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Make your Summer Fun & Sun-Proof with Watsons | Promos, Freebies and Prizes

Sunblock is not the cheapest beauty product and is often ignored by many of us – until we see the signs of aging caused by sun damage. Every summer we are reminded of the importance to apply sunblock on our face and body. Kids are especially susceptible to sunburn when playing in the sand and swimming for hours. Make your summer fun, safe, and healthy by being equipped with the right summer products.

FREE Floaters when you shop at Watsons

The best time to buy sunblock for your summer outing is before you go! Sunblock lotions are more expensive to buy in resorts compared to stores like Watsons. You’ll be amazed at the top of the line sunblock options that are now available here: Nivea, Vaseline, Banana Boat, Beach Hut, Solstice, Biore, Sunplay, Belo, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Celeteque, Kojie San, Hawaiian Tropic, Dermplus, Ponds, and Olay, plus when you buy from Watsons like I did – you will get freebies like trendy giant donut floaters!

FREE Nivea floater when you buy P700 worth of Nivea sunblock/products

For our next summer outing, I shopped for sunblock at Watsons. I carefully read the promos and checked out each brand’s promos. Ultimately, I came home with 1 beach ball, 1 donut inflatable floater, and 1 Nivea ring floater – total of 3 freebies that will make our summer more fun.

FREE Donut floater for every P1,400 receipt. I just bought other essentials to reach the amount. These inflatable donut salbabidas can cost up to P1,200 in online stores!

From all the brands that Watsons have in store, I personally use Nivea for me and my son. I’ve been using it for many swimming activities already and I like how it has a “porcelain” effect on our skin. Just reapply every now and then.

Watsons Summer Treat for SM Advantage Card (SMAC) holders

SM Advantage Card Members can also get a chance to explore the wonders of the Philippine islands with getaways for four to Batanes, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, and Palawan. Just buy participating products and for every PHP500 single-receipt purchase, you get 1 e-raffle entry. The promo is from February 23 – April 26, 2017.

Do not lose your e-raffle stub!

Enjoy your summer Mommy and Baby! Please don’t be lazy in applying sunblock, your skin will thank you for it :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

How To Kiss Aging Goodbye at Watsons

Aging is a natural process and one that happens to everyone. While most would have a negative idea about aging, hence the term “anti-aging”, it is better to have a positive attitude about aging and aging gracefully. Do you agree?

For example, I appreciate beauty products more today than when I was younger. The best part is, if you are at the point of caring for anti-aging products now then you probably have more budget for beauty products today compared to when you were in high school or even in college!

I know friends who actually look better now that they are older. Reason is, they have tried and tested different products and have pin pointed the right skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to kiss aging good bye too? The best place to do that is at Watsons and here’s why:

Shoppers who buy items with the special Kiss Aging Goodbye Sticker together with a minimum purchase of P500 automatically earn points and included in the e-raffle. A total of P1,000,000 shopping points will be given away! Don’t forget to present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards cards at the counter.

Anti-aging beauty products are also on sale during this promo period that runs until September.

The good news is, Watsons continue to increase their organic and all-natural beauty choices. Just look at the organic essential & beauty oils above.

If you are wanting to try the all naturals line of Watsons, as well as Collagen by Watsons then this is the best time to buy. Check out the discounts and the buy 2 take 1 offers.

I want to try this Collagen by Watsons BB cream. My skin is allergic to makeup and can only tolerate tinted sunblock or BB creams like this. Here is the back carton for the list of ingredients:

Mommy Lace tip: Based on experience, the best way to use BB cream is after washing your face, apply toner, moisturize, apply CC cream and finish with BB cream. The difference between CC cream and BB cream is that CC stands for color correcting cream. Most of the time, CC creams include anti-aging ingredients while BB cream of blemish balm cream contains sun block.

Watsons brand body wash, body scrub, lotions and more are also on sale and promo

Another important component of keeping your skin healthy and young looking is exfoliation. I am so naive that I only recently learned the importance of using scrubs twice a week, and for my face – once a week. This is because as we age, our skin needs help in removing dead skin cells that pile up and cause old-looking and clogged skin that cause pimples. Right now, I am using Watsons brand cocoa and shea butter body scrub which I got on a buy 2 take 1 free offer.

Moisturizing is another component of healthy skin. Aging makes our skin naturally drier and dry skin is more prone to all kinds of infection including acne. I found my current brand of body wash and lotion, Coco Line at Watsons in Podium. The brand uses all-natural ingredients especially virgin coconut oil that naturally moisturizes skin.

Remember to always have a positive attitude about aging, enjoy taking care of yourself and enjoy shopping great deals at Watsons ;)


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Watson’s Storebrand Products vs. Leading Brands

It’s the second half of the year Mommies, have you already switched to using storebrand products? Just a recap, using storebrand products are one of our favorite frugal tips. Storebrand means products that are labeled by the store itself like Watsons. When you step inside any Watsons store in the Philippines – you will notice how there are Watsons hand soaps,  Watsons body lotions,  Watsons body scrubs, and even other personal care essentials like Watsons toothbrush.

WATCH #SwitchTest: Watsons Storebrand Products vs. Leading Brands

I’d really like to save up this year so I can visit my family in Australia. Storebrand products just like Watsons’ allow shoppers to save up to 80% without sacrificing quality. Watsons claim that their products even exceed the quality of more expensive leading brands.

In our household, we already use the famous Watsons Liquid Hand Soap. I buy this when Watsons is on sale and offers buy 1 take 1 on their storebrand products. The liquid soap is P149 for 2 which makes 1 bottle only P74.5 each.

Just recently, I discovered that Watsons liquid soaps also come in refill packs that are only P99 for 2 packs. That is P50 savings! Now I make sure not to throw away the liquid soap containers and re-use them not just to save money but also the environment.

Watsons Storebrand Toothbrush

Watsons also expanded their product line with items like the Watsons toothbrush. Many shoppers chose this toothbrush over a leading brand during blind tests. I will make sure to try and save on this too. Remember you need to change your toothbrush every 3 months!

Watsons Storebrand Facial Tissue

Since becoming a mom, I realized how handy facial tissues are (the big ones) beyond wiping my oily face with it. Think spills and spots in the kitchen, living room, and I also use it to wipe my son’s mouth during meal times. Do like your favorite hotel rooms and make these soft tissues available in busy areas of your home.

This doesn’t need to be expensive because Watsons now has their own and cheaper facial tissue. There are switch tests happening in several Watsons stores where you can test how strong these tissues are vs. other brands, plus it’s a lot cheaper! Strong tissues mean you will use less and make whatever you are doing with it more efficient.

Watsons Body Scrub

One of the best beauty realizations I had this year is how I need to use body scrub every 2 days. This regimen made my skin less prone to body acne and a lot smoother & softer especially after sweating a lot. I am currently using an organic brand which I really like but the price is not very friendly – no one knows how long I can afford it.

Maybe this Watson body scrub will work the same? It comes in the same cocoa and butter smell of my current brand. I am compelled with the reviews and the shopper blind test so this is on my shopping list as soon as I run out of body scrub.

Which Watsons storebrand products are you currently using? Please share your favorite via comments below :)

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.