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Rackshack: Fun Barbecue Experience at SM Aura

Rackshack answers modern barbecue cravings with their innovative barbecue concept. Rackshack is located at Level 5, The Sky Park of SM Aura Premier. It is the newest place to enjoy authentic and high quality barbecue and comforting side dishes with friends or family.

Created with millenials in mind, Rackshack offers an exciting, comfortable place for barbecue lovers to enjoy. It’s not just about their signature barbecue pork ribs which actually stems from Rackshacks’ more established brother, Racks’. Rackshack keeps in mind the low attention span we all have these days and provides fun card and board games like Uno, Pie Face showdown (which I recommend you play with their signature Smores!), foosball, and beer pong.

Rackshack’s vibe is an energizing one in that upon entering, you know you’ll have a good time here without ever sacrificing food quality. Let’s face it, there are plenty of themed restaurants out there targeting millenials. They offer the same concept of board games, maybe costumes, or hobby inspired food but there’s also a lot of feedback about food quality and taste being the least of these restaurants’ priorities.┬áRackshack has an advantage with the many years of established food service experience behind its back.

Rackshack’s Exciting Menu Includes Signature Pork Ribs and Tastefully Curated Appetizers, Sides

Rackshack’s menu offers a variety of globally influenced dishes that can easily become your new favorites. These include Rackshack’s Street Corn Salad, Carnitas Plate, Harajuku Potato Salad, Creole Garlic Shrimp, Fish and Chips.

What to Order at Rackshack PH:

Ridiculous Nachos and Fries P365

As for me, their Ridiculous Nachos and Fries was a super memorable appetizer. It’s a bowl of comfort that’s great to start your Rackshack experience with. The bowl is good to share and has nachos, fries, sausages, jalapenos and crispy onion rings all drizzled in special white and cheesy dip.

Double Signature Pork Ribs P515

Make sure to go on your cheat day so you can enjoy this double signature pork ribs. Actually, cheat day or not – everyone needs their protein and you’ve got to make it worth it. Rackshack’s signature pork ribs are the real deal. The meat is so flavorful and tender, I can’t even remember if they’re boneless or not. All I know is I savored every bite of their glorious barbecue and was too busy mixing and matching each bites with Rackshack’s wide range of house sauces. Also, barbecue sauce in Rackshack is UNLIMITED.

Solo Rib Version served with two sides

Choose from the famous Mother Sauce which is Rackshack’s signature house blend, Spicy Mother Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Carolina Gold, and Kansas Sauce.

I highly recommend getting a small plate where you can put all your sauces in, it’s highly useful in your quest to discover your favorite Rackshack sauce. Mine would be a combination of Mother Sauce and Spicy Mother Sauce.

Brownie S’mores P195

Rackshack’s got you covered from appetizers to desserts. Just like their Brownie S’more that’s not just Instagram #foodgoals but taste equally delicious. The slightly toasted / burnt marshmallow will bring you back to younger days. It can make you forget problems like your diet! Still, Rackshack’s dessert item is worth it and is even big enough to share – just like the traditional campfire s’mores that gets better when shared.

Rackshack SM Aura Menu

It’s easy to over indulge and spend more time at Rackshack. Food items compliment each other and the dining ambiance, setup, and service all hit the right notes at a fair price suitable for the younger barbecue lovers. At Rackshack, barbecue is a unique social and interactive experience that has no boundaries. No rules, no pretensions, just honest to goodness great place and awesome barbecue.

Here’s their menu for your Rackshack visit:

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What do you think? My mouth is watering just writing this blog post and can’t wait to visit Rackshack again this week! This time, I’d like to bring my son who I know will enjoy the food, games, and family-friendly ambiance at Rackshack SM Aura.

Enjoy your barbecue Mommy, Daddy, and Kids!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Nadai Fujisoba – What to Order, Menu, & Prices!

Tag-ulan nanaman and that means, it’s the best time to enjoy hot soup and noodles! My husband and I found ourselves stranded in SM Aura as the rain poured heavily outside. All we could think of was ramen but we both know that a bowl of ramen can be expensive. Walking around, we checked out the restaurants at the Ground Floor of SM Aura.

Nadia Fujisoba at SM Aura, Ground Floor

Nadai Fujisoba had a very interesting store front. They even have an interactive screen where people like us can check out their menu and of course, prices. We were surprised how affordable their ramen was, which it turns out is actually Japanese Udon. According to the staff, Japanese Udon uses buckwheat noodles which is more affordable than ramen but is actually more healthy!

I was sold, mura na, healthy pa! So we decided to have our accidental date at Nadai Fujisoba and here’s what we ordered.

What to Order at Nadai Fujisoba Menu

Here’s all that we ordered at Nadai Fujisoba, we got carried-away by the affordability plus – gutom talaga kami! But of all the items, here are my top 4 must-order at Nadai Fujisoba.

1. Aka Fuji Udon P280 – this is the spicy version of Fujisoba’s bestselling udon. It’s perfect for the rainy days and I like how the red miso paste with chili makes this dish exciting to eat. Sometimes, eating a bowl of noodles can be quickly satiating but this Japanese Udon was great until we reached the bottom!

Tip: Enjoy a bowl to share so you and your date or companion can taste a variety of Japanese Udon. It was fun tasting different versions and talking what our favorite was.

2. Ebi Ten Tempura P240 – each serving at P240 already lets you enjoy 3 huge pieces of prawn tempura. It was very light yet tasty, one of the best tempura I had! Nadai Fujisoba made me forget all the other tempuras I had in my life, ganon kasarap!

This is perfect to enjoy side by side with your Japanese Udon noodles. Very satisfying and enjoyable to take slurps of your soup and soft udon noodles, then follow with this crispy tempura dipped in sauce.

3. Salmon Belly Donburi P280 – new on the menu, this rice meal is so good on its own. For just P280, you can enjoy melt in your mouth salmon belly in tasty teriyaki sauce. If you’re on a budget and want to dine at Nadai Fujisoba, this is it!

4. Matcha Ice Cream P100 – at Nadai Fujisoba, you can stay for dessert. Their matcha ice cream is worth trying, it is quality matcha that’s very creamy and flavorful. I’ve tasted other matcha ice cream from other restaurants that are not as tasty and in fact, not really feel like ice cream but are very icy. Nadai Fujisoba’s matcha ice cream will not disappoint, it’s very packed with matcha flavor, creamy, and stays solid long until it melts in the warmth of your mouth.

The only thing I hope Nadai Fujisoba would have is coffee! We coffee addicts love to enjoy good food with coffee, maybe Nadai Fujisoba can introduce Japanese coffee in their menu? I can only imagine enjoying their rice meals with hot coffee, they also have pudding but it was sold out during our visit.

Overall, our Japanese Udon experience at Nadai Fujisoba in SM Aura was fantastic. We didn’t expect the quality of food at such affordable prices, lalo na yung Salmon Belly Donburi and Aka Fuji Udon! We can’t wait to come back again and bring our son with us.

Domo Arigato Nadai Fujisoba!

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.