CD for lullabies, traveling, playtime, etc. Different music for different times of the day!

I got mine online so that they would be in MP3 format, easier to play using an MP3 player and an external speaker. My husband was the one who transferred all the albums to our Philips Go Gear which we got from a blog event.  Both the MP3 player and our egg-shaped speaker (got it from an event too), are rechargeable. This means no electrical source which is safe to put on the crib or on the bed beside Ashton :)

What is your baby listening to?

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