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Baby: Physiogel Review – Cream for Rashes, Infant Acne, and Insect Bites had some rashes during his last visit to the clinic and his pediatrician told me to get Physiogel which is like a natural acne treatment for babies. It does not contain steroids and for this reason, it is more expensive than other creams that treat rash or infant acne.

Bought the cream for around Php 500 at Watsons and was surprised how big it was. I am sure I won’t be able to finish it by just using it for Ashton. I hope they have other sizes for economical reasons.

I used it to treat Ashton’s insect bite which he got near his right eye and I observed how it hastened the healing process, plus I also applied it to both his cheeks which had some rash. Yesterday, I applied it on another mysterious bite he got near his hand.

Although expensive, I recommend Physiogel after observing how it rubbed off redness and bumps from Ashton’s skin. Actually, I used it tonight for my itchy legs and instantly, I felt relieved :)

I read it can also be used as moisturizer for adults but it could leave you with a greasy feeling especially during warm weather.

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  • I didn't knew that infants also have acne problem until i saw pimples on the face of my nephew, it is better to consult a doctor as children have very sensitive skin.

  • Steffany

    i use the same for my baby cuz she has this sensitive skin since she was born. its really effective. and i highly recommend this to mums.

  • Thank you Steffany! :)

    I still use this for my baby ^^

  • bibili po ako nito ngaun, try lng po, my watson naman ata sa megamall.. hihi! kkainis nmn, bkt ang mga baby girls pa ang nagkkaroon ng insect bites na nangingitim, kaya lng, bkit kaya wala sila small size,

  • I also use physiogel for my daughter's skin because of her skin asthma. I use the AI cream and the lotion for her skin. Sometimes I also use it when my skin gets so dry. :)

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