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Healthy Food Finds at Robinsons Supermarket

Healthy grocery items were once hard to find but now items like quinoa, muesli, rolled oats, almond and soymilk, and “berry” healthy juices are fast becoming available in mainstream supermarkets. It’s a huge deal for someone trying to start a healthy lifestyle because this means better accessibility and most of all, better more affordable prices.

Here’s sharing healthy products I recently spotted at Robinsons Supermarket. I took these photos at The Forum (Pioneer) while shopping:

Healthy You Rolled Oats P61.00 – “Healthy You” is Robinsons Supermarket’s own line of healthy and nutritional food products which are priced lower than those found in imported health products shops.

Urbane Grain Quinoa P350.00 – wholegrain and flavored. This is the first time I encountered flavored quinoa! Although I first have to finish all the quinoa I hoarded from another store. I wish I bought my quinoa at Robinsons Supermarket because they’re just P350.00

Organic Silk Soy Milk P123.50 and Silk Almond Milk P150 – Soy milk is easy to find but Silk brand and their organic variety is always present at Robinsons Supermarket. I recently tried Silk Almond Milk too but they don’t have yet a sugar-fee & organic version so I am sticking to Organic Soy Milk for now. I use this for smoothies.

Toasted Museli P350 – haven’t tried using this but I often see this on Instagram as a healthy breakfast choice.

Dried cranberries – I use this for making healthier scones, you need to hydrate them to puff up or if you want to eat them for snacks – you can have them as is. Mix it with nuts!

Robinsons Supermarket were celebrating 30 years anniversary that day and had activities for shoppers. When you complete all activities, you also get this tub of assorted peanuts. This is the second time I brought one home for free!

Side note: Nuts are good for you and won’t make you fat. I usually eat 50-100grams of cashew nuts at home while watching TV :)

I also recently wrote about Acai Berry and surprised that Robinsons Supermarket also sells Acai Berry, Blueberry, and other berry juices for a fraction of the price.

Vegetable, Hummus, Artichoke chips – how tempting are these especially when you have loads to choose from. If I must choose it’s definitely going to be hummus chips for me, that’s better than finishing a bag of regular potato chips.

Also spotted this new green tags which can help shoppers identify healthy and nutritious items. Above the green tag is our local FNRI’s participation in checking the items health benefits. One suggestion I have is to indicate the amount of sugar in foods. Sometimes food can be low in fat but high in sugar or low in sugar but high in fat. Do read the labels.

Australia’s Own Organic Macadamia Milk and Freedom Rice Milk
– haven’t tried these so please leave a comment if you recommend.

As part of their 30 years anniversary, Robinsons Supermarket is also running a Family Fun Fair Promo where shoppers get the chance to win many prizes including a trip to 4 to Malaysia.

Hope this helps you in your quest to healthy eating & living! More health & fitness stories here.

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

SM Supermarket celebrates 25th year Anniversary

I think every mommy in the Philippines have had their unforgettable moments with SM Supermarket. Who wouldn’t? When they have everything we can think of to nourish our family (and satisfy our cravings). At the SM Supermarket in SM Makati, I took part in the celebrations for their 25th year anniversary.

One of SM Supermarket’s anniversary promo, swipe your SM Advantage Card here and get special prizes!

Some items’ prices were rolled back to their prices 25 years ago, and shoppers had the chance to buy a list of items for only Php 25 each. All that was needed are an SM Advantage Card and an SM Green bag, I think this promotion is ongoing in participating SM Supermarkets. Just look for the Swipe stations :)

Hendrik Sy shows shoppers how to swipe their SM Advantage Cards

In celebration of their 25th year, SM Supermarket also launched a new design for their green bags. The green bags have saved millions of plastic bags from polluting the earth! There’s also a program called My Own Bag or M.O.B Wednesdays when SM Supermarkets do not use plastic bags but instead paper bags or, the customer’s green bags. If ever they don’t have green bags, they are readily for sale in the supermarket as well.

Carmina Villoroel and Zoren Legaspi, together with their twins shared tips on how we can use green bags and not forget to bring them. I have lots of green bag but always leave them at home. So, they advised shoppers to put the green bags inside their cars so they are ready to be used for shopping anywhere. The green bags are also foldable, so if your bag is kinda big – insert one green bag that you can use in case of emergency :)

I like using and bringing our SM green bags when my husband and I go on trips like picnics or visiting beaches/resorts.

Check out the new green bags at SM Supermarkets nationwide and don’t forget to take advantage of their 25th year anniversary promos! :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.