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Tips to #LiveBetter with Vitality in 2018

Happy New Year! Every new year means new beginnings and the first few weeks of the year is a good opportunity to develop new lifestyle habits. These minor lifestyle tweaks are what it would take to reach different goals.

An example is waking up earlier than usual like 5am. This is one of my favorite new year resolutions that I actually started before the end of 2017. Vlogger Sam Ozkural inspired me to do it, watch her video on how waking up early can change your life:

Many of our goals can be categorized into relationships, career, finances, and health. At a glance they look so different from each other but they’re actually so interconnected. An example is when you’re healthy you’d be able to perform better at work, possibly get that promotion that will improve your finances, and allow you to take care of your relationships such as family, especially your children.

Quick and Easy to Do Wellness Hacks to Try in 2018

Taking this example, here are things you can do now to improve your health and spread wellness in all aspects of your life:

1. Relax your senses with scented candles as you destress after a long day at work. You deserve these few minutes of peace and quiet. It’s a simple way to love yourself more and feel taken cared of.

2. Squeeze in a few minutes of fitness no matter where you are. I recommend using any type of resistance bands. They’re portable, affordable, easy to store, and you can find full body workouts on YouTube that use resistance bands. If you’re new to working out, this is a good and practical way to start.


Tip: Watch Camp #LiveBetter for inspiration on how to get fit outside of the gym. You’ll also learn fitness tips straight from celebrities Solenn Heussaf, Nico Bolzico, and Raymond Gutierrez. Camp #LiveBetter is a total wellness game show powered by Philam Vitality that will help contestants train harder, eat healthier, and manage their finances better.


3. Fuel your body with complex carbs like brown rice or biodynamic rice. From my own experience, brown rice is the easiest way to lose belly fat. I even think they help in building abs! I’m not a nutritionist so try it for yourself in 2018 and let me know how brown rice helps you.


4. Worry less about your finances by making informed choices. One of the worries we’ll always have is money. But, if we take charge of our financial wellness by learning more then we’d fear less about the future and enjoy our life more.

Make it one of your habits to check out financial products from different companies. Here are 3 financial products to check out from Philam Life:

Active Money Works

Active Family Provider

Active Health Invest Plus

You can read about other financial products from this blog here. Contact a registered financial planner or a licensed financial adviser if you’re interested to know more about these investment and insurance plans.

5. Make every day count. Days make up weeks, months, and an entire year. Don’t wait for tomorrow and rob yourself of achieving your goals and living your life to the fullest. One of my mantras this year is to “just go” because sometimes, overthinking gets us nowhere and as they say – action speaks louder than words. Try to squeeze the most out of each day. Make every day the best day of your life.


What are your New Year resolutions and goals? Please share your tips and motivational thought via comments below! 

Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.

Luminisce Skin Clinic: Anti-Acne Skincare Regimen

Until last month, I stopped using my dermatologist prescribed soap, toners, and creams. Skincare is easiest to forget when you’re in mommy mode and are focused on “more important” things. My skin is acne-prone, so when there’s stress or that time of the month – you bet I’d have a breakout.

Luminisce skincare

Fast forward to today, I am now using a new set of skincare products recommended by my new dermatologist.

– AHA Liquid soap

– AHA toner

– o.1% Adapelene gel

– SPF 50 sunblock

My old anti-acne regimen from another doctor consisted of 6 products and I’m happy to trim it down to four. The new regimen focuses on having AHA or alpha hydroxy acid which improves my skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells, preventing pores to be clogged.

I’m not used to liquid soaps and I fear they are wasteful but my doctor said to use only a small amount, same for all the products I was prescribed. The liquid AHA soap leaves my skin soft & still moisturized after cleansing.

Adapelene gel is available in Mercury Drug, a little pricey but you only use 3 dots on your entire face every night. The gel stops breakouts from forming, like an anti-acne skin shield while you sleep. When pimples do develop, the gel heals it faster. One time I could feel a small bump forming near my nose, when I used Adapalene gel at night – it was gone in the morning.

SPF 50 – use this throughout the day only, every 4 hours. Note if you are already 30 like me, sunblock is your friend to avoid wrinkles and skin sagging. I put this on my face (check this post), for my neck I use regular sunblock like Nivea.

I bought these products last month at Luminisce Skin Clinic, as prescribed by Dra. Kaycee Reyes. Had to wait a few weeks to try their effectiveness before sharing it with everyone. What is your skincare regimen?

At the moment, I am trying anti-aging products on top of these – also prescribed by Dra. Reyes.


Mommy Lace is a blogger from the Philippines. She started this blog to share information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, family, and health.